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Gay story may be read on the mobile it is an adult story that sounded very natural and very interesting ideas and naughty sanget when read from the beginning would be really exciting! adult sex story is submitted by a member of this site who requested anonymity ok name and we immediately wrote to the story: Though initially hesitant, eventually Earth will also go into the house Muhris. His chest pounding as this is the first time he played to his male friend's house. You certainly know Madrasah 'Aliyah where they both attended banning opposite sex relationship like this. As with strict orders to every school student to wear the hijab.

But Mother could not say no to friends who she likes it. Two years they've known each other since they both sit on the bench first class. And feeling like it appears in the liver Earth shortly after its first meeting. If not for Muhris give the same signal, Earth would have forgotten her feelings. But the guy continued to be special to him, to love their distance interwoven even without physical contact.

Then three months ago, just before Final Examination Schools. Class men and women are usually separated from combined on several occasions for reasons of increased intensity of the lesson. Students son sat in the front row, while the daughter in the back. But Muhris son sat in the back row is Earth in the front row of girls. So no doubt Muhris was right in front of Perth. And that was the initial contact that occurred nearest to them. You know ... at first pretended to borrow stationery, said the book, it's ... it ... But the more frequently exchanged smiles and inner contact is established with certainty. Sometimes there is no reason for them not to rush out at recess, until there is a brief period when they were alone in the classroom; wondered lessons stale reason most liked everybody.

Two months is more than enough to foster a sense of love. Although dating is forbidden, and they have never expressed love each other, but all their friends knew they were lovers. Love relationship that is unique in this free-paced era. And the Earth is so enjoying his feelings. Each time very precious. Overview gaze and a smile always a fun part. Then love began to grow when delinquency emerged slowly. Pertiwi Muhris had hesitated when asked to come to the Mall M after school that afternoon. A million feelings of happiness welled in the hearts of Pertiwi, mixed with fear and nervousness unusual. He was almost home again that evening when he stood at the door of the Mall to meet with Muhris. But the boys were hurried to see until he could not escape again. He knew that he was embarrassed during their first date.

Pertiwi night could not sleep. To think about how much fun they were dating, when for the first time Muhris held her hand during the tour to see many things. The whole body felt hot and cold. Muhris even bought a gift of pearls is very expensive for the size of himself. It was a beautiful strand of pearls, white emitting a bright glow. The boy said, "Although I'm not going to see you wearing the necklace, I hope you will continue to wear it." And of course he always wore the pearl necklace.

One month is decorated with secretly dating a very thrilling. Like playing cat and mouse with all the people who know Pertiwi. If just one person who knew Mother alone with a man on the Mall, then the Earth could not imagine what catastrophe will befall him. But stopped from doing that he believed more awful than continue to live. Karena, di sore itu, di satu sudut yang sepi di dalam Mall, tiba-tiba saja Muhris mencium pipinya dengan cepat tanpa mengatakan apapun juga. Only briefly, and Muhris make as if it never happened. But its influence is very big on self Pertiwi. Because all feelings rumbling and bubbling. Jumbled until he just could not say anything like fools. Rest of the afternoon passed without any dialogue, because the Earth know his white face has turned red as boiled shrimp. Leave the impression has been dragged into the most beautiful dream nights afterward.

Three days after the event that Mother always tried to shy away from Muhris. He felt ashamed, confused and scared. However one side of her feelings still have confidence that their love started to cross the line. But he did not know the workings of passion. Because when they finally met again, Mother could not refuse when in many instances Muhris kiss her cheek again and again, right and left. In fact, when Muhris getting naughty with squeezed her hand, hugged her and kissed her lips (although it was all done Muhris no more than five seconds), Pertiwi just stunned and really enjoy it all. Before parting, Muhris whispered softly to him, "Do you want, right, play to the house tomorrow afternoon?"
Strangely, like a hypnotized, Pertiwi nod ...
So, that afternoon, wearing a brightly patterned robe decorated with typical teenager jasmine flower lace, coupled with hijab disemati pink butterfly-shaped brooch, also a bag of canvas, Mother sat in the living room couch at home Muhris. Waiting for her lover to fetch two glasses of cold juice and a plate of fresh fruit. Her eyes looked around the room and get a very pleasant impression.

