Sunday, January 16, 2011

17tahun my story

The morning was sunny. I woke up with body and feeling really fresh. Today is Saturday, then I'm off from my job as a secretary to the board of directors of a luxury car dealership in the region S, Jakarta. Today I plan to spend the weekend at my friend's house, the V in city B. Oh yes, my name is *****, only friends call me Celyn, I'm now stepping on the head 3, but I'm not married because they still enjoy life without bond, but that does not mean I do not have a boyfriend. My boyfriend named Josh, at work at the company's trading. We've been in a relationship for one and a half years.
Kok to be talking about me huh? (Narcissistic bgt ya?). Anyway, I immediately got up to get ready. I immediately headed for the bathroom. As usual, I immediately took off my pajamas. Having no a benangpun in my body, I will start brushing your teeth. As I brushed my teeth, I noticed my body dicermin there before me. My body is plump, especially in the hips because I barely have time for fitness, but anyway I do not care, I'm happy with my body. While brushing my teeth holding my breasts, which I thought was normal, but not according to my friends. According to my breasts like they want to spill, possibly because I always wear a bra that does not cover all my breasts. I kept touching my breasts as he continued to brush my teeth, it seems amused ... after a long time I was more focused on the squeeze of my hand instead of brushing my teeth. Eventually I realized ... I decided to stop the fun activities that myself and hurried to get ready.
After entering the goods to the H .... A ... My (later thought to get a sponsor), I immediately drove to the highway toward B. Before leaving I had asked for the address V, and he immediately sent an SMS address information. Not once was I to city B, but only a couple of weeks ago Vina moved home to the CL, and I do not know at all where it is. I think anyway can later ask the same people on the street.
Arriving at B, I began to follow the instructions SMS V to go to his house, but ... the streets in the town of B is very confusing. After circling I decided to ask. In front of me I saw a crowd of new junior high school kids after school, I then pulled my car to ask one of them.
"Excuse me little bro, want to ask this address", while I show you the contents of a text message from V.
"Oooh ... from here there'll be straight on CK store, aunt turn left and continue to turn right, then turn right again, continue to take the left, there continue to ramp turn right. Continue to rise later wrote again asked the same people there ", he gave a lengthy explanation.
Given an explanation like that I immediately confused, without thinking I just ask him.
"Oh, auntie confused ya! You can anterin aja ga? Later aunt love fare home "I said.
He's like confusion.
I also said, "Calm be kidnapped kok ga", I said, smiling.
More he looked confused.
"If you're scared, just ask your friends", I assured him, because I was dizzy looking for the address V.
Finally he agreed with the terms may be referring friends and given the fare home.
He also invited two of his friends. I sent one of them to sit in front of the guide, after all, I do not want mistaken sepagai shuttle driver schoolgirl sad.gif
In the car I was acquainted with them. Who sat in front called Fariz, while his two friends who sat behind named Dharma and Aziz. From our chat they know my new 2nd grade junior high school.
During the trip I noticed that they all stole my perspective. At that time I was wearing a light blue tank top and hot pants. The most noticed of course because he was sitting in front Fariz. Every time I noticed that she immediately looked away, for fear of being caught me. Age-age boys did much for having incredible sex fantasy. Fariz kept stealing my breasts view of the "overflow". Finally I decided to just let them see my breasts, I thought as a material masturasi them later ...
Finally we arrived at the house of V.
Vina immediately greeted me, but with a look of surprise.
"Who's Cel?", He asked.
"Oh .. they guide", I smiled at them.
"Get used to yuk!", Take me to them. "Ga rush right?" I asked again.
I also took my little bag. Me and Vina go ahead of them.
V-I think hell house villa, not a house located in the worst-elite, so that the distance between the neighbors not too close.
Vinay also live alone, just like me. He's the editor of a women's magazine.
Once inside the house, Vina immediately show my room, "room above ya lo Lyn, who, because of that", he said, showing my room.
We chatted under yuk, he told the three children while descending towards the living room.
I was into my room, when just remembered that I forgot to bring a bag containing clothes.
I also called Fariz, "Riz, can ask for help get me a black bag in the car tante?".
Fariz looked surprised, "Can aunt."
"Know how to open it right?" I asked again.
