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Read Story Mesum - Mother Tiwi [FM82334-98]

Mesum Story collection this time delivered by Ms. Tiwi who requested the address not be published the following story from his sex! Enjoy sex stories rape adult construction worker!

Introduce the name of the Tiwi gw, i have white skin and not too high even though a tiny bit (152 cm), but I very sexy body with two 34C breast size slightly oversized compared to body size me! Until now, I actually a little confused how to start this rape adult sex stories. But you should know that what I tell you this really happening to me! Real sex story so bro! Today I was 22 years old and already married. I until now still studying at a college in Depok Semester five. I married my husband I Bang Zukri 8 years older than I because I arranged marriage by parents when I was aged 20 years and has just entered college. But I really love my husband I was. Similarly, a husband I love very very gw.

Because I was born of a devout religious family, so I was a devout agama.Setelah the age of 1 year marriage, the husband by the company I was assigned to work in factories in the area bogor. As a facility, we provided a modest house in the complex enterprise. As a devoted wife, I obeyed her move to the place. Residential complex I was still empty, even on the block where I live, there is a new house and a house inhabited again, it was quite far away from our house.

Because our house is still very original we do not have a kitchen, so if we want to cook I have to cook in the backyard that opens, typical modest home. Finally the husband decided to build a kitchen and dining room on the remaining land is left, there happens to be a builder of homes that offer services. Because we do not feel have valuable items, we trust them to do without having our kitchen tunggui, husband still went to the office while I remain in college.

Until one day, I'm off and I keep my husband to the office. That morning after delivering Bang Zukri until the next gate, I went into the house. Actually I feel a little uncomfortable at home alone because we are a quiet environment. Until a few moments later when Om Wahya and two of his friends came to continue his work. He seemed quite surprised to see I was at home, because I did not say earlier that i holiday.

"Eh, why not leave college Tiwi Buk ..?"
"Iya nih Om Wahya, again off .." I replied as he opened the door of the house.
"Well I want to work behind nerusin Neng .." he said.
"Oh, please ..!" I said.

Not long after they go back, and I picked up a magazine to read in the bedroom gw. But when I was just going to bed, I see through the bedroom window Om Wahya'm changing his clothes with dirty clothes worn at work. And I was surprised to see how Om Wahya not use underwear. So I can clearly see his muscles are nice and the most important Kontolnya very large when compared to gw's husband.

I instantly amazed to not realize that Uncle Wahya also looked at gw. "Eh, what's the evidence ..?" He said, staring in the direction I still naked and I see the dick that point upward to the top so that looks even greater. I was shocked and embarrassed so quickly closed the window, so panting breath. I covered myself instantly feeling weird, I've never seen a man naked before other than the husband, even if you're having sex with my husband I, my husband still cover our bodies with blankets, so it does not look entirely our bodies.

I tried to divert persaan gw with reading, but it still can not be lost. Finally I decided to take a bath with cold water. Quickly, I went into the bathroom and shower. When finished, I realized I did not bring a towel because it was in a hurry, while I wear the clothes I already wet and full of soap because I soak. I confused, but finally I decided to run it into the bedroom, yet the distance is near and the builder is in the backyard and the door is closed. I'm sure they will not see, and I started running toward the bedroom door open gw.

But only I will go into the room, the body I hit something until fall. And surprise, it turned out that I hit it is Om Wahya.
"Buk .. Sorry, I was looking Buk Buk Tiwi Tiwi but not in the room. New I want to get out, eh Buk Tiwi crashing gw .. "he said casually as if to see if I'm not naked.
I was so embarrassed as she learns to rise up the chest and the bottom mentupi gw.

But Om Wahya I immediately caught his hand and said, "Do not be ashamed Neng .., Buk had also already had a look in gw, gw kok not ashamed .."
"No sir ..!" I said, but instead raised Om Wahya I headed toward the backyard of two of his friends. I tried to rebel and scream, but instead Om Wahya very casually said, "Calm Buk aja .., here is quiet. Buk shouting will not hear nothing .. "Seeing naked bodies gw, both friend Om Wahya immediately cheered with delight. "Wow, really nice breasts ni .." said one as he squeezed her breast membetot and i bloody murder. "Please do not rape i, i not gonna report this to anyone ..." I said. "Quiet you enjoy aja aja deh ..." said his friend Om Wahya a little tubby, with his hand touching the pubic hair gw, while Om Wahya I still hold both hands tightly.

