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Nita 17tahun latest stories

What I'll tell you this happened a few years ago, when I was in college as an engineering student at Bandung in the 90s. Alone will tell you what happened there, but the names and locations I change to respect the privacy of those involved. ( Download video bokep ) By the second year of college, I intend to move a boarding house better. This is normal, first-year students must have to a boarding house who carelessly. New next year they can get a more suitable lodging tastes and needs. After the "hunting" which is quite tiring eventually I get a fairly comfortable lodging in North Dago. For Bandung size though, this area includes very cold especially at night. Room kosku a pavilion that is separate from the main house. There are two rooms, which the front is filled by Sahat, medical students and rada nerdy cool. I myself can that is part of the back, close to the main house. Mr kosku, Om Grace is a senior lecturer at several universities. His wife, Aunt Nita, the woman who is quite interesting though not very pretty. About 163 cm tall with a physique that is, not thin and not fat. For the size of a woman with 2 children, Aunt Nita's body pretty well maintained and looks younger though it was aged over 40 years. It's known, Auntie Nita diligent join an aerobics class. Both their children study abroad and only returned at the end of the school year. Because of his work as a lecturer at several universities, Om Rahmat rather rarely at home. But Aunt Nita quite friendly and often invite us to chat at times spare, so I personally feel comfortable living in his house. Perhaps because Sahat somewhat indifferent and always busy with college, Aunt Nita's ultimately more familiar with me. I own until then had never thought further than just friends to chat and vent. But apparently not the case with Aunt Nita .... "Doni, you still have a class today?", Asked one day Aunt Nita. "Nah aunt ..." "Then can anterin aunt into aerobics?" "Oh, can tante ..." Auntie Nita looks sexy with aerobic clothing, the curves of her body clearly visible. We then drove to the place of aerobic by using a car owned by Aunt Nita White Deer. Along the way Aunt Nita many complain about Om Rahmat an increasingly rare at home. "Om Rahmat is selfish and crazy job, though his salary was more than enough but continued to receive was offered a visiting professor all over ..." "Yeah, wait tante aja .. it's all for the sake khan aunt and the children too, "I said trying to comfort. "Ah .. Doni, if people are married, it was not just material needs, but also the other. And it is very less aunt got from Om. "Suddenly Aunt Nita's hand gently touch my left thigh," Even so, aunt was also a woman who needs a man fondling ... aunt still need that and unfortunately Om less care. " I looked for a while and I saw Aunt Nita looked at me with a smile.
Aunt Nita kept stroking my thigh along the journey. I do not dare to react to anything except, afraid to make Auntie Nita offended or thought impertinent. Exiting from an aerobics class at around 4 pm, Auntie Nita looked fresh and vibrant. Her body was damp with perspiration makes it look more sexy. "Don, when this exercise was slightly sprained his back auntie ... you could please pijitin aunt right?" He said as he closed the car door. "Yes ... a little can auntie," I said, nodding. I began to feel Aunt Nita wanted more distant than just friends to chat and vent. Frankly this is a new experience for me and I do not know how to react. All the way home we did not talk much, we were busy with thoughts and fantasies of each about what might happen later. After I got home, Aunt Nita directly led me to his room. Locked the bedroom door and then Aunt Nita directly bath. Whether intentionally or not, the bathroom door is left slightly open. Clearly Aunt Nita was giving me a yellow light to do whatever it wants a man in women. But I still do not know what to do, I just sat quietly in a chair dresser. "Doni dear ... please bring me a towel dong ..." Aunt Nita's voice began to spoil. Then I took a towel from the hanger and hand kusodorkan through the door, trying to not look at Aunt Nita directly. Actually this is stupid, anyway Aunt Nita itself already gives the sign then why am I still shy? I was really embarrassed. Not long after Aunt Nita's out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around the body from chest to thigh. First time I saw Aunt Nita in a situation like this, I started to become aroused and slightly dazed. Aunt Nita just smiled at my behavior which is too awkward to see the situation. "Well, now you pijitin aunt yes ... it's wear body-lotion ..." he said as he lay on his stomach in bed. The opening of winding towel so that only left her bra and CD only. I began pouring into the back of a body-lotion Aunt Nita and started massaging his back area. "Auntie, the part where it hurts ..." I asked, acting innocent. "It's all love ... everything ... from top to bottom. The front also ill lho later Doni massage ... yes ... "said Aunt Nita said, smiling mischievously. I continued to massage the back of Aunt Nita, while I felt my cock begin to swell. I think it is time Aunt Nita's invitation to respond actively. This is the first time in my life I had a chance to fuck a woman. Even so from BF films ever I saw a bit much I know what to do ... and most importantly, just follow instincts ... "... dear aunt, her bra straps should I open?" I said, stroking his shoulder.
