Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Attitude which lowers Passion Women Love Men

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Jakarta - Create a more passionate man is not a difficult matter. However, women sometimes lack an understanding of what men want when in bed.

Small mistakes can have an impact on decreasing women's passion. As quoted from galtime, sex expert, Dr. Jane Greer, explains, women often make three mistakes when in bed that makes men become less interested in women.

1. Wearing clothing that is not interesting sleep
Wearing a robe or pajamas while sleeping it feels comfortable. But these types of clothing may reduce male sex drive, because the robe and pajamas make you look less attractive. If you want to love life again heating up, use sexy clothes when going to bed. Wearing sexy lingerie and bras can certainly excite your partner.

2. Lack of initiative
The second mistake was the woman she did not dare to launch first hot scene with the couple. You do not have to wait a couple to start having sex. High initiative and daring to explore the sex partner is not only fun, but you will feel more pleasure.

3. Criticism
Avoid criticizing your partner when your body is being explored. It can kill passion. Rather than criticize it, better tell your partner what you like when berbubungan sex. By giving him, will make a couple more excited to do what you want.