The impression was obtained, in part because after all this is the home of people he loves, and partly because the owners have enough money to set up so beautifully. Mother did not know much about the decor, but actually the house is designed with classic shades that match the natural mountain where the house stood. Furniture, from the lights, seats, tables, paintings and various things are dominated by shades of bamboo and native wood. While the leaves and green plant-mixed between imitation and artificial-decorate the corners right. Built an artificial waterfall beside the living room, with a warm sun shining from the side window glass. Region covered by clear glass of water flowed from the top, so the impressive atmosphere of the beautiful rain and causing the gurgling noise that sounded fun.

Rural paintings installed in a right angle to the eye, with naturalist style to every detail seems very clear. Like a photo but radiate a magical aura is more subtle. Mother was stunned with everything, with a coolness that encompass the whole of himself, until he was unconscious when Muhris been sitting next to him, is arranging cups and plates.
"Sorry, yes ... sober. Umi ending again to Bandung join the seminar, nemenin Abi ... "
Pertiwi blushed. He came from a much simpler, so the taste mindernya came home to discover such a large and luxurious it was owned by his girlfriend.
"It's okay, Ris. Pertiwi happy, really ... "Earth to feel her voice caught in his throat.
The afternoon was spent with a very pleasant Pertiwi. Both chatting, joking, laughing, watching movies, playing games PS till dinner. Mother did not know that was Muhris can cook. Smart instead. Culinary delights taste than he has ever made. With shame he admitted it in front of her lover, who responded with the right cheek a gentle kiss.
"I tetep love you, really ..."

Please note that the Earth when it was 16 years old and has a body that started to mature as a girl. Posture is also high with a sweet face that impressed motherhood. But believe that he was innocent, more innocent than elementary school girl in a big city that has been adept affairs hugs and kisses. Village where he lived very far away from the flow of information and bad influences of the capital. So he did not put any prejudice when Muhris invited to stay at his house that night. Indeed it's a matter of taboo in his village, but the innocence Pertiwi make sure that Muhris would not do bad things against him. Thus, the choice lies he continues to do to be together with her lover. He has told the house that he would stay at home Ririn. He knew her parents would not be suspicious, because it was he used to do in times of school exams. Moreover, before the Final Examination as it is now.

The atmosphere is very quiet night and the sound of crickets have been replaced with a bird of the night. Soon the rain began to fall, and the Earth did not realize it until it turned into heavy rain. Very hard, because in the rainy season like this things like that always happen. If not for the atmosphere of love being enveloped, Earth will not stand in people's homes in such situations.
Oh, yes ... Actually Pertiwi and Muhris not really alone in the house, because no Hana, Muhris sister who is now sitting on the bench grade 1 junior. So Earth is not too felt uncomfortable, because he can play with Hana also throughout the afternoon and evening. Muhrislah a little inconvenience of having to ask Hannah to promise not to reveal the whereabouts of Earth to their parents. Hannah was not hard to be persuaded. It's just being difficult because of the kiss-kiss must be done carefully.

Hugs and kisses some time ago indeed get a resistance (though half hearted) from Earth. But it was not true tonight, because now Pertiwi feel more relaxed and free. On one occasion Muhris kissed her lips as she hugged her briefly. On another occasion he was hugged from behind, exactly when he washes dishes for dinner and the man crept from behind and simply put his hands on his waist. Mother had screamed softly and tried to wriggle, but hand holding a plate filled with foam to hard to move. He just quietly and whine menggelinjang weak, as it increasingly tight hug and a kiss on his cheek made him sedated. Hana's nearly saw their deeds, if Muhris not rush off a slim waist hugs in it.

After the bath a fun night, in the bath-tub full of warm water bath foam and a complete equipment owned by Umi Muhris, Mother joined the brothers in the TV room. He wore evening dress is more casual (at least for the size of the head-scarf girls); shirt, long sleeve white shirt blue striped cotton dress with a subordinate soft blue, blue simple integrated matching headscarf. Perfume smell of flowers typical teenager he seprotkan in the right places to refresh himself. Then he sat next to Hannah who was laughing watching cartoons on television. Mother's eyes were focused full time to television, but his mind flew to the highest natural full of imagination. Warm hugs and kisses from Muhris inevitably arouse latent so far hidden away in the bottom of his soul. He experienced a strange sensation of a new kind of familiar, which is very intoxicating and made him forget himself. New Hours at eight pm, but anxiety has peaked.

