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17Tahun - Satisfaction With Winnie 17Tahun

Name gw rio. I now 17 years of age. Actually I can sort of sex life is normal now. Although kadang2 "habit" long benar2 hard to stop. For some reason, I very horny when showing sex gw. And korban2nya usually not distinguished fairly wanita2 beautiful, fashionable, etc.. And most of them work as maids, both servants in the house I own, or aides temen2 gw. And fortunately there are not other people who tw, except for certain people who are victims of their own gw .. who would I perform certain here is the first exhibition experience i ...
At that time I was 14 years masi and sat on the bench smp grade 2. I have a maid named yeni. Physically, kak yeni have a look yang biasa2 only and stature quite okay. Her ass is not too large, and so is his chest. But its quite exciting that flirtatious kadang2 bwt gw. Tp tetep aja, servants are not the ones who generally become sexual objects. Especially because the profession itself ...
In the afternoon my house is usually empty, because a family member who is busy with his business laen masing2, while I would prefer to come home after a credible form of the school which is quite tiring. Tp instead of resting, I take advantage of the empty house to watch bokep gw in the computer room . Chamber I is small enough, and back to the window which are large, like the ancient rumah2. Window overlooking the backyard gw ...
One afternoon, as usual, when he got home ak directly into the room and turned on the computer to watch my new bokep. And when asik2nya watching, the screen turned black because of the turn of the chapter in the movie . And when it ak saw the shadow servant who sees into the room through the window i, which is when it really is wide open. Although shocked ak, ak but not panic, instead, remain calm and mengira2 ak reaction. Since some time remained silent, ak kak yeni assume not only caught, but also to watch from behind a window. And knowing it makes me more horny, which was then realized that women can also enjoy bokep. After satisfying a few minutes, I did leave the room with the masi bokep fired, so he is free to watch without fear of getting caught by me, ddan ak masturbating in the bathroom.
For some reason, watching the show bokep "together" tersbut eventually become a habit. Every time my parents left the house, I would have immediately entered the room and play the movie they will be, and kak yeni was already waiting in the window. I always try to not look at jendala, for fear of catching him. Although initially it was instill in him the passion, but after a while ak so bored and want to do much more distinguished. Blom had time to think about what else who can arouse passion, ak heard a knock at the door of my room quietly. Ak even look out the window with suspicion, and was servant is not visible there. Ak was bertanya2 mw what he came into my room.
After deciding to let the film was lit, the ak also opened the door and saw the face of nervous servant.
"What is kak?" I asked.
"A.. anu .. it ... "she replied nervously.
"Brother forgot to sweep the room Adek this morning. So now broom brother mw wrote "he explained.
And ak was mempersilahkannya entrance. When he entered, his eyes do not get out of my computer screen. And I will deliberately raise the volume. And sigh-sigh erotic soon meet my room. Keliahatan clearly that, he never intended to menyapu my room. He just cleaned the same place over and over again. And when when the ejaculation scenes look at the screen, he took a deep breath and mouth was half open from the more wide open, and saliva to flow to the chin. Then he woke up and wiped his mouth as he started to work again. And when it is, there is something that he saw that made him gasped and held his breath. And I who was berpura2 read the magazine so that he freely watch too aware of what he saw. My position at that time, ak was sitting up in bed while reading a magazine, and my legs wide mengangkan. Bird who've apparently been strained from sticking out and stand up with pride. When that ak was only wearing boxer short. And the bird could slip out easily.
From behind the magazine I saw an increasingly yeni kak face flushed and his broom out of his hand. And she looked down to pick it up. Tp somehow he is like taking her broom and linger long after a while, I feel the breath in selangkanganku. I also realized that now her face is very close to the bird, tp ak not yet felt the touch of any kind. I think he has not dared. Tp that alone is enough make me horny as hell, and one touch just in "there" would definitely make me squirt my sperm until mengahbiskan stock. My heart was pounding not frivolous, and it's t * t * tku screaming touched. After several agonizing minutes, kak yeni left the room and direct ac masturbating until satisfied. And now, ak've found something else I can do to increase her pleasure masturbation.
Ak started making plans about how to kak titiku yeni could see again. And ak which has been rarely watch tv now often come to watch, although only when the house was empty and kak yeni also were watching tv. However, initially only show sekali2 ak, kak kalo fear yeni suspicious. Each time the switch position ak, kak eyes looking selangkanganku yeni always looking, and when he found "sesauatu" who wanted him to see, with ak quickly change back in my seat. Only a few times ak let him see clearly titiku, and even then only briefly. And after a while, he became very agitated, and went into her room while her favorite soap opera has not ended. Ak initially feared that he was uncomfortable, and not comfortable to see it. Tp after a few times to do it, (I only do it about 3 times a week, so as not to get bored quickly for both of us), ak saw that he was still watching tv as usual, and not look uncomfortable or disturbed. In fact he called me when ak nap in the room to watch with her dia den. And if ak refuse (on purpose to see her reaction), he's looking for a reason that makes me interested to go watch tv.