Aunt Nita looked at me with a smile and nod. I knew Aunt Nita was not sick or injured, the event massage is just a means for me to make love. After her bra strap slowly opened my hands kuarahkan the direction of her breasts. Carefully kuremas squeezed her breasts ... ahh soft and tender. Aunt Nita react, she started to become aroused and looked at me with glazed eyes. I turned my hand to the bottom, I slipped my hands into her panties as she slowly kuremas both her ass for some time. Aunt Nita with resignation to let me explore her body. Now my hand began to dare to explore also the front, rubbing the area around her vagina gently. My heart brdebar tight, this is the first time I touched the vagina of adult women ... Slowly but surely, Aunt Nita kupelorotkan panties. Now Aunt Nita's body lying face down in bed without a sheet benangpun ... truly a beautiful sight. I'm amazed at once aroused. Immediately wanted to stick the rod into the hole female groin. I closed my eyes and tried to breathe slowly to control my emotions. Seranganku continues, I slipped my hand between her thighs and felt her pubic hair is quite thick. My middle finger began to explore the narrow slit and wet there. Raanya very warm. I felt the heavy breath of Aunt Nita's start, she seemed more and more aroused by my actions. "Mmhh ... Doni ... you naughty yes ..." he said. "But rather aunt khan ...?" "Mmhh .. terusin Don ... terusin ... auntie love. "My fingers continue guerrilla in other parts of her vagina that feels soft as silk, and finally my fingertips begin to touch the meat that is round like a nut but chewy like moci Cianjur. A clitoris is Aunt Nita. With a circular motion kupermainkan gentle clit with my fingers and he began menggelinjang conveniences. I felt her body tremble slightly irregular. Meanwhile, I also was getting aroused, with a bit of a hurry pakaiankupun I opened one by one until there is no piece of benangpun close my body, just like Aunt Nita. Aunt Nita and I kissed her neck slowly kubalikkan body. For a moment I looked at the beauty of a sexy body. Her breasts were quite full and firm with nipples that look brownish give the enchanting beauty of its own. Smooth white body and with hardly any fat, Aunt Nita's really good at caring for his body. Among her thighs looked pubic hairs a bit wet, either because a new bath or other liquid. Meanwhile, parts of her vagina faintly visible behind the feathers. I do not understand how her husband can often leave it and ignore the beauty like this. "Auntie sexy as hell ..." I say frankly praised. Her face looked flushed. "Ah .. aja you can seduce you, too sexy auntie ... you know ... see tuh burungmu Don was ready to battle ... let's do not stare so ... terusin full body massage aunt ...., "said Aunt Nita said, smiling noticed my cock had hardened and looked upwards. I started licking her Aunt Nita's breast while my right hand slowly toying pussy and clit. Kujilati both breasts and the occasional hill I smoke and kuemut nipples gently while kupermainkan with my tongue. Aunt Nita looked really enjoy this game and playing as his hand touched my cock. I'd love to lick her womanhood Aunt Nita's like the Yag BF movie scene ever I saw. Slowly I changed my position, now I'm kneeling on the bed between his legs Aunt Nita. Slowly I opened her thighs and I saw parts of her vagina looks red and moist.