Mother did not know-or maybe not dare admit that he had met a pleasant sensation of sex. Moreover this is a fertile period. Explosion-small explosion triggered by Muhris make tebawa slowly into the heavy current, until the difficult adolescence that are unstoppable by burning. Barriers him to do things better Nudity is a sense of shame, fear and ignorance of a great deal about the conditions of this kind. But the inducement-inducement made by Muhris expertly carried on illicit experiences very exciting. Everything from the innocence of a teenage girl.

At eight-twenty minutes Muhris rose from his seat and pulled his hand Pertiwi to follow. Hana did not realize because she focused on television. Pertiwi by pounding his chest and when Muhris pulled to the second floor. If the Earth a bit more slang, he would know Muhris intend to do something, but the Earth is much more innocent than people think, until he should feel happy when Muhris invited to look around her room. He was glad to know the contents in the room loved that he loved. Pertiwi Muhris amazed at the pleasant room atmosphere. He was also surprised to find a picture of him in a pose half body plastered on the bedroom wall. The picture was covered by posters Muhris football player, so no one knows when every night he pulled it and looking at posters of a smiling girl photo sweet there.

Pertiwi half forgot about when he made the photo. He felt the photo was more beautiful than the original. But Muhris explained that the computer program Photoshop can do many things, like making a girl more beautiful as she looks fresh and fascinating. Pertiwi blushed. But that's not how, because Muhris suddenly pulled himself to face, and pulled a pair of pearl earrings from the velvet box in his pocket. Pertiwi aghast. Muhris whispered tenderly, "This couple necklace I gave. I want you to wear it ... "

Mother's eyes filled with tears. If only he dared, he was hugging him in front of her and kissed her repeatedly. But he was too embarrassed to do such a thing. He just embarrassed, when Muhris put the earring in her palm and said, "I attach it now, yes ..."
"But ..." His voice hoarse and low Pertiwi.
"But why?"
"Mother ashamed ..."
"Why shy? Do not we love each other! Are we still close to each other? "
Pertiwi confused to answer, because this is the first moment in his life when he had to open her headscarf in front of a man. Women who used to bikinis in the pool or dressed in sexy Mall-mall would not have understood this reality. But Mother is a woman who since a dozen years ago always cover all parts of his body and not show it off to anyone except his family. Releasing the same as removing her veil in front of the camera skirt for girls generality. Weird? Indeed! But there it is. He was half crying when no power to refuse a request Muhris discrediting it. He was silent. But the great rumbling chest when fingers Muhris melepasi needles and pins that menyemati scarf. He bowed deeply and hold their breath when her lover's hand pulled off her headscarf. A trembling hand wringing edge jerseys, and unconsciously he bit his lip when Muhris chin so they can attract each other and tenderly stroked his hair, straight black hair over her shoulder.

"You look beautiful, Mother ..." The voice was low, and Earth just closed to hold all of his feelings. That is the stupidest expression he'd ever done, or just the best, because it encourages Muhris to kiss her lips gently. The kiss was warm and loving, bringing Pertiwi flying high and forget about this world.
"Mmmh ..." Earth just closed resignation. Her body was shaking. But his mouth opened wide as his tongue began to protrude and tickling Muhris oral cavity. His tongue moves come despite the still very stiff, tickling each other to get a strange sensation is perfect. His hands were just hugging arm Muhris solid, which was wrapped around his waist was his own.

Time seemed to stop. And both of them froze like a statue of a pair of magic. Just pulled thing breath that sounded on the sidelines of burning kisses and love filled surge. The two bodies were close together and rub against each other, as if it could not be separated. Give each other a strange sense of warmth and awaken all the sleeping nerve. Both were only stopped when it began to run out of breath and panting exhaustion. Mother was shocked and felt ashamed. His mouth was wet due to the hot kiss. But he could do nothing but wait for what happened next. He let Muhris put earrings in both ears. He help being amused when Muhris fingers as if tickled his ears, and think just as he menuntunya before a large mirror.
"See ... You are so beautiful .."
Pertiwi glimpse into the mirror, watching himself without a headscarf, with a decorated earrings and pearl necklace from her boyfriend. He was whining spoiled and covering her face with her palm. "Aah ... Muhris evil ... Pertiwi ashamed ..." "Shame to who?" They joke with more intimate and warm. The kiss had been eliminated the shroud stiffness that has been formed so far. They are now more like two lovers, with warm hugs and kisses love nuanced.

