Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cewek Mesum Nanda and Latest Stories 2011

Mesum Story begins at 5 years ago, this latest sordid story began when I ni semester 2 and at that time I was dating a girl named Nanda.
Nanda I see a photo I'm here

Just 2 weeks ago I was in love with the Nanda declared, at that time in the campus canteen and I'm cool-asiknya chat with him .. until at one point which I guess is right I said "NDA, I love you .. I want to start now you so my boyfriend ... " then with bowed shame on both cheeks with a red tinge she smiled sweetly and said .. "I love you, but I'm not disappointed ..." afternoon at the campus cafeteria when it feels so indaahnya up front because I was ashamed of himself kegiranganku.

Nanda is a cheerful girl .. with a posture which is ideal for girls .. dikampusku around 165cm tall, with long shiny black hair who sepundak, impeccably clean white skin, her bra size of 36B, I know when I ask him at night the first week when I came to his house ... his ngapel upright when walking with your chin slightly lifted its adds elegance of a girl .. beautiful elegant look on his face with lips that always smile and beautiful eyes .. which always reflect all emotion in feel it .. truly a masterpiece of the most beautiful girl I have ever had at the time.

That night the first week, I came and we chatted diteras home side ... she's so beautiful by wearing overalls skirt flowers on the shoulder with a rope hook that shows elegance and leather shoulder hand ... "mama papa've just left, would be invited katany tuh "he replied when I asked both parents. "Whoa baby we could be free dong ...??" I teased her body lying dipangkuanku being greeted.

Then after a little chat with a mild joke I tried to kiss her red lips teasing ... then we also kiss, so soft lips and a little wet after about 15 minutes .. I dare kiss my hand to feel his chest ... he had tepiskan my hand .. but I try again ... and he always tepiskan my hand ... and finally she let my hand touch the base of her breasts .. turns out I was blocked by her bra without giving up .. I try to locate nipples .. until I found and kuraba- touch with my fingers ... we also terrasa begin hunt for breathing ... and then he let go a long kiss and then I looked at my hands are still busy looking for her nipple ... "hard yaa ...??? Well I used to .. I kedalem would like to open a bra let you not hard .. " she whispered as she stared at me and smiling melancholy ... I'm not you, as he passed me with joy soon straighten my cock position stimulated great from what I have just experienced.

Soon she came and sat dipangkuanku we face and his hand curled around my neck .. tatapanya sharply towards me and then she whispered "you naughty darling hand ..." I smiled back at her "you like ...???" I said, "a shy smile, looking down and then he kissed me again ... we berpagutan back ... and my hands directly on the previous target of both breasts ... My blood feels the race is fixed because I felt so smooth and fast skin and when I touched her breasts .. nipples, no bated breath of Nanda in the preoccupation of the tongue and lips ... crushing the breath out of breath and I felt she teases with her ass shaking .. now I feel cheated .. he took off his kiss and looked at me with a wicked smile and keep shaking .. hip-shaking with the intention of teasing me ... "Aduuuh sayaaang ... you naughty amaat siiiihh ..." I said, "you duluaan abis ..." he replied. "you've got hard very dear ...??? Kasian I eat you ... want me keluarin ...???" he asked, and I nodded yes ...
Then she moved from my lap and edged bow down underneath ... with patience she lowered my zipper jeans off my belt and lowered my underwear ... a moment he smiled at me and looked back at my cock ... "Have you really big affection .. . 'actually, I still feel embarrassed when it's because we invented a new 3 day .. but my cock was confronted with the pretty face ...

And then he started to slow down .. touch the tip of my cock gently and then kissed it once ... once ... Ohhh,,, really incredibly beautiful scenery ...
"Honey ... I keluarin yaaa ... but then if I've come out bilangin Well ... you also clay-clay kedalem yaa .. I'm afraid bi Inah servant will come out .. I just can diaduin mama papa ... "" I replied ...." Iyaaa

Then he gently suck my cock's head with a single tongue in kulumannya toying ... I enjoy every touch of the lips and tongue on the surface of my cock ... "ohh dear ...." when he took off kulumannya he looked at me with that look spoiled and a seductive smile .. . then again she suck my cock while her hand slowly whisk ....
Not for a while I felt the urge is so strong in the second seed felt pelirku ... then the stronger the flavor it feels ... and "I want keluaaaaaarrr Sayaaang .................! ! "I whisper muffled
Then remove the kulumannya and whisk him faster at the bar did not loose my cock while her gaze to see the look on my face .. as if enjoying every beat of his hand ... while occasionally the tip of her tongue to lick my cock ... and finally "Aaaaaachhh .... sayaaaaang" I kentalku white liquid squirted out many times and I saw he was not moved from his position he even opened his mouth as if to accommodate each spray-spray sperm inside her mouth .... Ohh, really incredibly exciting ... "Ohhh ... sayaaang delicious bangeeeeeet ....!!!!"
Adult Sex Stories at night the first week will be continued on part 2! tongkrongin continues sites sex stories and adult stories are best!