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Because fatigue continues to hold the body of the virgin, the second man gave a sign to change positions. His hands were tied above his head lowered, and then his body was forced to bed his bride menungging over again with her ass fixed position facing me. Third man slips under the body of the victim who had menungging and presumably the second man also wanted to feel warm and soft anal victim. The third man threw himself from under the deal with her breasts hanging right in the face. ****** Memerawani former virgin anus was now buried in her vagina that has been muddy. Menyedoti she wildly beautiful breasts that hang right in front of his face turns to the brim with saliva around his victim's nipple while wringing his full blessing.

Half squat body of a man both take place on the sidelines that have virgin ass with her ass yang menjungkit menungging or more ready to accept another man's presence in the burrow anus ****** tasty and delicious with nan sensation different services. I myself was too tired to masturbating again because my energy was drained well to follow the incident. What is certain is that young women have also obedient to the commands which the two men raped her asshole brutally.

It turns out from the anus virgin and even then there are sticky fluid that helps lubricate lubricate analnya intercourse and that was offset by poke poke milestone manhood stuck in her ass chunk of real open in front. Presumably previously virgin hajatnya first throw after home earlier, because her anus being stirred by the ****** man has been cleared of feces as well. It's no longer the remnants of feces nan closely at the man's penis that continues merojok anus-rojok contents without caring at all on rintihannya.

Like to be treated as a female prostitute they continue to enjoy the warmth and delicacy of the holes located in the groin area beautifully captivating body. The two fingers on your feet this young girl to bent-buckling due to shocks by both the hard body of this presumptuous man nan increasingly attached so tightly to her ass. Laughter-laughter of the rapist who was working on getting his body to make virgin has no dignity anymore and he has now become a victim of the savagery of slavery lust these robbers.

Cracks her ass is so exciting is still decorated by the plug both the man's testicles are still rocking wrenching the muscles of the vagina and anus lust this girl. What happened to him now is so bitter and too bitter for her age but nan has just been terpetik wilted blooms.

"Wuihh .. life expectancy .. if ya ass do not think girls really narrow coi! ", jokes third man on the sidelines genjotannya on the girl's anus.

The voice chuckled anus real-clicking sound in my ear and was plasticity bruised and reddened lips that have been diperawani anus by the male's testicles.

"Oh yeah? If so turns dong, I also wanted to feel how delicious mengentot this woman's ass, "replied the second man is still easement also shake pussy and splashed in it cause it sounds.
"Mmmh ..! mmhh ..! ammhh! ", moaned the girl in bungkaman plaster in his mouth.
"Do not be noisy non! Useless, there would be no hearing, you'd better just think, let's go back there! ", Immediately commands the third man grabbed it from the virgin naked body menunggingnya position.

Now they change places with second man was still lying beneath it, the girl terkangkang ditelentangkan with both legs above the body of the second man who lay upon it to occupy the testicles forced him to use her anus hole it.

"Ohh .. ohh! Yes well you said .. narrower ya ass! ", praise pelirnya second man has been immersed in the girl's anus and mouth, leaving only a dense black pubic hedge dengan two testes to hang at the base of her ass chunks.

"Now you tilt the body dong! I do not miss ya! ", Said the third man leaned on his friend's body so that it falls plump virgin participate tilted laterally in unison along with the second man but still with the anus has been stuck diselangkangannya.

Her right leg was straight selonjor above the bed, but his left leg above the knees bent legs by left knee detained the man who raped his anus which is also open her legs half hanging in the air. Now the third man lay down well in a tilted position so that the two naked bodies of the two men returned clutching virgin body at the center-middle like a hamburger.

Kontolnya diselusupkan back into virgin pussy hole is still open staggered by his former boss and the second man earlier. They ride my wild river craft ark animal lust on the victim's body has not exhausted limp endless rotated at night should be a beautiful night for himself and his life.

Age-old he would not have thought that tonight he will suffer the most horrible thing in her life, what a night .. should not he get from the soft caress of a beloved man who became her dream that has now vanished. Fantasy herself will be embraced tenderly with her beloved husband and took the love that they have now been destroyed knitting together all consequences caused the robbers that menyatroni menzinahi his home and himself.

