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The story of Mary Girls 17tahun

Maria. That's my name. Both my parents died in an accident when I was 11 years old. At that time, I was truly alone. The fear and loneliness attacked my heart and mind. The most sad thing is, I never even introduced to or met with relatives of the father or mother. I never asked. So far I only know the father and mother only. And that was more than enough for me. The three of us very happy.

I do not remember how I got in the orphanage. Foundation Mother of Erika, I read on a signboard at the entrance to the building. There, many children that age. Their presence made me at least "forgot" will misfortunes had just happened to me. No lamapun, I feel that I have found a new home for me. Six months passed.
On a sunny day, we were suddenly awakened by the Mother of Risa, one of the board at our facility.
"Come up, quick shower, wear your best clothes, after that you should assemble in the hall. We will be the arrival of someone very special ", he said, smiling warmly.
And I was asked, "Mother, special guest who the hell? Artist huh? "
"Maybe yes ..", said Lady Risa with a chuckle.
"Because he was the only son of the owner of this foundation .."
I did not expect, my meeting with Erik Torian could change my life entirely. When he passed the line of other children, he suddenly stopped right in front of me. Mysterious smile on his face. With the position of bent over, he observed my face carefully. His friend who went with him, too, pay attention to myself.
"What Torian? Are you familiar with this child? ", He asked.
"No", Eric is still looking at me, holding my face, as if I'm not dead.
"Perfect" he said coldly.
"Like a doll .."
I'm sure once he muttered [".. the doll that I desire"]
Then he let go of my face and immediately left me alone.
A day after the visit, Erik with his friend came back to visit the foundation, to adopt me.
"Hello .. Maria "Erik threw a smile that different from yesterday.
"From now on, I was the one who will care for and take care of Maria. You do not have to call me 'father' or other names, just call me Eric. "
As she looked into his friend, he continued, "Well .., this is my friend, his name is Tom."
I also smiled a smile of revenge toward Tom with a warm smile.
I do not believe that Eric was living alone in a mansion like this and still 24 years old at the time. Secretly, I was impressed with Erik and Tom looks very interesting. Being in the midst of them alone is really making me special. Erik is very nice to me. He always bought beautiful clothes and dolls on display dikamar porselain to my sleep. He was very indulgent of me. But he was also being disciplined. I'm not allowed to leave the house in addition to school without him.
Four months passed, his love of the Erik started to rise. That day, I began to feel bored at home and Erik had not come home from work. I was waiting to go home while playing Play Station in my room. Promptly at 10:30 the night, I heard the door next to my room rang.
"Erik had gone home!", I thought happy.
I also ran out of the room to greet him. But, in front of Erik's room I stopped. The door opened slightly. And I can know what's going on in there. Erik with a very beautiful woman, with long hair, her skin was perfect. I can only stunned silence. I saw Erik began kissing her lips with lust. His hand groped and squeezed her breast.
"Ohh .. Erik"
Slowly, the hands of Erik disclose the woman's skirt and danced around the hips and thighs. Soon, Eric had been stripped off the woman. Erik threw her onto the bed and on top of her, hands Erik playing with her body, kissing him blindly, kissing her neck, kissing her breast, squeezing-squeezed.
"Ohh .. Eriik .." I heard her sigh.
I see it. I do not believe that I witnessed it all. But I'm not moving a muscle. I can not.
Erik opened the zipper of his pants and pulled out 'senjata'nya, her legs were held by hand Erik and Erik immediately plugged' senjata'nya to burrow woman who had wet it with very rough. She groaned loudly. Without realizing it, my cheeks are wet with tears. My heart feels pain and soreness. But, I still can not move from there. I still see Erik act without blinking her eyes teary.
Erik still continue the game with a beautiful woman, she moved her hips back and forth very quickly. Satisfaction of the woman's screams were blaring through the room. Ten minutes after that, Erik looks spastic moment muffled groan. Erik also took a breath and relax for a moment, still in her embrace. Game over.
But I still motionless in front of his room, watching Eric from next door slightly ajar. I do not want to move too, as if I purposely wanted to be found by Erik. Sure enough, I saw Erik memberesi tidying his clothes and moving toward the door. He opened the door and saw me crying there motionless. Dia watching me for a moment and mysterious smile that comes again.
He also bent his body,
"Hey, carpenters Ngintip little. I'm not angry really. Only, I have prepared the proper punishment for you. But, not today. C'mon, I accompany you until you fall asleep. If you are tired, just skip school tomorrow. "
Erik still had to carry me back to the room sobbing my sleep. And all night while he sleeps with a warm hug.
"I .. .. I love Erik"
"Erik is mine .. mine is only a"
My mind is spinning thinking about it. Soon, I was fast asleep.
