Sunday, January 16, 2011

Delicious Hot in Hotel Bandung

"O brother!" Heard a voice very kukenali greeted me from behind. Isabella turned I saw Ella was walking towards me. Ella kusambut extend his hand and kissed my hand and shaking continuously. It is our custom to kiss the hand shaking Ella me to be a sign of respect for his adopted brother from a year ago.
"Haa ... remember not to come ..." I said as he stretched the fabric pario (batik is usually used to lounge on the beach) to black.
"Uh ... have to wear this?" Asked Ella.
"Yes, the theme was 'beach nite' right?" I replied.
Tonight is the night of the new year 2007. hotelku annually organizes a lively little to celebrate the new year. I am a bar tender at the pub in the hotel since the morning had busy making preparations. Ella and some waitress in a restaurant I ask to come in at 9 pm as a back up because I knew the night would go and kaptenku Noni definitely need help.
"Oklah .." replied Ella when I assert that the waitress should wear clothes that night pario. Ella then came out with a cloth and re pario not long ago.
"Bang, please put your jeans ni Ella" Ella stretch blue jeans imposed earlier.
"Ella did not take tight pants, put on a CD aja"
While standing next to Ella showed that only parts of parionya fabric wrapped around the hips. Ties are on the left hip, and if he stepped then saw his smooth thighs to the base. I am the humble little cleavage menyelak CD Ella parionya to look red. Ella just makes me more courage to let kelakuanku gently stroked her ass.
I looked at Ella smiling face. Ella smiles back with my facial features are not understood.