Shin second leg of a sturdy man was arrested crossing the calf of her thighs parted and above nan swaying between click-click sound coming out of their disobedience three powerful swing. This time the man's testicles so if really merojok-rojok vagina to rub clit-friction appendix increasingly moist these red blooms. Continues to face this ordeal as well as stem the sensation of wild passion that sadistic robbers brutally raped the virgin make-pelanting wracked orgasm caromed back. Her swift kick-back tight weave with one calf beautifully located in the air nan hampered by the rapist's legs kicking in the air following bungkaman sighs peak pleasure in plaster.

"Mmhh! mm .. mmhh! mmhmmhh! ", shrieked The virgin burst punctuated by the curvature of his body twitched with the whole muscle diselangkangannya more tightly clamp both the rapist's testicles. A second man was dianus woman pelirnya be bounced receive very scrumptious sensation of anal hole victim is experiencing tremendous explosions orgasms for the umpteenth time.

"Uhh ... .. life expectancy uohh! jug I want kel .. u.. ar .. ya! ", screamed the second man apparently was not bear to hold her orgasms too, especially since tempt her ass hole that feels incredible tightness clamped pelirnya lust made her want to finish already on the victim.

He also pulled out pelirnya directly embedded in these young girls anus, hurried out of bed and tore the tape while standing at the mouth of the victims were then buried there, his manhood while he grabbed the girl's hair, jerking his head hit the young virgin is to be ground at the crotch-collision yang that hairy.

"Ohh ..! ahh ..! ahh! ", he vomited all the semen in the mouth of the beautiful virgin that has been filled by falsies pelirnya and also forced to swallow all liquids thick white mucus-splattering splattering hers in tiny mouth.

All semen was swallowed in the throat of this young woman was, and again he plastered his victim's mouth so that he can not throw up anymore semen man. After that he packed up his clothes scattered on the floor and then left the room for friends who are still engrossed mengentoti girl's body.

Remaining in the third man with him now after the death of the second man was and I saw his friend has bust out of the fence after a full dress, carrying sacks rampokkannya results also in the dark of night without a care again with his friend. Maybe they do not want to seem clustered so that no action was suspected by the authorities. Back then I watched the scene porn from the last remaining male and wow! He returned to make this young girl's naked body in front of me forced menungging dengan pelirnya still tense after nodding beat virgin pussy, he is now back to the ass hole punching Kontolnya very digemarinya this.

Body kekarnya increasingly wild anal mengempos victims who have exhausted all out is rotated from the earlier, half-leg squat kala itu mengentoti anal ****** victim who was appointed as urine and knees rested on the girl's ass chunk while continuing mengenjot young women's bodies that have been surrendered to him. The body they looked even more slippery by the sweat glistening their intimate scenes together nan adorn full force this all night long.

Due to long lasting in that position, I removed the first intipku action to make a cup of hot coffee as retaining a sense of kantukku who started my own eyes fill this second hit and forced to leave the scene that is still ongoing without any attempt to prevent the tragic events that befell the figure of a young virgin nan beautiful but fared very poor.

After a while I drift in the warm coffee sensation tegukkan kureguk di tenggorokkanku then back again to continue the action intipku. Anal lover man this girl is now standing on the bride bed mattress and a young woman's body is still menungging melempeng legs pulled backward with both knees that have been straight kekarnya tercengkeram by both hands. Shaft hole penetrated her anus again virility last third man was mengerjainya night.

Two solid chunk of his ass stuck in the groin men are fond of this woman's anus with your legs straight backward past the two waist rapist with the position of the calf beautifully curved upward bend and hang freely in the air. It was rarely found in pornographic films scenes like this, but now performed by men to women survivors of this pelampiasannya.

He forced her legs clamped pinggangnya the ankles crossed his victims so that her naked body hanging this wonderful man to lock tight waist bastard. In such circumstances both beautiful breasts sag in the mattress was soft nan become the foundation of his half-floated in the air this. In that position so the more dalamlah stab the man's testicles penetrate gut axis beautiful and full of young girls suffering is prolonged.

