Tuesday, January 18, 2011

12 Key Findings About Sex in the Year 2010

A number of studies on sex has presented the facts that horrendous throughout 2010. Among them about the benefits of making love, the facts behind the orgasm in women up to the importance of avoiding premarital sex.

Quoted from Yourtango, here are 12 important discovery that could make a scene-esek esek world.

1. Avoid premarital sex make a happy household
Studies that prove this is contained in The Social Science Research Journal. Of the 648 people surveyed, 56 percent of them are happier because they do not have sex with her partner until the wedding day.

2. Only 22 percent of couples who are very satisfied with their sexual life
Surveys conducted showed 66 percent Yourtango married couples (couples) only have sex 1 time a week, while 63 percent of husbands want to do it more often again. Overall, only 22 percent of husbands and wives who are very satisfied with their sexual life.

3. Men do not know the signs of female orgasm
Large-scale survey conducted by The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior

4. Make good career passionate sex more
Busy work does not mean not had time to think about sex life. Survey at the University of Wisconsin proved a more regular couples having sex actually came from groups that have a good career.

5. Frequent sex can improve brain memory
A study at Princeton reveal the frequency of sex is directly proportional to the growth of hippocampal nerve, which is a central part of the brain memory. Presumably this effect could delay when entering the senile elderly.

6. 50 percent of married women judge her husband was not the best sex partner
IVillage survey conducted not only reveals how premarital sex has become very commonplace. Moreover, 50 percent of women claimed to be more satisfied having sex with previous sexual partners before marriage.

7. Like having an affair is the effect of gene
Dopamine receptor gene called DRD4 was found this year and is believed to cause some men tend to like cheating. This gene gives the sensation of pleasure which also appears when gambling and taking drugs.

8. Got my sister did not make man sexy
Research at the University of Texas proves his sister with a lot less attractive to potential partners. Not known for sure why, but suspected the man tends to be spoiled when too long in between his sisters, but spoiled men less attractive to women.

9. Fingertip sensitivity showed the ability of women to orgasm
Journal of Sexual Medicine reveals a woman who is responsive when touching hot objects or other forms of pain stimuli are more likely to reach orgasm. So if you want to know easily whether or not a woman to orgasm, just touch the tip of his finger. Do not the other!

10. Men better at it in a fat fuck
A study in Turkey showed the man's waist size is proportional to oestradial hormone levels. The hormones that these women have more work to delay orgasm, so they can last longer during sex than men with a smaller waist circumference.

11. 25 percent of women choose thinner than an orgasm
Orgasm seems not everything for some women, even more attractive than a slim waist nan sexy. British study shows 25 percent of women prefer skinny sickly despite the risks and difficulty having an orgasm.

12. Female brain can not feel pain during orgasm
Orgasm in women involves a very complicated process in the brain, to the extent that the brain is unable to feel pain while in the peak of pleasure. Researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey revealed that female orgasm during recording process with magnetic resonance imaging revealed 85 percent of men think their partners reach orgasm in intercourse last conducted. In fact only 64 percent of women who claim to actually orgasm.