"It" s ok, this pub in the dark. People do not see. "I said after I pull back my hand from the parionya.
Ella smiled and then left the bar to the room TANGAH pub where he will be assigned. Ella looked at me from behind. Swaying hips are very tempting. That is why I often felt his butt. But only that. I did not dare to over-over. Ella also never felt what I did scold her ass. Often I also squeezed with hands squeezed with hands-ass for not lasting. Ella laughs just treat gelagatku.
Ella is courageous in terms of usage. Tight jeans and tight t-shirt, low cleavage was always wearing. Fluffy white, rather large breasts for me, sweet face and ass Bugis descent who often makes my dick hard. Ella is beautiful. I am proud to have a beautiful adopted sister Ella. Ella also often tell me some hotel manager where we work teasing. Vincent had a single day, known for its brash attitude is rubbing his butt, then Ella curse to the parents of the unconscious which makes it startled and embarrassed during the lunch break at the hotel café. But strange, Ella never scolded me if my ass and squeezed with hands kuraba liberally.
Hours from 11pm pub full of pengujung. I was so busy preparing drinks ordered. Tens of cocktail glasses and 2 barrels of beer makes me a little sweaty. And when the clock showed 12 midnight, the atmosphere in the pub getting loud and boisterous. When Ella is over to me.
"Happy new year!" He said. Which makes me surprised is that Ella kissed my cheek that was never done before. Especially in public.
"Happy new year" balasku.
"Why kiss on the cheek? If the lips right over shock "intent merely sambungku tease. Ella thought without me draw my hand and we go out the back door of the pub. As in behind Ella just looked at the full meaning of silence. I understand his will only his embarrassment. Then I quickly gained her face close to my face. Our lips met each other with ferocious berkucupan. I do not think Ella is reliable tongue fight. My tongue felt sucked into the mouth-breathe a little. I do not want to lose and my tongue suction response.
After five minutes of kissing action we did, we co-stop and stare at each other face respectively. We like to feel the turmoil that burns inside. Then, not satisfied because I embrace her waist from front to attract close to my body and crushed his lips again. Ella responded with a voracious as her breathing grew heavy sound. This time my hands did not remain silent. I squeezed with hands either side of her bottom. Then I singkap parionya on back then wander round and big ass is still closed CD. I moved towards her neck kissing and jilatanku.
"Ohh ... mmm ... abg ... hhh" soft sigh from the mouth of Ella.
I dare to enter the CD into my hand and squeezed her ass from the CD. Julurkan my middle finger towards the butt cleavage. Kumainkan my finger in the hole a little while before heading into her anus, vagina Ella. Ella hand is not standing still. Hugging my arm, rubbing my dick while the other side of the already hardened outer pants. I felt really delicious hand gently stroking my dick.
I had not thought of that when we were still in the works. Had earlier been eating my fingers into the vagina Ella wet hole of pleasure that I give a result. CD is limited kuturunkan pehanya. Once satisfied with attacking her vagina, I move both hands towards the two blessings of the hill on his chest. Reveal my white t-shirt on that revealed her breasts are wrapped in black bra half cup. Then hand her back to find branya relationship, and with one snap connection branya loosened. Without wasting time my hand with a little hard to squeeze breasts pujaanku far. As his lips back kulumat with my lips, my squeeze-squeeze both nipples are hard.
"Aahh ... ... mmmhhh abg ... ohhh ..." wheeze with Ella diselangi cumbuannya now have moved to my neck. Sometimes sucked and bit my neck that would leave the impression of red. I do not care about it all. What is on my mind is to meet the demands of today berahiku with a beautiful girl who was in taklukanku. Attacks the lips and tongue kuarahkan towards his chest is very beautiful. Kujilat, kusedut, and I bite semahunya two red nipples that turn brown. The attacks launched my blessings that make little Ella screamed and pressed my head towards his chest.
"Abg ... sick ... ohh ... aawww sedapnya ..." is not known yet sigh and moan that made me more teransang Ella.
Suddenly I felt my dick is not in the nest. I do not know since when Ella opened my pants due to my preoccupation enjoy fluffy body owned Ella did not realize until long pants and shorts are par boxerku knee. Ella and whisk gently holding my dick. Swish my blood shake hands holding delicate Ella Grace is more vigorous exercise of his duties. My dick normal size, not as often I read the other stories in which the size of his penis like America or Europe. Blatant lie.
"Ella, love sucks ..." I whispered in his ear. I wanted to feel the touch of her lips are very sexy, and step test which oralnya service.
Ella squatting in front of her hands continued to hold and shake up my dick soft. Starting from the base of my dick lick up the stem and head straight to my dick. Diulangnya several times before starting to suck my dick. Slowly, however, difficult to kugambarkan pleasure in this story. From the view I see that quite erotic when a girl look pretty while giving oral sex. Once I felt satisfied with sucking mouth Ella, I pull her lips up and we struggled again but did not last long because I can not wait to feel the warmth of the vagina Ella. I sent away membelakangiku and slightly bent. Holding his hand on the wall. Immediately kugeselkan my dick into her vagina to feel the surface of the flood. Slowly I push my hips, only the head of my dick in her pussy because Ella was very narrow.
"Oh ... wait ... hold down ... bang eerghh" Ella asked me to stop pain instantly. I turutkan entirely because I did not like the force.
"Hold so dear .." This time I press a little harder and the result was successful and a half stick my dick into her vagina hole. Kudiamkan briefly to allow the wall of the vagina have welcomed my dick. After her breathing again entered lapped Ella asked me stick my dick into the pores throughout his favor.
"More bang ... came back ... could stand ... ohh brother ..." his words stuck because I pull my hips so close to her ass.
"Aahh .. ella ... sedapnyaa ..." erangku no longer able to resist the sensation that I felt.
Tersasa my dick clamped tightly by the vaginal walls Ella. Ella is not a virgin, but never had sex after perawannya direnggut former girlfriend not long ago. Slowly I moved my hips with the movement of the slide-pull. It was exciting to enjoy the friction of the vaginal opening narrow Ella. More and more rapid movement of my hips until I heard Ella gerlaga my body with the butt. I watched my moments with her ass violations, I am very like to see a big ass shaking owned Ella received a hard prick-prick me
"Aahh aahhh ... ... ... mmmppphhh brother ... ohh ... nice bang ..." Ella back raving after the pain turned to pleasure the vagina is made teransang great.
"Nice love?" I asked as her hands reach forward and squeezed both her breasts.
"Good bang ... bang ... oohh the rate aaarrggghhh lagiii ... ..." loud groan from the mouth of Ella accompany orgasm that hit her. Her legs were closed, her body trembled and almost fell great. Luckily I could hold her from falling. Ella let me enjoy orgasmenya without pulling out my dick.
"Ella's brother ... bang ... happy to know that if Ella Ella's brother is capable of performing this kind, the Ella ask once again ..." he said after he was able to control himself.
"Dear brother .. this is not to say I could no longer retained me to wait a long time ago I pull my dick out and turned his body turned towards me Ella. I see there are some linangan tears on her face.
Then I lift the leg circles on my hips and my dick into her vagina direct. Both hold her hand holding my shoulder. Then kuteruskan game that has not had to move fast. Ella whimpering back strong. Looking for a little lips my lips while I pump my dick and we berkucupan. After about ten minutes ago I guess spermaku kupercepatkan tusukanku wanted out and the last hard thrust deeply into her pussy hole Ella. Apparently Ella also enjoys its peak at that time.
"Aarrgghh brother up ..." is just out of my mouth. So many spermaku pour into the vagina until partially melted out Ella pehanya wet.
"Sorry, brother out of the" worried well, for fear Ella pregnant.
"Not what a bang, a new Ella period expired two days ago," said Ella made me glad.
We then tidy clothes, and then I go back to the pub as such does not occur. While Ella go to the toilet to clean the vagina and pehanya. Arriving at the bar I drank a glass of beer for thirsty. Then, Lia over to the cashier at the pub and stood close beside me. Her arms hugging my waist. Lia really spoiled with me and treated me like this is common, but what she was saying to my heart like stopped.
"Brother dare ya to play at right back there ..."
"Lia see?" I see Leah looked at me with sharp eyes.
"Just want to go to the toilet when Lia, Lia's brother opened the door and saw with Ella ..." Leah did not continue his speech. Then his hands clutching my dick from outside my pants. Pain felt exhausted because of new fighting.
"Other times the turn too Lia yaa ..." he said while presenting a soft kiss on my lips.
"Mm ... yes .. yes .." I was nervous because it was thought not.
Lia then release the grip of his hand on my dick and go to the cashier counter. Later I will tell my story is with Lia is very exciting for me.
After that incident I often have sex with Ella at home sewaku. It's wonderful every time Ella is doing so now no one knows. Ella is now married and has one son. After she got married we will no longer continue to act as we say at the Ella that she must be faithful and keep the relationship of husband and wife with good and honest.