"Tau kok!", He said.
I also gave him my car keys.
I also towards my room. Arriving in the room, I immediately closed the door and into the bathroom, I can not take hold pee since the last toll.
When I pull out pipisku, Fariz sudden entrance.
I too was surprised. Damn, I forgot to lock the bedroom door and forgot to close the bathroom door because it was not resistant.
Fariz seemed surprised to see me sitting on the toilet, "Ma tante .. sorry, I forgot to knock on the door." Dia transfixed in front of the door.
Quickly, I told him, "Let go cepet close the door, tar plasticity people!".
Still confusion he too came in and shut the door, his eyes still glued to me.
"See what you?" I asked to revive him.
"Uh .. okay guns tan clay", she said, turning around.
When finished I will say to him, "Excuse me, aunt forgot to lock the door."
"Ng ... ga pa pa tan, I come out first", he said.
Busyet very innocent child, I thought. Suddenly appeared intent isengku, saw me pee alone was puzzled how to reply to see me naked?
"Riz, aunt could ask for help again ga?", The question stopped in his tracks.
"Bi .. can tan", apparently he's still in shock.
"Please pijitin dong tante, tante nih pegel drive from J" I asked.
Apparently this request more mengagetkannya. Intentions became increasingly isengku.
"Later aunt deh add the cost", added again.
Apparently last words made him wake up.
"Bo .. may deh tan", he said.
I was calling to ask V to caress my body lotion.
"Want to lo doing?", Said Vinay half-whispered to me.
"Want to know wrote," I said to him.
Vina which is a true sexual adventurer immediately understand what I mean.
"Can you find the variation aja lo", he said again. "You could follow-dong?", He asked.
"There are still two more", I said, pointing to the Dharma and Aziz.
"That's a new story for my blog ya", he said excitedly.
He too gave me lotion.
I also closed the door without kukunci, yet no one there besides the five of us this house.
"Here lotion", I said, handing her the lotion to Fariz.
I also headed for the bathroom, then out again with just wearing a towel. I've released all my underwear. This feeling began to make me excited.
Fariz seemed surprised to see me, because I was wearing a towel really only cover the breast and groin only.
I was lying face down on the bed and lowered towel so that only cover part of my ass.
"Come on .. what are you waiting", I said to Fariz who looked stunned to see me almost naked.
He too sat in front and started pouring the lotion on my back. Fariz began memijitku.
I tried to start a conversation to break the silence.
"You are now grade 2 junior yes. Already have a girlfriend? "I asked.
".. Be not tan," she replied nervously.
"You're really nervous like that? Never mijit girl huh? "I asked naughty.
"Be .. have never tan", he said simply.
"Let aunt foot massage .. you wrote, about soreness."
Farizpun started massaging my feet.
"A little bit older Riz", I said, directing his hands to my thighs.
He looked even more nervous.
Massage near the groin area made me unconsciously dilate my thigh, I think Fariz can see the fur groin that is not too dense that.
"But do you ever masturbate?", I say start fishing.
"Mmm ...." He paused.
"Ga age is possible you have never masturbated," I said again.
"Never tan," she replied softly.
We also paused.
"A little upward again Riz".
Farizpun massage near my ass.
"Let ever ML?", I say more can not stand.
".. Be not tan."
Well virgin I thought. I even pulled a towel covering my butt so now I'm really naked.
Fariz was really surprised.
"Now pijitin ass aunt wrote, from aunt kept driving seat."
Farizpun started massaging it clean, plump ass. I also increasingly expanding both my thighs.
"Riz ...".
"Yeah tan".
"You want to hold 'it' tante?" I asked mischievously. "Hold Riz aja, ga pa pa kok", pancingku again.
Fariz memindahlan hand from my ass towards the groin. He began holding a feather groin. My soul even less restrained.
"Gerakin your hand back and forth Riz", I said directing.
Arizpun began moving his hand on the groin. Friction between hand and her pubic hair more and make my vagina wet. I also slightly menunggingkan my body to facilitate the hand over the groin Fariz play.
"You Riz Insert you FBC middle finger", I said half-pleading.
Farizpun begin to understand the course of this game. He began entering his middle finger kedalan vagina while rubbing them. The touch of her hands occasionally touching the clit, and it made me more passionate.