With both of my thumb I opened the lips of her vagina and saw Aunt Nita female burrows that have been waiting to be filled, while poking her clit looked beautiful at the top of her vagina. Without waiting for the command of my mouth I immediately directed towards the vagina Aunt Nita. Kujilati lips of her vagina and then I put my tongue into her vagina hole that feels soft and wet. "Mmhhh .. aahhh "sigh of pleasure out of Aunt Nita's mouth when my tongue licking her clit. Occasionally kuemut clit with his lips while kupermainkan with his tongue. Aroma typical woman's vagina and her warmth made me more excited, while Aunt Nita's continues to sigh a sigh conveniences. Occasionally helped my fingers into her vagina hole. "Aduuh .. Donii delicious ... unfortunately ... yes dear ... that was nice .. emmhh .. hold dear ... slowly ... so dear ... yes dear ... continue .. aduuh .. aahh ... mmhh .. "he tried to guide me while his hands continued to press my head into his crotch. Not long after Aunt Nita's hips began twitching, his movement was more powerful, and her hips back and forth and spinning out of control. Meanwhile, his hands gripping my hair grew louder. "Doni .. Tante want keluaar ... aah .. uuh .. aahh ... oooh .... adduuh ... Doniiii sayaaang ... .... Don continued to lick it ... teruus aduuuh ... ... ... auntie keluaaar aduuuh ... "along with it my head is clamped by her thighs while the tongue and lips continued to sunset to enjoy the warmth of the clitoris and vagina are suddenly flooded with liquid orgasms. Moments Aunt Nita's body stretched in pleasure and finally fell limp as he eyes closed. Looks red lips broke her vagina throbbed and full wet fluid. "Doni .. ... awful. ngerasain old aunt who did not like this ... "he said quietly as he opened his eyes. I immediately lay down beside Aunt Nita, I stroked Aunt Nita's hair and then our lips collide in a passionate courtship. Both our tongues wrapped around each other, gently touched my hand and toying with nipples and breasts. Not long after Aunt Nita's apparently already started to rise again. His breath began to hunt down and his hands groped my cock and squeezed both balls pingpongku. "Doni dear ... now turns aunt that makes you happy yes ..." he said, directing his head towards selangkanganku. Not long after Aunt Nita started licking my cock, from the direction of the base and then slowly to the ends. Dipermainkannya head of my cock with her tongue. Wow .. it feels so good ... I unconsciously began to moo-sighed conveniences. Then all my cock inserted into her mouth. Aunt Nita mengemut and groin while playing bars with his tongue. Sometimes smoked my dick hard so that her cheeks looked sunken. I feel my Auntie Nita oral game was incredible, while she suck my cock with great passion my whole body began to tremble withhold favors. I felt my cock harden and swell more than usual, I want to spend the entire contents into the vagina Aunt Nita. I really want to feel the pleasure of a woman's vagina for the first time .... "Auntie ... Doni want to enter into a aunt ..." I said, trying to release my cock from her mouth. Aunt Nita nodded in agreement, then he let my cock out of his mouth. "It's up darling ... keluarin Doni wrote all of its contents into a veggie ... auntie auntie also want to really ngerasain've got you in here ...." Slowly kurebahkan disebelahku Auntie Nita, Auntie Nita immediately opened her thighs allowing my cock inside. Dimly I saw the red parts of her vagina.
Slowly I opened parts of the vagina and behold, Aunt Nita's vaginal opening is so beautiful and inspire lust and makes my heart thumping. I'm afraid of losing control at the sight the first time I experienced, I tried hard to set my breath so as not to dissolve in lust .... Slowly kupermainkan clit with your thumb while my middle finger into her vagina hole. Not long after Aunt Nita began to move their hips, "Doni dear .. enter yours now, aunt already prepared ... "Kuarahkan already hardened cock into her vagina hole, I was so eager to get my cock menghujamkan rod into the vagina Tante Nita warm. But maybe because it's my first experience I was a bit difficult to insert my cock. Apparently Aunt Nita realized my predicament. He looked at me with a smile ... .. "This is Don's first experience yes ...." "Yes auntie ...." I replied shyly. "Calm aja ... no hurry ... auntie help ..." she said, holding my cock. Diarahkannya head of my cock into her vagina hole while his other hand opened her pussy lips, then with a little encouragement to go forward ... the head of my cock into her vagina. It was warm and wet .... sensation was incredible. Finally, slowly but surely I buried my entire cock into