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Hot plump Fiona 17tahun

Fiona, a model and actress under the board, which usually gets only a supporting role, but at a young age, 25 years old, he already occupied a relatively luxurious house in an elite complex and a BMW car already has. If only rely on her salary alone is not necessarily he has it all, none other than him with a â € ~ peliharaanâ € ™ an official government rich and powerful who was more worthy to be his father. Of her beauty, long hair sedada, body tall (172cm) with smooth white skin, and face a fascinating Indonya she beat Pak Michdan, 54 years, at a dinner party. Mr Michdan although already married relationship with his wife only as a formality, like himself, his wife likes to cheat here and there as a result of the emptiness of life in the middle gelimang luxury, their only child studying abroad are also famous for its keplayboyannya. Three months after their meeting, Mr Michdan formally appointed Fiona as a mistress.
As a mistress, Fiona task is largely to meet the biological needs Pak Michdan yang hobby engulfed young girls her age. Mr Michdan indeed passionate sexual passion, but the stamina that has been eaten by age does not keep up, often Fiona feel less satisfied, but he's not good to say it bluntly. High libido that has not been fully satisfied by Mr. Dahlan involve him in some affair with a certain rogue elements within the work environment, such as director, photographer, and producer. One day Mr. Michdan'm going abroad for official business, so leave Quinn for two weekly. At the same time Fiona has received a loan of a porn DVD from one of her friends. Instead of being lonely is not no job and Mr Michdan was not there, Fiona set the DVD was in her room. In the film he saw an Asian woman beautiful and innocent face is clocked three negro men looking grim. The woman initially refused but after a long time he looked increasingly enjoy digangbang three â € ~ gorilaâ € ™ that. Dengan aggressive he served three black penis, length, and entrenched it. Until the end of the men's sperm spurting wet outside and inside, she was even swallowing sperm and lick the men scattered in his body.

Watch it makes her heart pounding, she reached orgasm once by stroking his cock. He began to imagine how it feels to have intercourse with rude people and lower class. It seems there are other sensations that arise from such a relationship because she felt saturated with sex life was so-so only. Thinking like that that change sexual behavior, he envisioned a long black penis intercourse and rough hands groping her body. He headed to the window, and looked down from his room on the second floor, noticed Mr. Misno, gardener 43-year-old was cleaning the car in front. The man mengelapi a sturdy car with his hands deep, sweat visible membasahi forehead, occasionally she wiped the sweat with his hands. It is increasingly tempting obsession makes her heart beat faster. At home, apart from Mr. Misno, there is also Mbak Fri, housekeeper. He is still considering if the middle-aged woman know if she made a scandal. While merenunginya, Fiona lying sprawled on the bed spring-bednya, his hand stroking her vagina as he continued to imagine the wild desires, until finally he fell asleep without wearing pants.
Wake up the sky was yellow and hours are shown at 5:15 pm. Wild fantasy is still just shadows. He thought a while about his intention that, eventually he determined to run a fantasy that. Fionapun took off all her clothes and wrapped a yellow towel to her body. She called Mr. Misno via intercom that leads into the back room occupied by the maid.
â € œPak Misno, please come here for a while, water tap jam nih keliatannya here! â €
A moment later was a knock on the door, with more chest thumping, Fiona opened the door of his room. Mr. Misno immediately flushed face mingled nervously to see employer's sexy appearance, smooth white thigh level it really made him swallow the saliva, not to mention the bulge of his chest that swelled it.
â € œAyo sir, here, please diliat krannya nothing wrong ga! â € he replied, pulling Pak Misno muscular arms and took her to the bathroom.
Fiona as much as possible to be normal even though his passion increased, so as not to give the impression that cheap on the gardener. While Mr. Misno looks uncomfortable and her eyes occasionally stole a glance of that beautiful body of Fiona, he's eager to see behind the towel, wiggling his cock shaft because of it.

