Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stories 17Tahun story with my boss.

Not long ago I joined a leading fashion exporter company in my town. And girls was the owner of the company, the Goddess of her name, a new graduate school of Singapore, aged about 23 years old, beautiful and still in high school time was living as a local model. Well, Goddard was assigned as assistant to GM (ie me), so his job to help me while studying.
Long story short, the Goddess of getting closer to me and often tell stories.
"Nico, the guy wants tuh yang how hell. .. Um, I mean if in bed .."
"Nic, if you're horny again, dislike doing?"
"You love baseball aroused Nic, kalo liat sexy girl?"
Well that's the question goddess to me.
Frankly our conversations intervals increasingly intimate and often sensual.
"You do not ever gituan, Wi ..?, I asked.
"Um .. really want to know?", He asked again.
"Yes", I said.
"Well, it often does, his name is also a biological necessity," she replied as she blushed.
I was also surprised to hear an answer like that. Here the child, how dare frankly so.
Once when at lunch, he let slip talk.
"Bali Girl diajakin it easier to sleep than to eat lunch", he said, his eyes mischievous.
"You're happy sex?", I asked.
"Seneng, but my serve good baseball man," he said.
"Why is that?", Ask me again.
"Yeah, until now my boyfriend never invites mating baseball. And I've kepengen really."
"Kepengen what?", Tanyanku.
"Mate", he said, laughing.
One time he went into office with very low clothes chest. I tried to tease him, "Well you're really sexy Goddess. I can see your bra tuh." He blushed and replied, "Like what?". I just smiled. But that afternoon when he entered my room, his shirt was buttoned with brooch. Apparently she was embarrassed, too. I smiled, "I like that had."
One time, after lunch Goddess complain.
"I think my boyfriend is cheating."
"Why?" I asked.
"After nearly a month baseball already found", he said.
"As a baseball .. it?" I asked.
"That .. sex", I said.
"Well baseball is", he said.
"You never masturbate or not?" I asked.
He was surprised when I said so, but the answer.
"Um ... you also like to masturbate?"
"Like", I replied.
"You?" I asked.
"Once in a while, if more horny", she answered honestly but a little embarrassed.
The conversation caused me to become aroused, Goddard also aroused seems. Because the conversations that the more transparent.
"Goddess, you want gituan baseball."
He did not reply, but swallowed hard. I think this means he is also willing. Well, after months of flirting, it looks like we are going to just do it ya.
Kubelokkan car towards the motel is close to my office.
"Nic, you're real ya", he asked.
"Would you like baseball?"
"I never play with another guy other than my boyfriend."
"The last play when?"
"Let a month."
"Then baseball horny?"
"Yes .. masturbation is", he said, the more transparent. His face was slightly flushed, perhaps ashamed or aroused. I frankly had aroused. This is the point of no return. I realize the hell, this going to complicated. But ... nafsuin hell.
"Then, when you last get an orgasm"
"Not long ago."
"Yes, alone ..'ve ah, do not ask that so."
"How often you masturbate a week?" I asked urgency.
"Let ah ... well if horny, occasionally lah, baseball very often. Anyway it usually is Andree (boyfriend-ed)."
"You baseball invites Andree."
"And ..?"
"He told you are really busy, baseball sempet. Play with someone next time. Usually he never refused to baseball."
Who will refuse, intercourse was the same child. Crazy-well, the Goddess has just graduated from college, but about sex seems to have been accustomed.
"Nic, imagine playing baseball at someone else."
"Try to play the same wrote I, then you know, you like having an affair or not."
"If you enjoy and can ngilangin guilt, you've played OK for other people. But if you can ngilangin baseball guilt, it already do not make anymore", I said.
"You'll think I'm going to baseball bad girl."
"Enggaklah, sex is normal.'s Why we try this once. The secret you're safe with me", I said half-persuaded.
"But you know I'm smart baseball, the game", he said. Mean sex is OK for ya boy.

My car had arrived at the motel room. I went out and immediately shut her door rolling door. I brought him in to the room. Without being prompted, Goddard was already aroused by our conversation in the car. Dia menggandengku and immediately took me lying on the bed.
"You often play with other girls, other than your boyfriend, Nic?"
"Well often, meet a suitable reply."
"I Ajarin yah!"
My hands started to touch his chest swelled. I forgot the size, but big enough. My hands continued to touch her. He moaned a kid, "Shh .. Nic amused." I kissed her lips and she responded. Her hands began to dare to hold a strained groin rod behind my pants.
