Tuesday, January 18, 2011

4 Sex Myths You Should Not Follow

Doc. Thinkstock
Johannesburg - In order to get the perfect time to make love, not uncommon for people trapped in the myths of sex. Unfortunately, not all myths are true.

Jennifer Berman, MD, of the Berman Women's Wellness Center and also the author of For Women Only 'to say that every couple should not have to ignore the myths are not true about sex. Here are some myths that you should not follow, as quoted from the Health.

1. Sex can only be done if the couple are both mood
Very normal if your partner is not in the mood for sex because of many problems. But instead you wait for the green light to have sex with him, try to persuade him to do foreplay.

Do not just wait until moodnya good, do something to change moodnya. Do not forget to provide the videos section, or set your bed for moodnya be better.

2. Good sex is spontaneous
The desire for sex sometimes just show up, but sex is not always like that reflects a good sex life. Sometimes something that is not scheduled will not be made, so it is with sex.

Making love on a calendar schedule showing a commitment and can anticipate better if something happens. "I always advise my clients to do the scheduling of intimacy, whether it be sex or just spoiled-spoiled. Select a time where you both are not being tired or a lot of work," said Jennifer.

3. Sex should be done at least 3 times a week
Regular sex can indeed perpetuate the relationship, but do not be too fixated with it. Many happy couples are also separated the distance and time do not have sex every day or three times a week.

The most important is the satisfaction of each partner when making love. There are many things that trigger a healthy sex life without having sex, like a spoiled, holding hands, hugging and kissing spontaneously.

4. Sex delights is a long and slowly
It is undeniable that sexual favors are slowly but surely. But if you do not have much time to it, speed up time could be the solution.

Let's say you're enjoying the 'appetizers', this can boost your mood and your energy after a day of work. Leave the bed, and move on to the sofa, shower in the bathroom or unusual location to enjoy sex as fast as lightning.

Do not ever consider sex to be perfect and equal for each pair. Think about ways that you think the two of the most ideal and feasible. Originally run in a healthy and right, sex can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.