Not long after I saw all three began removing their clothing. I saw their bodies glistening with sweat and dick those who held up because of his lust. Quickly they laid the body i in the sand. Om Wahya Then I started licking her genitalia.
"Well .., fragrant pussy loh .." he said.
I immediately rebelled, but the two friends soon Om Wahya holding both hands and feet gw. The bald holding the feet, while the fat holding hands while sucking nipples gw gw. Not long later began directing Om Wahya Kontolnya large pussy hole gw. And in fact, that I did not expect before, it was very delicious. Totally different from the husband gw. However, due to shame, I continue to revolt until Om Wahya start mengoyangkan Kontolnya with rough movements, but somehow I just feel great pleasure, so I stopped unconsciously rebelled and started rocking to the rhythm.

Seeing that both Om Wahya friends laugh and loosen his grip. Hearing their laughter, I realized it would rebel again I feel the responsibility, so what happens is I look like I'm pretending to want to rebel but released although I still did not try to break away from om wahya.

Om Wahya Not long after I turned in a doggie position without releasing her from the pubic gw. Looking at it, commanded the fat without directly entering into the mouth Kontolnya gw. I tried to rebel, but I grabbed the fat guy with a loud, so I did. I truly experienced tremendous sensation, so some time later I experienced incredible orgasms I've never experienced before. Gw body became limp and fell face down. But apparently Om Wahya not yet complete, so genjotannya accelerated until then he reached kelimaks and spewed his sperm into the uterus gw.

Once Om Wahya revoke, the bald man directly insert his cock into gw property without giving time to rest. Not long after the fat reaches kelimaks, he pressed his cock into me and my mouth without warning, fired his sperm directly into the mouth gw. Lots of sperm in her mouth I felt I, but when i want to get rid of the sperm, the gw Om Wahya see is sitting resting said.
"Do not be disposed of first, cepet you gargle-gargle semen long ... definitely delicious ... ha .. ha .. ha .. "
And like a buffalo that stupid, I obeyed seperma gargling with it. While the bald man continued to shake in the pubic Kontolnya I, I saw Om Wahya I went into the house and out again by bringing a large eggplant I bought this morning for I cook and an imitation pearl necklace owned by gw. Not long after the bald man reached kelimaks and i also fell limp on the sand. Seeing his friend had finished, I said, forcing Om Wahyamenghampiri I return to all fours.

"While waiting for our energy recovery, let's look at this entertainment .." he said, include a very large purple eggplant into the vagina gw. Of course I was shocked and tried to rebel, but I was holding the other two soon. And not long afterwards, "Bless ..!" Eggplant 3/4-nya it goes into the vagina gw. The pain was truly remarkable, so I shook his ass i to the left and right. "Look at this dog .. weird tail .. ha ... ha ... ha ... "said the builder.

"Now you're crawling around the backyard this, hurry up ..!" Said the builder. Slowly I crawled, and it turns out it was absolutely delicious.
Because the amusement-tingling delights, the little bit I stopped, but every I stop them immediately whipped ass gw. Not long after I reached kelimaks, saw it they laughed. Om Wahya then I went and began to enter the imitation pearl necklace of marbles had one by one into the anus gw.

I screamed again, but quietly he said, "Hold a little .. yes, it later was delicious ..!" Until the end, then lived a quarter of the necklace is visible, then while holding the rest of the necklace he said. "Now you proceed slowly .." And when I move, return the necklace was ripped from the anus slowly till I run out. That they were playing gw until they are ready to rape and then I again repeated until the afternoon, and oddly enough they kelimaks every orgasm I also participated with the sense I enjoy being raped.

At night when my husband I come home, I did not report the incident to him, do not know for some reason! Possible so gay with my pleasure three construction workers so that rape continues to occur repeatedly every I'm not in college. And each of rape, a construction worker is always intersperse dengan gw work on a way weird, and it lasted until I finished the kitchen! Sunguh pleasure you know a construction worker raped their bodies meraka stocky and very strong force in engaging in sex! It is worth but you try lho gw ga liability as a result! Hihihihi ... greetings adult sex story!