Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best Indo Mesum Story

Read the sordid story in the mobile in . First of all I introduced Andy (not his real name). At the moment I stepped on 17tahun, and this story happened about 2 months ago, when I vacation the end of the semester. At that time I was off school. I'm planning to go to my aunt in town villas M. My aunt is named Sofi, beautiful person, her body is very solid-contained, and very well maintained despite its age into 38 years. I remember well, that morning, Saturday, I went from town to town M. S
When I got there, I was greeted with a friendly. After the question-asking each other the news, I was delivered to the room by the maid aunt, call it Bi Sum, people like singer keroncong Soekotjo Sundari, the beautiful body no less with my aunt, Bi Sum is a very plain person, and he was almost the same as aunt Sofi , which made me not blink when followed her from the rear is a chunk of his buttocks that look very sexy moves left-right, left-right, left and right as he walked, his seeakan challenged me to squeeze.
After reaching dikamar I was stunned for a moment, watching what I see, the rooms are spacious with an interior that had a class in it. is its own fun I was shocked by the sound dreamy Bi sum.
"Den, this room."
"Uh yeah Bi." I said half stammered.
I immediately threw my backpack just in bed.
"Den, then if there is any need to call Aunt aja ya?" He said as he left.
"Uh, wait Bi, Bibi could mijit right? nih pegel my body. "I said, half pleading.
"If you just can den mijit hell, but Aunt take balm before ya den?"
"Hurry yes Bi, do not stay long lo?"
"Well ya chance, I could feel the soft hands massaging my body Bi Sum." I said to myself.
Bi Sum Soon come with balm on hand.
"Den, try sleeping Aden GIH." Ordered Bi Sum.
"Uh, yes Bi." Then I'm face down on a soft mattress that, as he took off my shirt. Bi Sum started massaging my back, very soft hand feel me Bi Sum massaged.
"Uh, Bi, Bibi really soft hands anyway?" I asked breaking the silence.
Bi Sum silent while continuing pijatannya, I just keep quiet, while enjoying a massage Sum Bi hand, the brain began to daydream kotorku a no-no.
"If, this soft hand-shake ngocok my cock, certainly very good." I said to myself, followed by the start awakening "sister" my childhood.
I tried to break the silence in the room was spacious.
"Bi, the last I do not see om susilo and Dik Rico hell."
"Why, what has not Aden was told the lady, Mr. Susilo right now to move to town B, was den Rico join his grandmother in the town of L." she said.
"Oo .., so aunt alone dong Bi?" I asked
"Yeah den, sometimes also pity Aunt mistress, nobody nemenin." Bi said Sum, while pijatannya lowered into my left thigh. Then spontaneously I menggelinjang conveniences.
"What's den?" She asked innocently.
"Anu Bi, that's what pegel." I say blindly.
"Um .. Aunt already have a husband? "I said again.
"Anu den, Bibi's husband had died 6bulan ago." He replied. As if acting is concerned I said.
"Sorry Auntie, I do not know, then kids Aunt how?"
"Leave the younger sister Bibi Bibi" he said, pijitannya switch to my right thigh.
"Um .. Aunt pingin not marry again? "I asked again.
"What's den, the old aunt already anyway, anyways which one wants to den?" He said.
"Why, that's Aunt said, I think Aunt plasticity still pretty anyway." Pujiku, watching his face flushed.
"Ah .., den andy could have been" she said, as she blushed.
"Eh bener loh Bi, Bibi is still beautiful, because I'm so sexy anymore, surely Aunt diligently caring for the body." I teased again.
"Let ah, this den make Aunt ashamed wrote, had been hailed on."
Then I got up, and sat facing him.
"Bi .., who does not want the same Bibi, was beautiful, sexy again, tuh see Aunt Indahkan body?, Let alone is still beautiful loh .." I said, pointing up the mound toward sekal in the breast. By reflex he immediately covered it, and bowed his face.
"Aden this could be, this guy really say good has collapsed." She said innocently.
As the wind got me started fishing again.
"Bibi is weird, people still Inah Aunt breast really told you in slack, aja tuh see yourself" I said, as she reveals her hands covering her breasts.
"Do ah den, Aunt ashamed."
"Bi .. if you do not believe, there tuh mirror, try to open the shirt Aunt Aunt, and ngaca. "Then I started to help open the clothes he wore kebaya, she seemed resigned to it. After her kebaya outfit off, and he only uses very small Bh-looking, as if about to sticking out her breasts. I also began to lead him into the big mirror on the end of the room.