And proved already, that he was enjoying pertunjukanku.
Apparently, that makes him rare pertunjukanku again mengintipku in the room to watch bokep, whereas ak want to try new things which can not be done in front of him directly. Ak must show seems accidental. Even until now, he does not deliberately exposing tw kalo ak "-so" me that. Tp, after a few days, ak could see the shadow behind the window again from computer monitors, and rencanakupun finally begun.
Originally bokep ak run just as normal and watch. Tp after kira2 ten minutes, ak up from my chair and sat on the bed, leaning against the wall. For a moment I glanced at the corner of my eye, kak yeni was not there, tp reappear moments later. After ensuring kak yeni was spying, I opened my shirt and pants to get naked. Ak continue to focus the view towards the computer, and began to masturbate . Then ak remembered something that would make this show even crazier, and out of the room after wearing my underwear. Ak directly into the bathroom and took the panties from kak yeni hanger. He was always hanging his dirty clothes because he wanted to wash themselves when bathing in the afternoon.
Up in the room, direct ak panties kissing it, witnessed by kak yeni behind the window. Apparently he was very surprised to see the object I was holding because akmendegar bated breath sounds through the window.
"Ooh kak yeni, pants sister very fragrant. Memiaw fragrant smell from here sister masi "ak said loudly to be heard by him.
"Ooh .. kak yeni kaaak awful. "I sighed again and again while kissing her panties while masturbating. Sensainya benar2 extraordinary. Shot of nasty kata2 smoothly out of my mouth, and make sure my voice loud enough to be heard by him, and so out kutumpahkan smwa orgasmeku fluid onto the floor and later kulap disposable wipes. Had mw cd kutumpahkan to him, tp blom ak venture too insolent to him. After that kukembalikan underwear into the bathroom. When out of the bathroom, ak kak yeni passed. I saw his face blow up and his breathing was irregular, and oddly enough, his clothes look sloppy, even his pants zipper open. Ak begin to suspect he was also doing something behind the window was.

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The next day at school, could not stop thinking about rencana2 ak else to do. Ak've really can not wait to come home.
At home, after ensuring that there are only two of us at home, ak directly to the bathroom and shower. After the bath with a hurry, ak kak directly into the room wearing only a towel yeni to cover my body. After the invite in, ak was immediately signed and pura2 ask my underwear new irons this morning. Though many stocks masi net cd in my closet. He also turned out to follow the game. Instead of directly looking at the crate baju2 place already in the iron is usually stored. Instead, she mencari2 in closet itself not how long, no matter ikut2an ak in her room looking for it, and then remove the towel as if there is not apa2 incident. He also startled and turned to the selangkanganku. Burungkupun immediately tensed because the sensation. My heart was beating fast. To cool the atmosphere, even to talk with him .. ak
"You found kak." I asked.
'Er, bbelum deck, I think my sister in this cabinet recall "he said masi playing for time. And we both know it's never been stored there.
Tp after that she squatted and pulled the coffin from under her bed where my parents kept baju2, when he did it, ak kak yeni see panties from under her skirt as she crouched with legs open too wide of reasonable care when people are squatting. Seeing that ak also follow-up terang2an squat and look toward his underwear, even ak deliberately tilt my head to clear the scene. "Sister, sister plasticity tuh panties" I said innocently.
"Uh, yes, yah??" He said. Then dirapatkannya knee. At that time, my passion not already unbearable, tp ak tetep try not to touch her body. Ak still want to continue this show sensation. Then ak also shift the crate they will be, and stood in front of him who was squatting. When the bird was already almost touching his mouth, but he did not show tanda2 rejection. Then ak started masturbating right in front of his face. Benar2 taste delicious, ak came out quickly because it already from earlier emang help it. And I spend all cairanku to his face. At first he was surprised and dodge, but after that he brought back his face and opened his mouth a little and get into some manikupun fluid. When finished, right out without saying ak .. apa2
Ak Besok2nya direct repeat incident, this time tp ak deliberately not looking for reasons apa2. Ak went into his room with fully clothed, and immediately opened my pants in front of him, and climbed into bed. Her time was tidur2an while reading magazines, and direct ak tongkolku thrust into his face and started masturbating while mendesahkan name, and once again smwa maniku squirt into her face ..
Ak always looking for unusual saat2 for masturbating in front of him after kejadian2 yesterday. For example, when she again sat on the couch ak started masturbating beside her, and when I pulled out tangnnya and kuarahkan maniku him to hold water with his hands. Or knocking on the bathroom door when he was in the shower, and take the cd dirty terang2an him from the hanger and masturbating while watching him take a bath. Kadang2 he even brought his dirty underwear in my room when ak is watching bokep, and she was squatting directly in front of me and prepared to receive muncratan maniku ... ..