My voice was slurred because more and more conveniences.
"Yeah .. which is Riz. Rub 'it' aunt Riz ".
"Which aunt?", She said innocently.
I also realized, he was still too plain.
Then I turned around, so Fariz rubuhku now can see all that has been naked in private.
"You want to hold the breasts aunt?", I asked, memgang both hands and pointed it at the second breast. I squeezed her hand so that his hand was squeezing both my breasts.
After wringing my breasts, I'd pull the head Fariz and pointed to my chest. He began licking my nipples, my eyes closed I will sigh increasingly unpalatable.
"Oouuh ... aaahh ... euuhhh ...", I started logging.
My hands do not stay silent. I began to feel pants Fariz and holding his cock which I believe is already strained from earlier. My hand pulled and pulled out his cock retsletingnya. Not too big, just a little longer than mine, perhaps because he was a grade 2 junior. My hands started to play kejantannya, I started to shake.
Finally I stopped. I also sat down and began to disarm the uniform Fariz. I saw his body is still innocent. Ditubuhi new cock little fine hairs. I sent him back. I also started doing oral to him in a kneeling position.
"Hmmph ... mmph ... mmphh", the voice of my mouth that was sucking his cock while my hand sticks to play the second ball.
"Aahhhh ... Ahhhh ... nice tan", Fariz shout conveniences.
Fariz change from sleeping to sitting position. His hands were now playing my breasts. Occasionally I mumble berhanti rod of his manhood to enjoy a squeeze of the hand Fariz. My left hand is now playing clit switch. I really enjoy all this.
Fariz suddenly shouted,
"Aa .. aa .. aaahhhhh, amused really tan. Aaahh aaahh ... aaahhh ... .. ma .. ma .. want kkkelluuaaarrr ", the more I accelerate my mouth and suck more vigorously kejantannya rod.
Not long ... ..
"AAAAHHHHHHH ... AAAHHHHHH ... AAAAHHHHHH", Fariz discharge his sperm in my mouth. I was surprised, because a lot of semen released this junior grade 2 children. But I thought because it rarely masturbate.
Sperm that have been issued in my mouth out again onto the trunk cock, only to I smoke again. Fariz look so enjoy oral sex. Eventually swallow all the sperm Fariz, and I smoke more cock to membersihakan remnants of sperm.
"Delicious Riz?" I asked satisfaction.
"Really nice aunt. Yes same Beda masturbation ", he replied innocently.
I just laughed as he replied, "there is a more comfortable, want to?".
I also started to suck back stem Fariz masculinity that have slumped. I intentionally make oral advance to Fariz, so later when the main game he was not quick 'exit'. Slowly I started licking his cock. Fariz position is now lying back with her legs raised, so that my head was in both thighs. Jilatanku turning into kuluman. The longer the sooner, I will begin to strengthen hisapanku at the head of his penis. Fariz thighs clamping my head occasionally contain his amusement at his penis. When the penis Fariz has stood again I stop oralku.
"Uh .. why tante?", He asked in surprise.
"Gantian dong, you wrote a good time!", I said.
I also began to lay down and pulled Fariz into my arms. I also began to kiss. At first he was like uncomfortable, but the game my tongue started to teach him to kiss. We kept hugging while kissing, occasionally touching his penis clit and this made the craze. Satisfied I was directing his head to kiss my chest bauah. Now Fariz has to know what to do.
My soul more and more unbearable. I lifted my head Fariz, "Riz, jilatin 'that' auntie '.
"Which aunt?".
I took a position against the edge of the bed. Kutekuk my thighs and I opened my thighs wide. My hands were holding my vagina, my fingers combing the pubic hair. Once clear of the groin that has been wet before, kutunjukan clit with his index finger.
"That one Riz, jilatin 'that' auntie ', I said half-pleading.
"This one's aunt?", He said, touching the clit.
Suddenly I menggelinjang, Fariz's hand touches the clit to make me like flying.
She seems to enjoy this.
"What is it?", He asked again as she started to play clit.
"Aaaahhhh ... ii .. iiyyaaa ... that one. Ka .. kha .. you naughty yes ", I started panting.
"Aaaahhhh ... oouuuhh .... Uuuhhhhh .... Jilatin Riz wrote," I can not stand while lowering his head kekemaluanku.
