Tuesday, January 18, 2011

15 The term Sex Makes Teens Curious

Teenagers are always filled with curiosity about the terms included sex unknown. What are the terms that make teenagers curious about sex?


As quoted from the book Questions Kids Ask About Sex, by J. Thomas Fitch and Melissa R. Cox, there are some terms that make teen sex really want to know is:

1. What is a wet dream?
Wet dream is the term for nocturnal emission (discharge of semen at night). While sleeping, teens can get an erection in his penis which is accompanied by the release of semen. This is something that is normal and occurs in all men.

2. What is meant by 'making out'?
The term is in fact not be defined. But some people think that term means kissing and hugging, while some others consider it as sex.

3. What is dry sex (dry sex)?
Dry or dry sex sex is the act of sexually stimulating others to still use the full outfit. At this early stage, kissing can be a tedious, so the couple chose to making out with his clothes on. Though it appears safe, but this relationship is close to actual sex.

4. What is promiscuity?
Promiscuity is to have more than one sexual partner or spouse bergonta. Though more and more sexual partners the greater the likelihood of disease sexually transmitted infections and risk of pregnancy.

5. What is meant by 'date rape'?
Date rape is forced to have sex outside of one's desire, in this instance was forced by a boyfriend while dating or going.

6. What is petting?
Petting actually has meaning to touch or fondle. In this case is to provide stimulus to the sexual organs or the breast that is usually done by hand or mouth to give sexual pleasure.

7. What is foreplay?
Foreplay is defined as the stimulation of sexual activity before the actual sex. Sometimes called warm-up before penetration. This activity typically includes an intimate and long kiss, caress and touch the mouth on the breast or genitals. Currently, these activities also known as outercourse.

8. What is masturbation?
Masturbation is the stimulation of genitals by hand. This activity can be done alone or in pairs.

9. What is jerking off?
This term is generally shown in masturbation is done by men.

10. What is a aphrodisiak?
Substance aphrodisiak is something that is considered capable of sexually arousing or anything either drugs or foods that can stimulate sexual arousal.

11. What is a nimfomania?
Nimfomania is uncontrollable sexual desire in men and women.

12. What is Exhibitionism?
Exhibitionism is a sexual perversion characterized by excessive desire to show genitals in public.

13. What is a pedophile?
Pedophiles are adults who are sexually attracted to children (sometimes follow up on these desires.) Psychologically this is very damaging children are sexually exploited by adults.

14. What is voyeurism?
Voyeurism is an excessive interest in sexual activity or to see the sex organs of others, especially secretly.

15. What's wrong with doing binge drinking?
Binge drinking is very dangerous and can be deadly, because he was consuming 4-5 alcoholic drinks quickly or all at once. This condition causes increased levels of alcohol in the blood and poison the brain. Studies show adolescent brain is more easily affected by the toxic effects of alcohol.