her pussy Aunt Nita, aah .. pleasure. "Aaahh ... Donii .. eemh ... "Auntie Nita whispered softly, she also felt the same pleasure. Although already over 40 years Aunt Nita's vagina still feels cramped, the walls felt strong gripping my cock. I feel her vagina squeezing my cock like a rhythmic movement. Extraordinary delicious taste .... Kugerakkan hips slowly up and down, Aunt Nita was also not to be outdone, her hips moving up and down to balance movements. His hands gripped tightly on my back and my hand stroking her hair, wringing her tender breasts. Meanwhile, our lips berpagutan wildly .... Just a few minutes I was starting to feel my whole body vibrating sensation crawl with great pleasure ... it's known is my first experience ... apparently not soon I'll reach the peak of orgasm. "Auntie ... Doni's almost out .... aaah ... uuh ... "I said trying hard to hold myself. "Don ... terusin aja yaa ... we unison. aunt also've come out ... aahh ... Doni ... Don ... strong puncture puncture until the end of love ... mmhh .... "The words of Aunt Nita made me more passionate and I menghujamkan my cock many times with a strong and fast into her vagina. "Aduuh ... Doni've not stand it anymore ..." I really can not control myself anymore, my ass moving up and down faster and felt my cock swell and throb preparing to reach the top of the vagina Tante Nita. Meanwhile, Aunt Nita's also almost reached orgasm the second. "Ayoo Don ... aunt also want ... Ahhhh ... ahhh you vixenish ... .... aaaahhh .... Doniii .... Don now .... keluarin now Don ... aunt ... mmmhhh already can not stand. " Aunt Nita also began to lose control, both legs clipped circling my hips and hands gripping hard on my back.
And then I mounted a final stab A terrifying ... "Auntie ... aaaa ... aaaagh .... Doni aagh keluaaaar ... .. .." I sighed as she memuncratkan whole sperm into the vagina pleasure Aunt Nita. Along with that experienced peak orgasms Nitapun Tante, "Doniii .... aunt jugaa aduuuh ... ... .... aaaah ... I'm cumming honey ... aaaahh ... .. aah .... "We hugged for a long time while my dick still firmly embedded in the vagina Tante Nita. It is truly extraordinary experience ... my first. I really want to take in the remains of carnal pleasures of this beautiful. Eventually I began to feel tremendous fatigue, all persendianku feels out of place. I took off my arms and slowly pulled my cock is getting a little weaker due to run out of energy. Then I lay limp next to Aunt Nita who also lay limp with eyes still closed, and bitten her lower lip slightly. I see from her vagina slit sperm fluid melt through the sidelines of her thighs. Apparently a lot of the sperm vomit within Tante Nita. Soon Auntie Nita opened her eyes and smiled at me, "How dear ... nice?" She said, wiping the rest of my sperm in a towel. I just nodded as he kissed her lips. "Aunt have thought if you were not the first time" making-love ". Because of time 'fore-play "was not visible, only time will enter the penis aunt know if you have not experience. By the way, Auntie so glad to virgin ting-ting like you. Tante really enjoy this game. Sometime if there's a chance we play again like Don ...? "I'm just still smiling, what a fool if I said no. Aunt Nita lay her head on my chest, we paused to enjoy the feeling of our own for a while. But not until 5 minutes, my energy started to return. Mature woman's body lying naked and dipelukanku make me come back horny, my cock slowly began to swell. Breast touching my right hand back Aunt Nita and stroking it slowly. He looked at me and smiled, his hand grabbed my cock which was again enlarged perfect and clutched it tightly. "Are you ready again dear ...? Now aunt above ya want ...? "He said, mengangkangi me. Dibimbingnya my cock towards her vagina hole that is still wet with sperm. This time my cock immediately slid smoothly into the vagina Aunt Nita on a very wet and slippery. Now Aunt Nita sit on my body with penisku buried deep in her vagina. His hand gripped my arm and his head looked up with eyes closed holding delicious. "Aahh ... Doni ... your dick to the end ... uuh .... mmhh ... aahhh "she sighed a sigh. Aunt Nita's movement slowly but full of energy, every encouragement is always done with full of energy so that makes my cock entered felt so deep in her vagina hole. Aunt Nita's ass continued to move up and down and round and round, sometimes raised high enough so that my cock almost irrespective then immersed again with great force. In the meantime I enjoy the swaying breasts oscillate up and down in rhythm wanton movements Aunt Nita. Kuremas-squeezed her breast and nipple kupermainkan Aunt Nita's making more and more enthusiastic.