In the bathroom there is a luxury his TV that, Fiona was sitting at the mouth of the tub and crossed her legs so the thighs smooth running of increasingly revealing its beauty to the man with the mustache.
â € œIni Pak, faucets make bathtubnya ga road, do not know why ya! â € he said
â € Bu œBisa kok, ga no jam! â € he said after turning the faucet and the water flowing
œOoohhâ € â € | yes already, because it was my puter-puter ga out how many times the water is merely really, thank ya sir! â € she said as she stood up would deliver Mr Misno to the door.
Fiona who walked first to the door were struck by the tug from behind causing a towel wrapped around his body apart. He was surprised and reflexively cover the chest and selangkannya with both hands.
œAwwâ € â € | brash, what the hell ya! â € he shouted feigned anger at Mr. Misno
But Pak Misno deftly captures both arms soon Fiona and lifted up and locked his wrist with the palm of his hand a large and sturdy, but it also memepet Fiona him until his back pressed against the wall near the bathroom door. Lust Pak Misno one that has not met his wife in the village prompted him to act first before Fiona started.
Aahh, she was shy, I know why my mother accidentally ngegodain me, anyways emang saya daridulu've kepengen nyicipin Mother kok, hehehe! Mr. Misno laughing near Fiona's face.
His eyes were like going off the naked body of Fiona's attention is perfect, flawless white smooth, firm and plump breasts flat stomach, on his groin appears dark hairs dense cover that area. Fiona themselves begin to feel sexy and horny showing off her naked body in front of the gardener.
œPakâ € â € | enngghh! â € she sighed when Mr. Misno squeezed her right breast
â € œGini it do you want, while you do not exist! â € said Fiona ear so that he snorted his breath blew the ears and Fiona tenguknya and raise passions.
â € œLepaskan, Paka € | eemm! â € Fiona's words did not get resolved because Mr. Misno trigger crushing thin lips with his lips thick.
Rontaan Fiona, which is basically just pretending lust was weakened by the increasingly rising. When Mr. Misno release locks on both wrists, he immediately put his arms around his neck as she kissed him back with the heat, their tongues collide, winding each other and lick each other.

Mr. Hand moved to the rear Misno stroked his back, hold down squeezing his ass chunks. While they are hunting down the breath and feel hembusannya on each face. Fiona reddish-colored nipple harden due to friction-friction finger Pak Misno. She was getting aroused, regardless of the smell of sweat and the mouth of Mr. Misno dia fondle him with a passion. Mouth Pak Misno now beginning to come down to his chin, and then decreased again until his body bent down and stopped in her left breast. Putting it dikenyotnya dengan annoyance, smoked and occasionally bitten-bite small that more Fiona sighed.
œSshhhâ € â € | ahhâ € | no sir! â € she sighed.
Rejection is not it truly is even trigger Pak Misno to up its attacks erotic.
œOhhhâ € â € | eengghh! â € Fiona sighed long with a body shook as she felt rough hands touched her female area.
Mr. Misno plays her fingers on her pussy lips employer makes the area wet. Fiona gasped, his fingers seemed to shock when the gardener has to go deeper and touched her clit. Her body seemed to lose power, could only lean against the wall and the resignation of Mr. Misno treatment.
Kissing Mr. Misno now creeping down until he squatted down and his face right in front of the pubic Fiona. She was quiet and resigned just froze when the gardener's mouth touched his cock hairy bushy. Tongue Pak Misno touched her pubic lips, so that his body quivered, unconsciously Fiona also pressed his cock was getting close to the mouth of Mr. Misno. Mr. Misno suck pussy-nyedot Fiona dengan pleasure, his tongue slipped into the inner scavenge his cock, while his hands were busy elute thighs smooth and round ass. Fiona withhold favors, biting his lip and hair meremasi Pak Misno. Warm tongue toyed with her clitoris so that the stimulus from there spread to the entire body of Fiona made her body tremble. Terbesit feeling ashamed of their status difference such a contrast, but the desire to defeat him, he did not care at all, yet he also had often done, this is just a variation of her sex life. Fiona is now raising one leg to the shoulder Pak Misno and enjoy the game a wily tongue. About ten minutes Mr. Misno work on his cock until his body stiffened and her vaginal discharge orgasm. Mr. Misno still licking pussy Fiona, she lick the liquid with gusto.