Today is the birthday of the 14th. I'm glad, because Erik has prepared a birthday party for me at a 5 star hotel. It was a beautiful hotel ballroom, Erik prepared specially. I was wearing a new white dress bought for Erik. Erik said, I'm very pretty with that dress, "You are well suited with white, so matching the color of your skin .. And again, now .. you are more beautiful. "
My girlfriends also chuckle amazed to see my performance at that time.
"You're beautiful yes Maria? How lucky you have a father like Eric .. "
Said Sara, laughing my best friend teased. Sara glanced over at Eric who was sitting at a corner table with Tomi.
"Hey Mary, Erik's gorgeous huh? Flat as well .. "said Sara with a chuckle.
I was only able to laugh, I was menetujuinya. Lately, we are so often talk about the guy. Perhaps because of puberty. Soon, Aryo seems like my friend who came with me, she gave a gift, she kissed him on both cheeks. Unconsciously my cheeks flushed.
After the feast was over, Erik took a break in a hotel room. I'm pretty tired, but I'm happy. And arrival in the room, I hugged Erik while saying thank you.
"Thank Erik .. I love Erik same .."
Erik also replied to my arms for a moment and then let go, and she grabbed both my arms as she looked at me seriously. I too was surprised and a little scared.
".. Eric? Why? Angry yaa? I made a mistake .. what? "
Without much talk, Erik menggeretku to bed, took off his tie and used it to tie my hands tightly. I screamed and started crying.
"Eriik! Sick! Why ??!!"
She saw me with a scowl. Then shout,
"Why??!! Why did you say?! You are a woman what??!! Still little is known of men! It's decided! You should be punished for your actions and deeds just 2 years ago! "
Deg. My heart seemed to stop remembering the incident.
"Eric was angry ..", I thought.
I felt frightened. I was afraid to be hated. I do not want to lose another person I love.
Suddenly, Erik pulled my dress with a very rough so that it becomes torn. I shouted.
"This is a consequence if it was women flirt!"
Erik pulled again a second time, the more visible underwear. Will also be taken off my underwear.
"Erriik! Jangaan! ", I screamed in fear.
Too late, I was totally naked. Only the remnants of my dress was the one who is still hiding parts of my body a little. Eric saw me with great passion. His breathing sounded heavy with rage and lust filled. He also held my hands tied and his mouth close to my lips.
"I must be the first to .."
Erik did not finish his words and began to crush my lips with a little rough.
"Hmmphh .."
For the first time I feel there is a strange vibration in my body. Sensation never felt before.
Erik continued to kiss me, I could feel his tongue massaging my tongue. I started to follow his game, a little scared, a little curious. Erik began to squeeze my breasts are not yet fully grown.
"Ahh .."
I began to enjoy the odd vibration in myself.
"The heat was hot .. my body .. Erik .." I thought to myself.
Erik continued to kiss her neck and bite a little, squeeze his hand on my breast is getting stronger.
"Ahh ..!!" getting my breath quickened.
Erik suddenly stop and see me, smiling mysteriously.
"Hmm .. you like it? Are not you, little devil? "
My face flushed, but was too afraid to speak, my body shaking great. Erik let go of his shirt and trousers, still staring at me. I was too embarrassed to look at his face.
"I think, you're ready for the next game .."
Erik laughed a little, a little anger left in him. Erik kissing me again, this time he squeezed my tits while suck.
"HHH ..!!"
"It's okay if Erik .. .. it's okay." I thought.
I closed my eyes tightly when Eric started to enter 'senjata'nya into me.
"Emm .." I do not dare tell you that I feel sick.
Erik getting impatient, and he put it harshly.
"Aaahh ..!!"
I screamed and started crying again. 'Senjata'nya had entered me fully and I felt sick was a little strange, there is pleasure in it. I started struggling a little yelling. But Eric kept me strong. Erik kissed me shaking violently with little force. Bored with his position, Eric turned to face down my body position.
"Erriik ..! tidaak! "I am very ashamed to do the job.
But Erik did not care and went back to the game. Every time Erik body stomping, I screamed bloody murder. Erik doing the stomping it regularly, and suddenly I felt a powerful vibration inside me, I feel 'liang'ku
narrow because the muscles in my body became tense. I was screaming louder than ever.
"Ohh .. Maria."
I felt Eric's hand squeezed my hips firmly. Erik's body stiffened, and heavy liquid flowed from 'liang'ku. I sigh. My body is still shaking. Erik still menindihku and started kissing my back.
"Hhhmm .. my choice is always right ", he muttered.
I chose to be silent. Erik moved to my side. Dia is still looking at me in tears. Erik smiled kissed my head while stroking.
"Maria, you are mine alone .. no one can touch you without my permission. "
Erik hugged the small body tightly.
"Yes Erik .. I was yours. I'll do whatever you ordered, if you do not hate me. "I'm still sobbing.
"Children stupid .. I will never hate you Mary .. "
Erik's arms tighter and tighter. My face felt hot. And I immediately immersed myself into the arms of Erik.
"Thank you .. Erik."
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