"Do not den, Aunt embarrassed later lady know how?" He asked innocently.
"Calm aja Bi, aunt Sofi would not know why" that is behind her I began to take off her bra strap, and wow .. seemed to me in front of a mirror, a pair of twins who were very sekal hills and dense contain, see the "brother" so hard my little direct point upward.
I would not waste this golden opportunity. I immediately squeezed her from behind, kissing her neck kudaratkan to these levels. Sum Bi has a half naked, it could only sigh and her eyes "brake-literate".
"Oh .. do not den den, life expectancy .. den, Aunt diapain, den "
I ignored his question instead I increase seranganku. Now he kubopong into bed, she kissed the red nipples sticking out, he was seen starting to enjoy my game, and Bi Sum has kurebahkan diranjang, then I started kissing her nipples again, pulling jarik wore.
"Uhh .. den shh .. Aunt nice den uh .. shh .. teruus den "
I also began to open all my clothes off and kissing me and hold down keperutnya, and I ferociously pelorotkan CD was wearing, I paused for a moment as he watched the mound that exist under the belly.
"Den, have a huge Aden" he said, squeezing my cock, then my cock kusodorkan kemulutnya.
"Bi, jilatin ya .. got Andy. "Lip Sum Bi petite started licking my cock. uuhh .., it's really delicious.
"Mmhh .. ohh .. Bi continue, kulum my cock .. Bi, Bi Sum soon began to suck my cock-nyedot, and it seems nothing will come out at the tip of my cock.
"Bi .. teruuss, Bi .. I mmaauu keeluuar, Oohh "I cried long and all of a sudden, serr maniku squirt in mouth Bi Sum, Sum Bi was immediately swallowed it.
I also started to move the position today, and I started licking her pussy Bi Sum, looked in front of my eyes, pussy Bi Sum is clean, with hair seikit. Apparently Bi Sum can not wait, she pressed my head to start licking pussy and sluurpp .. Sum Bi kujilati pussy until kutenukan something sticking out small, then I smoke, and a small bite, body movements Bi Sum began abysmally, my hand was not stayed silent, gyre-gyre my nipples with my left hand while, I use my right hand while my tongue pierced pussy I put in deep.
"Ohh .. den .. teruuss den lick teruss .. Aunt pussy den .. mmhh "he said, wriggling like a worm from heat.
"Ouhh den .. Aunt want .. keluarr .. den ohh, ahh, den, Aunt keeluuaarr, akhh. "Bi Sum menggelinjang serr great and her female swallow liquids without residue. Looks Bi Sum still enjoy the remnants of her orgasm. Then I kissed her lips I put my tongue into her mouth, she was very aggressive and hot kissing me back.
I started kissing her ears, and large breasts pressed tight against my chest, I was already very horny immediately said, "Bi I now enter yes ..". he could only nod quietly.
I also took the position, kukangkangkan thighs wide, kutusukkan my cock into her pussy is already very muddy. Bless .. half of my cock disappear into pussy, pussy feels to me menyedo nyedot head-cock. kusodokkan back my cock, bless .. peniskupun vanish into the pussy, I began to advance the backing ass, pussy feels very narrow.
"Den .. ouhh .. teruuss .. denn .. mmhh .. sshh. "erotic sigh came out of the mouth of Bi Sum, I was horny and kupercepat sodokkanku added in pussy.
"Oh .. Bii tight pussy you really, ohh nice Bii, rocking teruuss Bii .. ouhh .. "
"Den .. cepatt .. den .. Rapid rocking .. Aunt .. mauu .. out .. den .. "
I started beating my cock at full speed, Bi Sum menggelinjang looks great.
"Den .. Aunt .. want keluuaarr .. ouhh .. shhshshshh .. "
"Hold Bii .. I .. also want keluuarr .. "
Then a few seconds and then felt my dick in guyur liquid that is heavy .. serr .. my cock was throbbing violently and, serr .. was very delicious, it's off my bones all. I also fell over the middle-aged woman who was enjoying her orgasms.
"Bi .. thanks ya .. Aunt nice pussy "I said, mencupang breasts.
"Den sometime Aunt given again yaa."
we finally fell asleep with my dick stuck in pussy Bi Sum, without me knowing my game had seen all by my aunt, while she was toying pussy with his finger. so my experience with Bi Sum, maid aunt I am very seductive. next time I will tell my experience with my aunt peeping my game with Bi Sum, which is certainly more shocking, because my aunt was one who hipersex, so his passion is very great, and explosiveness. Look forward to our next story download video bokep continue on the mobile. Download video bokep.