Anus feels dimasukki by a hot iron just because diusianya still too early, he was forced to recognize such a bed game unusual was done man-lekaki rapist. Her body looks very smooth initially clean and nicely maintained without any faults and it had now turned into a shabby and dirty slime drenched in sweat melt ugly game full force them scattered here and there.

White mattress underneath was full of blood spots at night sanctity of marriage in which virginity has been taken away by a man who is not her lover, but her husband but the killers themselves. With the remnants of her last strength tried to tighten the clamps chunks of his own ass and let him continue to enjoy the warmth of the hallway walls of her anus as she hoped he would soon finish his game that have made their anus become swollen and this swelling. But he guessed wrong stamina third man is such a strong perform anal sex on the flowering of the nude body in his arms.

Without the fluid in her anus felt increasingly out of place and out of smearing the mighty male virility trunk past the rapist who continue menggenjotnya brutally. Sounds tuts-click on the wall-friction rubbed her anus yang by ****** it sounded to me more clearly. Clop! Clop! Clop! That noise generated from the rectum who were raped and that the more powerful waged with gusto by a third man. I also think that if it later to get a wife, then I would also want to feel pleasure ass hole when it later served as variations to make love, it tastes so delicious as it must have witnessed today from the man himself was the victim robbers.

And in the long run clips virgin who crossed legs began to weaken already, staggered naked body fell down as if her bones had been terlolosi one by one. Apparently he again lost consciousness, but muscular hands itu swiftly once held the hips naked belly slim for victims no time to collapse onto the mattress, lifting it from her anus penis, then the body lying unconscious yang itu ditelentangkan.

Both young virgin heel in place right above the left shoulder and calf beautifully third man cuddled chest area, it automatically lifted her hips hovering in the air half nan punuknya rests on pull over the man on his feet. Both beautiful breasts inflate the more rounded in this sensual position.

Without the need to be directed again with his hands, he pushed his hips which is right on the open chunk ass so Kontolnya buried in a hole that has been wet pussy girl without difficulties. Her pussy was slippery and it is not cramped as before due to their boss ****** diperawani by the largest among the three, but his testicles could not be underestimated because of still larger and also longer than mine.

So he now changed his victim that seemed to work on the vagina will be treated the same as those done by the boss first. He seems to want to make this girl became pregnant, because in addition to the evening coincided with the fertility of her womb, she also wanted to try the perfect girl so this will definitely be nice also produce offspring that physical beauty and resilience of his body to serve man. It's just that he is worried that seed bossnyalah that so, is he not, if that happens then he can not do anything, because he loved this girl is now at a time like ass nan give maximum satisfaction in bed.

The rush of getting glowing lust as kecipakkan voice in the vagina that continues to tarnish it diembatnya until one day her body convulsing as well as bending like a shrimp tight hip hugging the victim and spew all the liquid contents of pelirnya hot lava which had so long buried in the cavity Peranakan girls beautiful and so young that.

Afterward he unites the two legs naked girls that have been straightened out and then tie the two legs into one's eyes and naked body of his victim was hung above the piles of wood that bed nets terbut of teak wood so strong hold virgin plump naked body was unconscious with his head under the hair burst scattered black on white linen wedding bed was stained. It appears the man's semen melted down from the crevices of her young ass that hangs without this power.

One hour he was letting her comely body depends virgin until she felt she had shed sperm in her womb had been absorbed by the body dry which is expected to fertilize her young womb was to be the mother of their children later. After that he shouldered the girl's body has been stained left the neighbor's house and disappeared in the darkness of night. I will immediately pack to leave my home again empty for home when day-dawn return to the heart kostku troubled.


I looked at the article in the paper this afternoon, titled criminal and I found the news about events in it.

"Murder at once kidnapping that hit a pair of newlyweds, an orphan girl named Evelyne, aged 19, is not known where the girl's existence now .."

I closed the paper sheet with full contrite hearts will the shadows of her face that seems to still smiling sweetly at me as his bride out of the car that time through the window of my house. He was still too young to experience such tragic events. If only he who became my wife .. may be another story.