Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Different Types of Orgasm

In the book "Orgasms for Two", Betty Dodson able to give views on various kinds of orgasms, including his own experiences. Indeed orgasm description is given, much is an experience that happened, and many more leading to genital arousal. But at least, with this basic understanding, we can understand how to achieve orgasm for both women and men.

Orgasm Pressure (Pressure)
This method is not widely known because it does not involve any rubbing or stroking at all. Orgasm is obtained by straining the thighs together, so that there will be pressures arising from the thigh muscle, and will also be helpful if you rely on something. Usually this does not have an orgasm as the result of sexual orgasm, but it is a great way to relieve yourself from stress during childhood, especially in young women. This technique was still to be done in adulthood, and some women still do this.

Orgasm Stress (Tension)
Orgasm is derived from either direct stimulation or not and usually occurs when you tighten all the muscles of the body and held his breath. According to Dodson, orgasm like this very often and very common. Orgasm is usually called an orgasm because of the sensation experienced peak will be very strong. These experiences often occur for a variety of sexual experiences at the beginning which is usually confidential and in a hurry. It is often associated as a sexual experience yabng trigger premature ejaculation, both men and women.

Orgasm Relax (Relaxation)
According to Dodson, described that orgasm is happening not because of stress more and more peaked, but because of deep relaxation that arises at the time of stimulation, you diimana continuously alternately release tension and relax the muscles, so that the orgasm would be heightened by slowly to you. Orgasm is the opposite at all with orgasm voltage as above.

Orgasm combination.
Orgasms are ideally is a process flow, and if your sexual relationship last long, then you will enjoy more than just one kind of orgasm, orgasm like this is referred to as orgasm combination according to Dodson. According to Dodson, orgasm, this combination involves many things, including "stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, pubic muscle contraction, hip movement, and breath."

Orgasm Multiple (Multiple Orgasm)
Multiple Orgasms often talked about and not many know, that both women and men can experience multiple orgasms. Dodson distinguishes between multiple orgasms and "feeling comfortable after a big surprise" that usually appear after the orgasm. Orgasm is wrong is what causes people can count 20 to 30 times in 1 night orgasm. One of the problems that often arise in an orgasm like this is the desire to feel and to experience anxiety. According to Dodson, enjoy and do not count, because the important thing is experience, not the amount.

G Spot Orgasm
Problems G Spot and the debate did not stop until now, and Dobson also acknowledge that orgasm can occur also due to clitoral stimulation, but do not believe that the stimulation of penetration alone is enough to make a woman could achieve orgasm. But, from a variety of other reports, Gspot orgasms have fundamental differences which unfortunately, is not always the same in every report.

Fantasy Orgasm
Dodson did not care and do not believe the orgasm that may happen only because of mental stimulation alone. But in fact, there are many reports stating that women can achieve orgasm just from a mental fantasy alone, without any physical contact. It is possible, orgasm like this would not have the intensity of such another orgasm, but still, this orgasm fun.