Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stories 17tahun latest servant

My name is Andi, I was a student in one of the top state university in Bandung. Now I was 20 years. Honestly, I know a new sex since junior high. I'm so glad there is a special site created for-to experience like this, so what we have done can be divided.

Early I know sex is when I accidentally open the open cupboard in my junior high school friend's house and found a stack of VHS video without pictures in a box. Out of curiosity what kind of movie that, I took one and immediately I tried on a video my friend in the room who happened to be lonely, because my friend is tutoring.

Kusetel movie called ... what? I forgot, it was an adult film (not a lot of the time I know). I just heard my friends ever begituan movie, but I'm not so curious. Well, then I just knew it loh whose name is BF. Incidentally it's a movie about child sex are still tiny sex with his father, oomnya, his friend and others.

And I want to tell ya my first experience. This incident occurred when I was in high school, in my house there was a new maid. He was still quite small about 12 years is, but it was he who made me love. I was like the same cute wanitae are still rather small probably because of the video at that time (I like it so see the sites about Lolita, because the girls on those sites are still cute.) And most made me excited is the new breasts are still growing, still a bit pointy (but not flat).

Every day he job, you know a housemaid job, ngepel yes, yes washing and others. If I had breakfast, sometimes like to see him being ngepel and her skirt slightly ajar, so no breakfast deh concentration for trying to see her underwear, but unfortunately difficult. For the beginning I could only asked for tea or milk.

Gradually, because I've wanted so to see her body, kuintip if only he was in the shower. But unfortunately because of the hole that is available is inadequate, that looks just ass it, because seen from the rear. Sometimes seen him only vague, terrible deh. Well one day I was desperate. I called him to pijati me, oh yeah her name is Ine.
"Ine .. I pijitin dong, I pegel abis nih maen ball earlier," I said.

"Iya mas, ya soon. Again water cook ya, responsibility", he replied.
"Yeah, but cepet yes. I'm waiting in my room."
Cihuy, I inwardly cheered. Later he would not so I invite begituan. Then I opened my shirt while menuggu him. Then my door diketok,
"Excuse me Mas", ketoknya.
"Come in aja Ne, why not locked", then he signed while carrying oil for mijit.
Start him memijatku. At first she was massaging my back and while I'm taking a chat.
"You school to grade how Ne?" I asked.
"Just to grade three aja mas, because there is no fee," he replied.
"Now how old are you?" I asked again.
He replied, "I just want to go to Age 12 Mas."
"Let gede dong yes", I smiled.

Then I turned around, "Pijitin part of my chest yes ..." I begged, staring at the pleading. "Iya mas", he said. Dia massaging my chest as she bit down, so she wears clothes that look a bit loose so I could see she was wearing a bra that covers the two new breast that is still growing. Well, groin so it's not known anymore. And I also enjoy face was still plain. Once she finished massaging my chest, I immediately said, "you good massage", then I immediately felt the desperate breast he was cute, but he was shocked and immediately brushed off my hands and ran from my room. I was shocked and so scared that he asked to stop and talk to my mom dengsn. How nich? I live haunted by guilt. Well ah, tomorrow I'm sorry it with him and promised not to repeat again.

Sure enough, tomorrow that he was a bit scared when passing before me. I just spoke with him directly.
"Ne ... that yesterday was sorry ya ... I was wrong, do not tell my mother yes."
"Iya deh mas, but the promise did not like that anymore khan, after Ine shocked and scared", he said.
"Yes I promise", I replied.

A month after the incident I did not have thoughts to menggituin him again. And he also has begun to normal again. But one day I was looking for my pants fit in the back, maybe my pants are washable. Because it is duitku pants in it. Well wet deh duitku. Eh, I pass through the room Ine, look through the window he turned again to sleep. She wears skirts that parted down to the thighs. Well, the idea arose again with the devil to ngerjain him. But I'm confused how. Finally I found an idea, tomorrow I enter the sleeping pills in her drink. And I plan, how to give her sleeping pills.

Tomorrow fitting was eating and accidental house was quiet, I asked for tea. When finished he created and given to me. I put it to sleep medicine to the tea. Keep calling him,
"Ne ... why does tea taste funny?"
"The hell Mas?" he said.
"Cobain's own course", he immediately drank a little.
"So-so why Mas ..." he said.
"Try again with a lot", I said.
He drank a half, then I say,
"Yes, that one you've just abisin, but buatin new."
"Iya deh Mas, Mas ya sorry if his tea was not good", she said.
"It's okay", I replied again.

