Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Story of A Girl who peddle her virginity!

She walked a little hesitant to enter the five-star hotel. The security guards standing next to the hotel door catch suspicion on the woman. But he just looked at it with a careful step toward the woman who then took a seat in the lounge a bit in the corner.

Security guards had noticed a long time, there is something to be suspected of the woman. Because two times but the waiter came, she just shook her head. His desk is empty. Nothing is booked. Then to what the woman sitting alone. Is there someone who is waiting.

Security guards began to think that she is not the usual type of wanton woman looking for prey at this hotel. Age seems not too adult. But it is hardly a child. Around the age of teenagers who were growing up.

After so long, it finally forced the guards to approach her desk and asked:

"Excuse me, miss ... Whether you're waiting for someone?"

"No," replied the woman as she turned her face to another place.

"So for what you sit here?"

"Do not be?" She began looking toward the security guards ..

"Sorry, miss. This is where class and is intended only for people who want to enjoy our services."

"I mean, father?"

"You have to order something to be able to sit here"

"Later I'll message after I have money. But now, let me sit here for something that will I sell," said the woman with a slow voice.

"Sell? Do you sell something here?"

Security guards had noticed the woman. There seems no goods to be sold. Maybe this woman is a salesman who just brought a brochure.

"Ok, lah. Whatever you want to sell, this is not the place to sell. Please understand."

"I want to sell myself," she said firmly, staring deep into it towards the security guards.

Security guards were amazed, looking left and right.

"Come with me," said the guard officer signaled with his hand.

She caught something kooperativ action because there is a bit of a smile on his face guard officer. Without hesitation she stepped to follow the security guards.

In the corridor of the hotel there are seats for only one person. Beside it was a phone inter-special room available for visitors who wish to contact residents rooms in this hotel. This is where the deal took place.

"Are you serious?"

"I'm serious" she answered firmly.

"How much do you ask?"

"As high.. ' '

"Why?" Security guards were shocked, staring at her.

"I'm still a virgin"

"Virgin?" Now the security guards were really shocked. But his face brightened. Golden opportunity to get sustenance over today ..

He thought

"How do I know you're still a virgin?"

"Easy all. All men know to distinguish where and where not a virgin .. Yeah right ..."

"If it is not proven?"

"Do not pay ..."

"Well ..." The guard sighed. Then glanced to the left and right.

"I'll help get the rich guy who wants to buy your virginity."


"How much is required?"

"As high."


"As high. I do not know how?"

"All right. I will offer to guests of this hotel. Wait a minute."

Security guards had passed from the front of the woman.

Not long later, the guards came back with a bright face.

"I've got a bidder. He asked for Rp. 5 million. How?"

"Nothing is there any higher?"

"This is among the highest," The security guard was trying to convince.

"I want a higher ..."

"All right. Wait here ..." The guard passed.

Not how long the security guards came back with a face more radiant.

"I get a higher price. Rp. 6 million dollars. How?"

"Nothing is there any higher?"

"Miss, this is a very reasonable price for you. Try to imagine, if you are raped by men, you will not get anything. Or if you are a virgin taken by your girlfriend, you are not going to get anything, except a promise. With the money USD. 6 million, you will enjoy five-star hotel for one night and next morning you can forget it all by bringing a lot of money. And again, you also have done well against
me. Because I will get commission from this transaction of hotel guests. Adilkan. We both need ... "

"I want the highest bid ..." answered the woman, no matter the chatter of the guards.

Security guards were silent. But do not lose heart.

"All right, I'll swatch other guests. But you'd better come with me. Please button your shirt a little exposed.
For there is something that provoke the eyes of people to buy. "Said security guards were a little annoyed.

She was not concerned with the suggestion that security guards but still follow the steps that security guards entered the elevator.

Hotel room door was open. From the looks rather old slant-eyed man smiled at them both.

"This is what I meant, sir. Is the master now?" Said security guards politely.

Slant-eyed man looked at carefully to the entire body of the woman ...

"How?" Ask the man to the woman.

"Maximum" she answered firmly.

"What is the highest price is negotiable people?" Said the man told the security guards.

"Rp .. 6 million, sir"

"Then I dare a price of Rp. 7 million for a night."

The woman was silent.

Security guards that looked toward the woman and hope there are good answers from the woman.

"How?" Asked the man.

"I want higher again ..." said the woman.

Security guards smiled wryly.

"Take away this woman." Said the man told security guards as she shut the door loudly.