Satisfied devouring vagina mistress, sir Misno stood up and let go of her clothes one by one. Fiona scrutinize his muscular with brown skin that, especially when Mr. Misno off her panties, Fiona's eyes fixed on the penis that has been tensed for bananas that. Mr. Misno grabbed Fiona's hand and menggenggamkannya on his penis.
â € œGimana Mom, my big, compared to the same how have you? â €
Without ruled Fiona kneel so penis hold up to his face, it feels very hard and slightly throbbing. Shamelessly again, Fiona began to lick her hand penis, the testicles to the tip of his penis did not escape the sweep of his tongue, occasionally stroked it with her cheek to moan easement owner. After the trunk was wet and achieve maximum tension, she began licking and kissing the head like a mushroom, then he opened his mouth and insert the stem until it stuck, and even then did not go entirely because it was too big for the tiny mouths Fiona. His head was back and forth mengemut big black penis while his other hand massaging her breasts alone. Before reaching the climax, Mr. Misno told her employer stopped and lifted her to her feet.
â € œNanti wrote Mom, do not rush, less is fixed Ntar delicious! â € he said
â € œKita play in the tub aja yah sir, the water is full tuh! â € invited Fiona looked at the tub where the water has begun to overflow.
Fioana was then walked to the tub, took the liquid soap from the edge of the tub, then poured a little water diaduknya it with his hand until frothy. Both went into the bathtub, for Mr. Misno was the first time he felt a bath in the luxurious bathroom with a beautiful woman like Fiona. Fiona sat down and leaned back on the body of Mr. Misno yang held her from behind. Mr. Misno then flushed face and hair with water until the employer's wet.
â € œSaya already like it at first met Mother of the past, especially if you look in my mother in magazines or on television, so those delicious well-known Mrs. gini? â € said Mr. Misno stroking Fiona long hair.
â € œAh, Dad's only clay from outside aja, actually my world is as beautiful as it kok ga sir, you could say hypocritical, we must keep doing aja image, hard to be yourself, live emang ga no less, but still not happy, yah but ginilah Pak when working like this, like how again! â € said Fiona long breath.
œSsshhhâ € â € |! â € she hissed softly when his hand caressing her breasts Pak Misno under the water there.
â € œBu, when Mom first time gay anyway? asked Mr. Misno again.
Fiona paused, remembering back to his nightmare in the past when it was in high school, her virginity taken away a man's friends and schoolmates who decided shortly afterwards and later found out that he was taking her for a bet with his friends about the success or failure of taking her virginity.
â € œPak, please do not leverage personal problems well, I ga like he said in a serious tone as he pulled faces Pak Misno and kissed her lips to divert the conversation.
The man replied to kiss her employer also fiercely wringing her breasts. Fiona Pak Misno grasping the penis that has been hardened under the water there, holding it just Fiona had lust for hard and veins bulge felt in his hand. Dikocoknya sticks it into her vagina briefly before directed.
œSshhhâ € â € | eemmmâ € | eenggh! â € she sighed when the stem was sinking into the vagina.
Mr. Misno was equally felt the crush of the vaginal wall sigh Fiona on his cock. Fiona Start up and drop off her body, with the position of the penis so it is more felt stitches. While enjoying genjotan, Pak Misno tongue moved around the ears, neck, and shoulders Fiona.
œSsshhâ € â € | Oohh keep Mom! â € Mr. Misno growled, his hands firm hold breast massaging her employer.
They increasingly wild oscillations, visible from the rippling water, so with a sigh they are more menceracau. Fiona increasingly pressing his body along with orgasms that almost arrived. Klentitnya increasingly rubbing against the penis Pak Misno yang entrenched until finally he could not restrain himself, his body stiffened in the arms of the gardener.
œAahhhâ € â € | ahhhâ € | me out sir! â € she moaned express what he got great pleasure, the pleasure is different that he has not got from the â € ~ suamiâ € ™ her and other friends dating.
