Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Artis-Indonesia Artis Success Starting from Nude Photos / HOT

Jump aja gan, this artist foto2 we (the years of this now rather than old school house), but no naked pictures in a folder ane companies, two of which follow the model of Exotica *** gan. Ni muke2nye:

1.Jenny Cortez

This atu kalo yg kaga gan period ever see on the internet, almost hardcore foto2nya gan. Ni maen cewe 1 episode never glance at my mother's favorite soap opera ane "LOVE FITRI". Tu gan's only a while, then there is the lg a full episode in sitcom 'HUSBAND-WIFE HUSBAND FEAR "which in Trans it gan, authentic die jd tamunye stars, so children die disono rich org yg same drunk and fled the Tigor from the pub. Anyway ni cewe hot bgt gan EMG model. Original gan own clay, unfortunately yesterday belon kaskus join jd kaga kepikiran motto of the tipi.


if this reply gan, ever play in his show "Capture" the Bang Jo P-project it. Ane audience repeated the same time quiz (quiz beli2 his distinguished ud stale current events gan). I was so ga percayanye pantengin ane tu deket2 tipi while ngelirik company who is next. Sueerr sambar gledek gan, this bgt dah man.
Kya above Tp the same affection, kaga didokumentasiin gan.

3.Dian (temen Vega Ngatini wktu 4Mata)

Nyang is severe tau kalo kaga gan, among which the two above it was pretty famous, especially when jaya2nya 4mata. Die so Tukul Angels Vega unison. Kaga never thought ane gan. Ni pictures of tabloid byword gan, and after analysis of each model ane yg tu nampang the tabloids have tp kaga naked photo session dipublished. Most rich cut insert photo above.

4.Kiki Farel

kalo yg also have a hardcore pose2nya Severe gan ..
He never appeared in the series' comedy MIDNIGHT "in ancient Lativi gan, gw clay in his theme song is ko on youtube. Well muke ni cwe plasticity.

Ivory 5.Menara

which is also right on tau gan, now his picture folder is on Kapanlagi.com aja uda .. Setau ane jd he ever cast on Comedy Central Tonight and Konak .. ckckck