"Miss, you have made me upset. Do you really want to sell?"


"Then why do you reject the highest price that ..."

"I asked for a higher again ..."

Officers guard sighed. As if to hold emotions. He did not want to lose this opportunity.

She tried to keep making her feel comfortable with him.

"Then, you'd just wait in place, yes. I will try to find another bidder."

In the hotel lobby, security guards were trying to look one by one man there. Trying to find a woman order a regular subscription through them. For a long time, no one seems to know. However, not so far from him there was a man who was talking on his cell phone.

"Was not yesterday I already love you the money of 25 million Rupiah.

Is it not enough? "You heard the man speak.

Man's face looks sour instantly

"Come over here. I wait. I miss you.

There have been more than a week we engga met, yes dear! "

Now the security guards knew that he was talking to a woman.

Then, he saw, he hung up. There was resentment in his face.

With a calm, security guards said to man: "Sir, do you need a woman ... Huh"

The man glanced towards the security guards and then turned away.

"There are women who sit there," guard officer menujuk towards the woman.

Security guards did not lose the sense to take advantage of this opportunity.

"She was a virgin .."

The man approached the security guards.

Their faces were only half a meter away. "Is it true?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then introduce me to her ..."

"With pleasure. But, sir ... She's asking price as high as high."

"I do not care ..." The man answered firmly.

He was warmly greeted her.

"Dad was ready to pay whatever you ask. Well, now be serious ...." Said security guards were annoyed tone.

"Let's talk in the room alone." The man said as he inserted money to guard it.

The woman followed him to his room.

In the rooms ...

"Tell what price are you asking?"

"Priced to cure my mother from the disease"

"You mean you?"

"I want to sell one my only treasure and honor for healing my mother. That's the way I thank you ...."

"That's it ..."

"Yes ...!"

The man noticed the woman's face. It seems too young to sell his honor. This woman did not sell love. Nor is selling his suffering. No! He just wants to appear as a heroic fighter in the center of social life that no longer free. Men are aware, that before him there is something priceless honor. Exceed the honor of a virgin to a woman. Namely the determination to a sacrifice without any sense of remorse. Wanta is not against the waves but go where the waves carried him away. There is a submission on an unparalleled confidence. That honor will always be valued and purchased by all honorable people with honorable ways.

"Who are you?"

"It's not important. Mention that you pay the price ..." said the woman

"I can not mention the price. Because you deserve is not something negotiable."

"Then, there's no deal!"

"There!" Said the man instantly.


"I pay for your courage. That's what can I buy from you. Please accept this money. The amount is more than enough to bring your mother to the hospital.

And now go home ... "he said, handing him the money from the briefcase.

"I do not understand ..."

"I've always spoiling my mistress. He enjoys all of me but he's never grateful. Always squeeze. Once I give it forever he always asks. But today, I can buy my thanks from a woman who valiantly to make sacrifices for their parents. It's an honor that is not worth anything if I can pay ... "

"And, if you sincerely ...?"

"Is it less?"

"More than enough, sir ..."

"Before you go, may I ask one thing?"

"Please ..."

"Why are you so brave ..."

"Who said I was brave. I'm afraid sir ...
But more than a week I attempt to find a way to bring my mother to the hospital and all failed.
When I took the decision to sell my honor because it was not motivated by sexual.
Nor is my sense that `consideration` stupid ... I just behave and act for a conviction ... "

"Confidence what?"

"If we are willing to sacrifice for the mother or anyone else, it is God who will maintain our honor ... 'The woman then walked out of the room.

Before you reach the door she said:

"So what you get from buying this ..."

"Consciousness ..."

.. . .

In a house in the slum. A mother who was lying sick children were struck by the warm embrace.

"You have to go home, sonny"

"Yes, bu ..."

"Where have you, sonny ... Huh"

"Sell something, bu ..."

"What are you selling?" The mother's face showed astonishment. But the young lady just smiled ...

Life as a poor orphan again too vain to mourn in the middle of this smug-paced life. In the midst of a situation that nobody else
free. All the trade. Buying and selling is the everyday that can not be inevitable. But God always gives without any strings attached, without any calculation

"Now is the time mothers to seek treatment ..."

Her arms her mother from the bed, saying: "God has bought that I sell ...".

The taxi that had been host of the hotel was still faithful waiting in front of his house. The inclusion of her mother into a taxi with caution and said
to the taxi driver: "Take us to the hospital ..."