Fariz started licking my vagina, meras strange at first, perhaps because of the distinctive aroma that has been wet pussy. I will increasingly widen my thigh, while my hand opened my vagina to look clit by Fariz.
"Jilatin this one Riz", I said, showing the location of the clitoris.
Fariz started licking her clit with his tongue. I also hold his head and moving his head up and down on top Fariz clit. Movement Fariz rough tongue dancing over the clit made me almost reach orgasm.
Quickly I raised my head and pulled his body towards me Fariz. With tisak patiently holding his cock shaft that has been hard back, kuarahkan into the vagina.
Cllep ... bleessshhh ... direct his penis into the vagina that had been wet.
"Aaaaahhhh ...", I shouted.
I started to hold the waist Fariz and move back and forth.
Plok plok .. .. ... clooppss cloopps plookk ... .... Sounds collide amid growing our groin fluid flooding my vagina.
"Ooooohhh ... aaahhhhh ... aaahhh ... .. aaahhh .... AAAA .. AAAAA .... Aaaahhhh ... continue Riz ... eennaaak", I shouted.
I was beginning to attract pulled her hair, while occasionally I kiss Fariz brutally.
"Hmmmppph .. .. hmmpphh aahhhh hmmmppp ... ... ooohhh .... Ohhh .. yyeesss hmmmppphhhh".
My legs were now wrapped around the waist Fariz for his dick can go deep into the vagina. His body was attached to my body, we also bathed in sweat. Sensation has sex with a virgin plain boy this really makes me passionate. Fariz's hand began to play back my breasts. Not long after I change the position. I'm squatting on Fariz. I hold his penis and put into the vagina.
Plok plok .. .. .. plok rang because my vagina is very wet.
Kugoyangkan my body back and forth, penis kedalamku Fariz full sank. Oscillation is more swipe clit.
"Aaahhhhh ... ooouuuhhhhh .... Eenaaaakkkkkk".
I know for a while longer Fariz would ejaculate a second, so I marubah position to be "doggy style". My body was leaning on the backrest temapt sleep. Fariz without permission directly insert his penis to impatiently.
"Ah!" I cried.
Fariz increasingly impatient. She kept pumping my vagina with a trunk, the trunk once this new world enjoy. He continued to move his body back and forth, faster and faster, his hand holding my hip.
"Ah .. ah .. ah ... teerrruuus Riz .... Terruuusss ... .. aaaaahhhh".
"Tan, Faarriizz maau lluaarr kke ... .. .... Giimaannaa nihhhh aahhhh ... ahhh ... ..?".
"Ahhh ... aahhh ... kkee ... ahh ... ... aahhhhh keeluaarinn Riz wrote."
Plok .. clooppss plook ... .... Cloppss ....
I also began preparing meneriam Fariz sperm vomit in my vagina, I will begin to reach orgasm that since last I held.
"Aahhhhh ... tteerrruuussss Rizzzzz ... tante ju .... Ah! .. Ga aaahhhhh want keeluuuarrr ... ... ... terusss".
Fariz continues to accelerate whisk his penis in my vagina.
"Aahh ... ahhh ... .. AAAAHHHHHHHHH .!!!!"
Fariz spew all his sperm inside the vagina. I felt strong on the wall spray my vagina, as shocked by electric shock. Direct vagina was warm and wet by the fluid sperm, but I do not stop rocking. Not long ....
"Oh ... oh ... oh ... ah .. ah .. ah .. ah .. ah .. I will scream because AAAAHHHHHHH !!!!", orgasm.
Vagina getting wet because of fluid two of us. I do not let Fariz off his penis from the vagina, wagging my hips.
"How Riz, much better than before right?" I asked.
"He .. he .. he .. iya tan, much better", he said, followed the swaying hips.
Along with shrinking penis Fariz, was also the fluid out sperm from the vagina. Semen was directly attached to the both of us. I immediately turned around and suck the semen that is on the penis Fariz.
As he was tickled Farisz said, "Thank ya tan, ga nganterin loss aunt."
"I also ga dianterin loss you", I replied briefly and then returned suck penis Fariz.
Once the penis clean of sperm Fariz we also lying on your back without clothes.