Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hotels Provided Create Free Sex Videos

What nonsense maestro pornography business ideas from Sweden, Milton Jr. He intends to open a specific hotel, free of charge to couples who want to stay at his hotel. Requirement is only one, the couple must give up their sex video streamed live on the internet.


To smooth the idea, Milton Jr. 's plans to build 100 hotels around the world sex. Milton believed that intercourse ordinary person could become a gold mine. The father, Milton Sr. was also shocking the world when it began creating the first pornographic video discs in the 1960s.

When the 'players' could be free to stay at his hotel, porn movie audience that he must pay the spectacle broadcast room. "The figures (profits from this business) is very astonishing," he insisted.

In the calculation, a hotel could generate $ 43.8 million or Rp396 billion per year from subscription fees Nudity video viewers around the world. She believes her sex hotel will achieve success. "The most important thing is to do it in total, no half measures." he said as published in the Daily Mail.

Milton said it had to do 'fieldwork' in more than a dozen clubs that require patrons without clothes or 'Swinger club' around the city of Barcelona Spain.

He believes success comes from his hotel chance to see ordinary people having sex is far more challenging than watching a porn movie scene in the commercial. But he emphasized that his hotel was not superekslusif for the Swinger. "The hotel will also for the non-Swinger and they do not need no clothes continuously."

In the 1990s, Milton built a reputation as a porn entrepreneur when taking over the wheel of Private Media Group. The company is known as one of the porn film makers in the DVD.

However, the widespread dissemination of sex video for free on the internet make the company's earnings fell sharply from a porn movie. In court, former colleagues accuse Milton using company money to fund his luxury lifestyle.