Mr. Misno still not showing signs of a climax, he is still eager to boost Fiona. They change positions, Fiona is now sitting in a bathtub against it, opening her legs, her hands clinging to the right and left sides of the tub lip. After positioning itself between the thighs, back Pak Misno jabbed his gun into the vagina Fiona. He was back and forth, holding the calf Fiona, her body sentakkan create mini waves in the tub that. Murmur and sigh out of the mouth poke Pak Misno Fiona enjoy such pleasure. Sometimes Mr. Misno moving his hips so his dick move like stirring the vagina mistress.
Pak-genjotan Genjotan Misno so great that Fiona sigh uncontrollably wild desire to devote all that had been terpendam.Urat on the forehead and his body more prominent, which means his passion has diubun-crown. Suddenly he thrust his penis deeper into a long sigh, shooting his gun several times in the womb Fiona. After that the frequency of genjotannya getting down and down until finally he threw himself held the employer beautiful body with a penis is still stuck. They embraced tenderly enjoying the moments after orgasm, their breath feels hembusannya roar.
â € œGimana Mom, happy ga? â € asked Pak Misno
With her face flushed, Fiona said this is a game ternikmatnya because it contains harsh and wild sensations she had never felt before. At that, Mr. Misno also smiling because it can satisfy the employer's mistress. They took a shower together, rubbing Misno Mr. Quinn's body with the palm of his hand, every now and then he gently squeezed her breasts and nipples. Shoulder, neck and back were also polished and dipijati. Fiona brake-brake conveniences made.
œEemmhhâ € â € | good sir so relaxed Niha € he said when the gardener itu mengkramas hair accompanied gentle massage.
After bathing her employer, Mr. Misno ask Fiona turns bathing. Demand the immediate diturutinya without objection. Fiona pamper the gardener with a massage-massage hands down, every now and then whipped his penis too slowly. It was Pak Misno barely believe what he was experiencing at the time, mimpipun he never imagined having sex with a woman as beautiful and Fiona classmates. Services obtained from his wife in the village of mediocre obviously far different from this one. Fiona also do Thai massage is to rub her breasts into his back Pak Misno have slippery by the soap.
â € œAsyik ma'am, yes, keep so mijitnya! â € he said while moving his hands squeezed her buttocks behind Fiona.
Fiona then stuck his face next to him and they kissed again ..
â € œUdahan Pak bath yuk! â € said Fiona after bathing because the water had enough already started to cool.
He stood and meyiram shower to cleanse her body to soap bubbles, then she came out of the tub and wash her body with a towel.
œAwwâ € â € |!! â € she screamed surprised because suddenly lifted his body while handukan. â € ih œBapak naughty! â € naughty smile in the arms of Mr. Misno.
Fiona's body and then bring them out the bathroom and ditelentangkan in bed, she climbed up on top of her woman's body.
â € œBoleh from now on I call my mother use the name? â € he asks near Fiona's face.
â € œBoleh wrote, but please if in front of other people watch the attitude yahâ €
After answering back his lips crushed by Mr. Misno, rough hands again to explore the smooth body. The kiss began to fall into his neck, sweeping his tongue had felt there, then the shoulders down to her breasts. Sigh out of his mouth when Mr. Misno ran his tongue on her nipples, he was also mengenyoti breasts.

œAhhâ € â € | Paka € | sick! moaned by pushing the head of Mr. Misno because he was biting nipples with exasperation that leave red marks.
But the pain was covered with a sensation of pleasure which began again swept over her. By turns he was crushing her breasts until wet with spittle. Fiona felt the penis Pak Misno already hard again on contact with her thighs. Soon after Mr. Misno insert his penis into the vagina again Fiona, she menggenjotnya while to rest on the girl.

Fiona is really recognize the greatness of this gardener, how not, was in the bathroom just an orgasm but now it is ready to fight again. He was able to make it float higher, unlike her husband who can not satisfy in full. The relationship was forbidden to continue the following days. Two days after the incident Miss Fiona dismiss Fri in order to more freely do his insanity. Fiona even want to try to relate with people of other lower class to give her own sensation. How Fiona adventure next? whether this will be known by Mr. Michdan then? Wait adventures of Fiona in the upcoming episodes