Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love Disconnect, Image Mesum Scattered Boyfriend

Love Disconnect, Image Mesum Scattered Boyfriend

TULUNGAGUNG, KOMPAS.com - Crime pornography increasingly knows no bounds. Anyone can become victims of traffickers obscene photographs, including one who peranh closest though.

Like the case in Tulungagung, East Java, this. Because love is disconnected, a man suspected of reckless spreading nude photos of his girlfriend. Ris (20), women victims of distributing nude photos, the strong do not bear the shame and ultimately report to Mapolres Tulungagung.

Head of Binops (OBC) and the Criminal Investigation Unit Police Tulungagung, Iptu Siswanto said, the police investigate the case with memintai information related to a number of witnesses who allegedly distributing the photos.

Ris who are victims in these events has actually been suspecting Arif Yunizar (33), former lover of origin Hamlet / Village / Subdistrict, Blitar regency.

However, police have not been able to define as a suspect because of the examination, Arif denied having or distributing the photos.

Siswanto explained, the unfolding of the pornography crimes originated from complaints a dim shop worker to the victim's mother who is also owner of the shop in the complex Ngemplak Market, Village Botoran, Sub City, Tulungagung, Wednesday (12.22.2010) ago.

At that time, mother Ris presented two folio-sized sheets of photo paper in which there are 25 pictures of her son in a pose without clothes. Two photos of them even showed Ris middle sex with a man.

"The pictures were taken by the victim by her ex-boyfriend (Arif), when both the act of intercourse outside of marriage at a hotel around November 2010 and then," said Siswanto.

Now, Arif threatened snared Law No. 44/2008 on Pornography, despite the fact that someone who knowingly allow himself made the object of pornography, the penalty can be snared.

Especially from the poses nude Ris, impressed taken consciously and fully realized by the object to be photographed. However, the police will not be hasty set Ris who became the object of nude photos as a suspect.

When contacted, Ris denied deliberately let himself be photographed naked. He recalled, in November 2010, he was never stayed in a hotel with Arif after drunk alcohol in a cafe.

In that drunken state, there was sexual intercourse between himself and Arif. Under conditions affected by alcohol, Arif takes a picture in a pose nude.

"No. I'm willing to be photographed completely naked. My time was intoxicated and not fully conscious. Who the hell wants to be photographed naked, "Ris said.

He was conscious and aware of new photos of naked the next day while checking phone Arif. With annoyed tone, he protested to Arif, Ris admitted have removed four photos in the phone Arif.

However, with lightly Arif answer has been storing the photos on his computer. Arif even threatened to spread the pictures if Ris decide romantically between them.

Well, apparently in December this love relationship both ends. Ris disappointed that Arif was married and had children. In fact, during courtship, Arif always claimed a virgin.

"Just who was not hurt, she admitted him a virgin not already have a wife and kids," Ris said.

Arif called Ris a person alleged to have taken and spread her picture was being questioned in Mapolres Tulungagung. He denied himself Ris photographed naked and spread.

Following up on complaints, the Women and Children Protection Unit (UPPA) Police plan to call back Tulungagung Arif Yunizar reported. But before that, the investigation team will first call the cafe worker who currently known as the first claimant to the victim's mother.

"From a dimly lit cafe worker named Vera, we want to know who the man he menyodori Ris these photographs. Hopefully from there we can calibaration perpetrators, "said Siswanto. (Amr Muiz)