"Great well ...", he said. His eyes were half closed. "Come on, Nic I'm horny nih." Kusingkap slowly shirts inside, until I touched her breasts, I took off her bra, I touched her nipples touch behind-shirt. Uh .. already hardened. Kusingkap onto the shirt and I kiss her nipples straining so hard, I smoke and I bit slowly, "Ahh .. ahh .. ahh, kept amused Nic .. oh ... ahh .. ah."
Goddard, who was young was vocal in bed. Continue kurangsang nipples, and she nearly half shouted, "Uh ... uh .. Nic." I deliberately did not want to play immediately. I kiss all the way to a flat stomach, and I kiss her belly button. Almost forgot, her perfume, or Issey Miyake Kenzo possible. At that moment, my pants already open, I was naked, and stem groin, shake my hands and kukocok itself slowly. Ah .. delicious. Her lips look and kissed my milk nipples. "Nice .. nice Goddess". Stimulation increased.
"Aduuhh already deh .. baseball .. hold ya", he menggelinjang and open a long skirt, leaving her panties, red lace. Lip and my tongue getting down to explore her body, down to the hole pleasures (not too thick pubic hair and clean). Gently I touched, it turns wet. I kiss the wet pleasure hole. Kujilat and I touched with my tongue. liang pleasure goddess getting wet and he was moaning unpalatable. Her hands lifted to the top holding his head. I moved her hand, and which I placed right above her breasts. Let him touch himself. He also responded by twisting her nipples.
I stopped kissing my activities burrows pleasures. I slept beside her and slowly whisk stem groin. Dia visit me and smiled, "Nic .. you stimulate me."
"Nice .."
"Hmm ...", her eyes closed, his hands still twisted red nipples harden and the other hand he put on a wet pleasure hole. She touched herself as she saw me touching myself. We masturbated each other while you sleep side by side.
"Heh .. heh .. heh .. oh well, good", ceracaunya.
"Gile, Nic, I've kepengin ya."
"Let gini aja", I said.
Suddenly he turned and stomach. His head was in selangkanganku who sleep on their backs. Stem groin smoked, uh awful. Hell ya girl is not a beginner anymore. Hisapannya pretty good. Her other hand still playing in the hole pleasures. Now hand it seemed he had ditindihnya and inserting his finger.
"Uh ... uh ... Nic, I'm out ya, we play baseball?"
I stopped sucking rod activities groin. I was almost climax made.
"Sit on my face!", I said.
"I do not want to ah."
"Come on!"
He was then sat down and put the hole right in my face pleasures. Tongue and my mouth again give her pleasure. Mengejutnya response was, "Aughhh ..." half-shouted and his hands squeezed her breasts. I smoke and kujilati continues, the more wet vagina pleasures.
Goddess suddenly yelled, very loudly, "Aahhh ... ahhh", his eyes closed and her hips were moving in my face. "I'm .. out", he continued to shake her hips and her body like jerky. Perhaps this is the most obvious female orgasm seen. And suddenly, out of the burrow flooded liquid pleasure. This can be clearly felt, because my mouth was kissing and licking.
"Ouch ... Nic .. awful. Lemes deh", she slumped menindihku.
"Delicious?" I asked.
"Enak banget, yah you're clever. Nah lho me climax like never before."
I turned around, opened her legs wide and insert rod into hole groin wet pleasures. Goddess smiles, sweet and shy. I put in, and not too difficult because it was very wet. Kugenjot slowly. Her eyes closed, enjoying the rest of her orgasms.
"You never play the same number of men, Dewi ..?, I asked.
"Two, just you."
"If masturbation, since when?"
"Ever since high school."
Her hips are now following the issuing iramaku pubic-enter the burrow shaft pleasures.
"Nic, Goddess ya want any more." Uh quickly once he was aroused. And after about 3 minutes, he speed up his movements and "Uhh ... .. Nic Goddard out again ..." And she jerky, though not as powerful as earlier.
I also had enough to hold a stimulus, I pulled groin and kusodorkan rod into his mouth. He mengulumnya and shake it rapidly. And "Ahhh ..." klimaksku memuncratkan semen on her face and some entered his mouth. Unexpectedly, he continued to stem crushing groin and licked maniku water. Crazy also nih child.
After I lay down and said, "Goddess, you make love very well."
"You too", his mouth smiling.
Then he said, "You're my naughty baseball nganggap Goddess Nic."
I smiled and replied, "Do you enjoy baseball or feel guilty now."
She hesitated a moment, and then said shortly, "No way .."
"Well if so you emang naughty", I said teasing him.
"IHH ... why so .." I embraced it and we fell asleep.
Once awakened, we showered and dressed. Then back to the office. Until now we still occasionally stop by the motel. I still take it easy, we both are important secrets remain secure.