Aunt Nita's movement grew stronger and he really forget his status as a wife of a respectable professor. At that time she shows her true and what it is ... a woman who was in the top of lust and thirst for pleasure. Eventually we started getting wilder movements and uncontrollable ... "Doni ... aunt was going out again .... aaah ... mmmhh .. uuuughhh ... "" Ayoo aunt ... Doni also already can not stand ... "Finally, with a strong surge Aunt Nita's entire body weight pressing down and stuck my cock deep into her vaginal canal while memuncratkan whole load ... Aunt Nita's hand gripped my chest hard, his body curved rigid and open mouth with teeth clenched and eyes closed to hold good. After a while Aunt Nita eventually lay down on top of me, we both fell limp exhaustion. That night for the first time I slept in the room Tante Nita because she will not let me go back to the room. We slept without a sheet berdekapan busanapun. In the morning we again have carnal knowledge with a wild ... Tante Nita as if to satisfy the longing for pleasure that is rarely obtained from her husband. Since then we often do so on various occasions. Sometimes in my room, sometimes in rooms Tante Nita, or occasionally we change the atmosphere by renting a hotel room in Lembang area for short-time dating. If I was "horny" and there is a chance, I went to Aunt Nita and stroked her ass or kiss his neck. If OK Aunt Nita would immediately took my hand and led me into the room. Conversely if Aunt Nita a "horny", he did not hesitate to come to my room and immediately kissed me to ask me to make love. Since managed to snatch keperjakaanku Aunt Nita was no longer sullen and moody when Om Grace went out of town teaching duties. In fact it seems to expect Om Tante Nita Grace often work outside the city because then he could be free with me.
And I was also more comfortable staying at home Aunt Nita. Once upon a night after leaving Grace Om out of town, Aunt Nita came into my room wearing a negligee. I hugged her from behind and fondle selangkanganku direct. I was welcomed with a caress his lips and laid her in bed. As it turns out Aunt Nita kuraba breasts are not wearing bras, and when I lifted dasternya turns out he also was not wearing panties again. Vagina lips looked red and wet feathers by mucus. Dimly I saw the remnants of molten sperm with a distinctive smell was still there, apparently Aunt Nita has just fought with her husband and Aunt Nita was not satisfied. Immediately, I opened my pants and a penis that has been hardened directly challenged poking ask inserted into the vagina pleasure. Aunt Nita responded to the challenge of my cock dengan straddle legs. He immediately opened her pussy lips with both hands so that it appeared parts of the hole that broke her vagina red. "Insert you FBC yours is now the darling aunt hole ... .." he said with heavy breathing and glazed eyes. Because I think Aunt Nita was very "horny", without much further ado and "foreplay" again I immediately stuck my cock shaft into the vagina Aunt Nita and we wrestle with the wild for almost 5 hours! We have intercourse with a variety of styles, I was over, Aunt Nita above, doggy-style, style 69, sometimes while standing with one foot on the bed, and sat face to face on the edge of the bed, or change positions with Aunt Nita back to me, we occasionally perform above my desk with her legs lifted and Aunt Nita's wide open, and much more. I do not remember what style of intercourse is still there that we have not done that night. North Dago the cold at night we no longer feel that there are only two human warmth that vibrates and makes us wet with sweat profusely. Once our wild intercourse until I had four orgasms are so deplete energy and Aunt Nita countless times. What is clear when you're done, Auntie Nita could barely get up from my bed because her legs limp and quivering while her pussy is so wet with mucus and very red. I recall that most wild night among the other wild nights that never go through with Aunt Nita. Adventures with Aunt Nita walk long enough, 2 years, until finally we feel Om Grace began our affair was suspicious. As the best way I decided to move away before things got bad kos. But even so, we still see each other at least once a month to remove the longing and lust. This went on until I graduated from college and returned to Jakarta. Even now after I married, when he was given the task to Bandung I'm still taking the time to see Aunt Nita that lust and passion as never diminished by his age which is now the head of five