That morning was the most beautiful morning for Perth. Serve breakfast at the dining table for Muhris make him feel like a wife serving her husband. Muhris and his brother are very satisfied with her cooking. Laughter decorate their morning meal that goes with ease. After eating Hana directly to school, leaving the romantic couple pair of lovebirds who were without any suspicion. Let them enjoy a day in kemesraannya. But, if you think that night they did the special relations of husband and wife, believe that you are wrong. They are still too timid to make the relationship even further. Although they are getting hot kiss, other activities are too polite for the hand of guerrilla Muhris never like the hands of professionals. Still embrace modesty did not involve palpation or touch another. Both are separate sleeping and there was no rogue activity at night.

Pertiwi Muhris home from home around ten o'clock in the morning, after a lot of extra kisses after breakfast and shower in the morning. To the man of the house he told the school to leave early. All day he locked himself more in his room, enjoying the sensation of an increasingly wild imagination than the previous time. The next meeting was much longer than expected. Both are really tersibukkan by school work, until a new meet again (to be alone of course) two weeks later. Muhris family vacation to grandma's house outside the city. The reason for the exam make Muhris can avoid coercion parents, that house free for a whole week. That's a good time to making out with Earth, and he had prepared many things for that special weekend.

Pertiwi arrived that morning wearing her school uniform. Farewell long enough turns to make her more aggressive, so that, although still Muhris should start, Pertiwi reward a little wild and mischievous. Muhris until gasping overwhelmed. Afterward they laughed as he hugged on the couch, while their eyes staring at the TV screen with no intention of watching it. Around mid-morning Pertiwi dibonceng Muhris to play to the Mall M. After that proceed to the park and play bike L of water in there. They also do a lot of fun, which makes them forget the time. Today was dusk when they decided to go home, when the sky turned dark and suddenly became very heavy rain before they arrived at the house. Less than five minutes when they turned wet, and shivering with cold while Earth has not yet reached half way.

Both arrived at the house just before dinner. Souvenirs they bought on the street has been soaked and not a single dry bagianpun from themselves. Mother's body was shivering and her face white center. Her lips slightly blue. Muhris hurried to bring her into the house and preparing hot water in the bath-tub room upstairs. While waiting for her bath, she prepared two glasses of hot chocolate and a can of beans biscuits. He himself immediately shower after that, and both finished half an hour later. Mother realized that she had no clothes, and confusion to shut himself in the bathroom. Muhris trying to lend her clothes, but clean clothes her mother locked in a closet. Meanwhile, Hana clothes do not fit well and are too small. Fortunately Muhris remember that in the living room there are the clothes his cousin, who used to be stored there for use if staying at home Muhris.
"But ... My cousin is not covered. So dress a little ... you try to find the right aja deh. I wait in the TV room ... "Pertiwi own confusion in the guest room. He was somewhat uncomfortable because of all the clothes in the closet it was clothes hanging out, all tight and versatile minimal. Long enough and he chose not to find clothes that fit well for himself, so he chose the outfit which he said rather the most polite. But still, all minimal. With shame he wore his choice and went to his girlfriend in the TV room.

Muhris face turned shocked and his eyes moved there-here; eyes commonly found on Earth naughty men on the roadside. But Mother knew all this because of him, and half crying, she tried to cover herself with her hands openness. How could I not?! This is the first time she wore clothes for life in the face of a man's minimal, although it is also his lover. Cousin Muhris shorter stature and smaller than him, so that pictorial thin pink Barbie T-shirt he was wearing really tight embedded in his body, revealing the contours of a real and fascinating. Even the cord is not really covered, although many times he tried to pull the shirt down.

Meanwhile, moss green pants knee is equally tight, and not really knee-length, because of Mother's body height. Earth actually has a clean white skin and beautiful curves, so he seems pretty good with that sexy outfit. Moreover, her long hair still half wet, creating a few waves that add to the aura of her beauty. But Mother was not used to things like that, until she felt herself ugly and tacky. He was afraid Muhris teased and embarrassed by its own openness. "You look beautiful, Mother ..." His voice sounded Muhris vibrate, and the Earth shuddered when the man approached her and tried to hug him instead. He tried to turn away and reject her arms Muhris.
"Mother ... Do not be shy, Muhris ... Do not ..." "Why ... Why?"