I just wait for the sleeping pills that work. It turns out that he wants to create a new tea, er he had collapsed in the kitchen. Immediately, I lift to my room. Once in my room, kutiduri on my bed. I also managed to bring him into my room, I thought to myself. Then I started to open her blouse, gile ... I'm excited, because the first time nich! Deh look her bra, and within the bra is cute objects form a small mound that makes me aroused severe. Then I opened up her skirt, her CD kelitan creamy. His body was wearing a bra and a live CD makes less and less resistant groin. His body was pretty white. In the half-naked state, the position he is I changed into a sitting position, then I kiss her lips, wringing her breasts are still rather small. And my hand the other rubbing his CD on the lips of his cock. I put my tongue into her mouth and I'm also trying to suck and lick her tongue. About 10 minutes I did it. After that I opened her bra and her CD. Wow, first time I saw a naked girl with directly. Her breasts look so beautiful with the new brown nipples will grow. Section not yet overgrown pubic hair and look so tight.

Jump kujilati and kuhisapi breasts. And second breast and kuusap kuremas-swab and kupilin-twisted her nipples. Her nipples looked a little tight and slightly red. After I play the part of her breasts, kujilati from the chest down to the stomach and continues in the direction of his cock. That part still seems very innocent, and indeed looks like a small child. I opened her thighs and parts of his cock, so I approach want to lick. I love the smell that is not, ah I thought what the hell, I've lust once. I held the breath only. I opened the parts of his cock and I saw what was on call the clitoris, which I usually look at sites X, finally I saw it directly. Then kujilati the clit it. Suddenly he groaned and sighed, "Sshh ..." so. I was shocked almost blurred. Turns out he just sighed and continued to sleep alone. When I lick it, apparently there is a liquid that melts out of his cock, kujilati only. Plus salty taste sour.

Well now I'm in a state of very aroused, but once I noticed her face and all over his body so I do not have the heart to take her virginity. I'm sorry but I'm already in a state of very aroused. Finally I decided to masturbate alone. Because I do not have the heart. I they clothed him again and sleep in his room. Well, I'm releasing my first experience to have sex with a 12-year-old little girl! Do not know deh I regret or not.

After removing the opportunity to make love with Ine. I finished the meditation continues. Each I-doing what, always remember the same tiny breasts and her pubic area Ine is still innocent. Fortunately the Ine was never ever in what apain same-I. He's always been usual in front of me but when he admitted unusual to see him. You see only dirty thoughts.

Pelampiasannya most I masturbate while looking at the pictures that I got from XXX sites lolita. But I'm bored too and want nge-gituin desire the greater Ine only. It seems I can not stand it.

Finally, at a time, I got a very, very good news, it turns out my parents were willing to move abroad, because my father was assigned to overseas for 2 years. So, I do not need to fear she complained to the same mother, at least I threatened a little money and I love him to be quiet. After the departure of my parents go abroad, I immediately got a lot of planning to ngerjain him. To be sure I've been lazy drugged-pushers of all. Because he remained silent, not fun! Well I plan to force him alone (uh, if it includes rape does not it?).

One day, when Ine was in the shower. Kuintip him. You know, just visible behind it, but I was able to anticipate when he was finished bathing I attack it directly. Fortunately, after he finished a shower, get out the bathroom and into her bedroom wearing only a towel just does not wear anything else. Once out of the bathroom immediately shut her mouth and hugged from behind, he was thrashed. Just the same strength of 12-year-olds where the hell to win. I brought him into the room alone. Because if the room I was away. Later when he thrashed out even longer. Fit into the room she dropped him into the mattress, pulling the towel. She looked very frightened by the body is not wearing anything.
"Mas Andi, do Mas" she pleaded.
"It's okay again Ne ... At least the pain a little later you will surely ngerasain delicious", I said.
She looks like she shouted, just shut his mouth.
"Do not try to shout yes!" hardikku.
She began to cry. I became a little sorry, but the devil has already mastered my body.
"Enaknya Cobain deh ..." I said.
Keeping his mouth shut and kuelus breasts kuraba it.
"Santai aja, do not cry. Enjoy a delicious if you're in the breast caress her," I said.

After I took off my hand from her mouth, immediately kissed her lips. Turns out he quite enjoyed kissing her breasts remain kuremas-squeezed. "Nice is not it?" I said. He remained silent. Continue I opened my CD. I pulled groin rod. He was surprised and scared.
"Please pegangin anuku dipijitin donk ... yes ..." I pleaded.
First she was afraid, afraid to hold anuku, but after a long-held him, he began memijiti. Wow, it feels so good anuku dipijiti him. Then he's back I tell you,
"Mas want to do?" he asked.
"I want to give something that is most comfortable, you nikmatin wrote" I replied.
I opened the parts of her thighs, first he did not want to open, but after kubujuk she finally opened her thighs and kujilati his cock down to her clit. She sighed a sigh conveniences. "I knew it well", I said. Kujilati to exit the liquid.

I feel warm enough, so I prepared ahead groin rod hole cock she cried again and talk,
"No Mas, I am still a virgin."
"I also know why you're still a virgin", I replied.
I still insist on intercourse. Pas I want to encourage the groin into the burrow cock, uh she struggled and want to run. With a quick catch. Gee, ya hard I thought. Incidentally in the room he saw a rope to clothesline, and I took her arms and legs just kuikat to bed.
"I know you were a virgin, after how else I've very excited", I said.
He looked at me with pleading eyes and said with tears.
"Or you would rather pass the ass, let virgin still awake?" I asked.
"Iya deh Mas, through the buttocks aja ya ... but not okay Mas?'ll Be broken not my ass?" he replied.
"It's okay", I replied.
Yes, I have let go of the rope. I asked him, he had a lotion or not, because if you pass the ass must have pelicinnya. Then he said had. I picked up and into her ass and kuolesin kuolesi also to the groin.

Immediately, I take a position and the position Ine menungging and buttocks clearly visible. I began to enter into her ass. First a little difficult, but since has spread with lotion so rather smoothly.
"Sslleb ... ahhh ... very good", clasps her ass is very strong.
"Ouch ... Mas, sick Mas ..." moaned.
"Hold a little yes Ne ..." I said.
Immediately, kugenjot. "Gile really, enaknya for mercy ..." And I think that through his cock much better what is not ya? still a virgin again. Ah, through his cock just dech, what the hell he wants what is not. I let go of the butt rod groin. I turned my body continued to kiss her lips again, squeezing her breasts.
"Mas Udahan yes, I am already tired ..." she begged.
"Bentar again why", I replied.
After that directly kutindih just his body.
"Why Mas want doing again?" he asked, why panic but could not because it was kutindih-doing.
"Hold a little yes Ne ..." I said.
Jump shut his mouth with my hand and groin kuarahkan rod into his cock hole. He continued to struggle. Ine crying again as she tried to scream but what power has been shut his mouth. Finally, the stem has reached the right groin in front of his cock hole.

I want to insert into the hole hard for mercy, because it is still meeting maybe yes? But eventually the head and groin can go so I pushed all in, eyes glaring and somewhat Ine seen screaming but his mouth still shut and feels to me like something by the groin hit in the cock pit. The hymen may be, I handed him ngegituin although he already looks so much pain and tears. I tried my hand out of his mouth. He cried with a sigh, I'm more excited to hear it. Kugenjot hold while kupilin-twisted her nipples. In the end I came out as well. I pulled in the luabang cock. Pas I pulled groin there was blood flowing from his cock hole. Well, I grabbed a girl's virginity.
"Ine ... sorry ya ... but not bad. Tomorrow, tomorrow it will again ..." I asked.
He still uncontrollably, he said if his cock painful. The most pain I said just a day after it is delicious.

Tomorrow, tomorrow I love anti-drug she is pregnant and I could relate to him freely. Apparently after setahunan I can freely associated with him, he asked to go home to her home she said she dijodohi same parents. I gave quite a lot of money. Because he did not return again.
"Inget ya again Ne ... if you wrote to pingin begituan come here again yes ..."

That's my story and I still like the same cute girl. Why yes? What I fedofil? But apparently no deh, Because I like it must have breasts though small. So it seems I'm not a pedophile, Ok.