Pertiwi Muhris just shook his head and tried to respect it. They spent the night by watching TV and spend the warm milk on the table. However Pertiwi somewhat more subdued and nervous. His hands were constantly hugging a big pillow, trying to cover up what lies beneath. He did not know that the guy next to him more anxious again, although slightly different reasons. He was too busy by his own mind until he realized that the eyes Muhris continued to explore her, as if trying to expose. At first Mother did not realize at the touch. Muhris repeatedly kissed his cheek, but he considers it reasonable. That's the usual thing they do, and regard it as a sun Pertiwi ordinary love he got. But Muhris has now put his left hand through the back of the sofa and landed on his shoulder. Who's right hand is placed on Mother knee open. The weather was very cold due to rain that did not stop, up to caress the knee is comfortable and warm, making the Earth a half unconscious when persuasion is increasingly creeping into the upper thighs slightly exposed.

Earth is like watching soap operas and TV shows are her favorite soap opera. Scenes and romantic words on the screen such as giving its own hypnotic. Kissing scene was censored, but it just did not dare refuse him a kiss when Muhris switch to wet lips. Fortunately, when it was ad, until the kiss of Muhris Pertiwi fully acceptable, newly aware that the sitting position is very intimidating his girlfriend. But the kiss was so sweet and fun, bring a sense of warmth that he missed a very tempestuous. No need to wait long for generating desire girl. Experience has taught him many things, so that his tongue when Muhris begin immediately welcomed him to play.

Pertiwi including the rather thin lips, red and natural. However, agile tongue and clever move. With a carrying capacity of intelligence above the average, she became the girl who quickly learn and know how to satisfy his co-star. Muhris himself was surprised by the speed of Earth in learning new techniques-tekik, until at the end of the game their tongue, he let the girl beat her until her cheeks were flushed from his own aggressiveness. When kissing Pertiwi forget anything. But after he realized that the right hand Muhris had been constantly stroking her thighs, alternating between right and left. Now he really felt the stimulus, the stimulus is more impressed today than just a lip kiss. His hand to act quickly, preventing Muhris shortly before her lover's hand touching the groin. Their mouths fell silent and the only eyes that speak. Muhris request, reject Pertiwi fine. Muhris hands moving again, but Pertiwi prevent anymore.

Muhris smiled sweetly. "Sorry, yes ... I too far ..."
Pertiwi were smiling.
"Better to listen to music wrote, yes! We danced. Like in the movies. "
Pertiwi silent and obedient waiting just on what a woman wants. Soft voice floated from the player, and stuck out her hand Muhris. Pertiwi nervous because she had never danced before. Muhris convinced that he did not know as well as Perth. So do not be ashamed because they were alone in here. With stiff steps of their bodies move slowly, hugging each other. They both laughed at each movement, but still feel happy because kiss begins again some time thereafter. Mother's body is almost as tall as Muhris, until he did not have to tiptoe to welcome the embrace him. He did not know that her beauty more charming self Muhris and adolescence continue to provoke passion. Not to mention the aroma of perfume spread throughout his body. Muhris hand could not resist stroking the body good, moving from the waist upwards.

Pertiwi still half think that persuasion is part of the dance movement. Muhris lip kiss made her body limp, to caress it just as he enjoyed a kiss on her lips. Tingled when touching the side of his chest. "Mmmh ... Mmhhh ..." Muhris hands caress the Earth leads to chest, caressing the soft bodies and soft. The girl stiffened as the strange feeling swept over her. It was his first touch, and he is still very sensitive. His hands reflexively tried to prevent, but who did not want Muhris failed again trying to contain Earth to remain silent. His kiss was getting wilder until Earth could not dodge. Squeeze in his chest feels more real, make Pertiwi panting caused great excitement in his body. He was unable to prevent squeeze it, because after all he turned out to enjoy it.

Both were panting from the long kiss. Pertiwi increasingly being flushed face, because he really turned on by the squeeze of the hand on his chest Muhris. Her breasts that contain a grip Muhris feel full. She let herself be pushed to the wall, until he was not up to squeeze his hand slipped down while Muhris more agile and playing the top is still covered T-shirt. He just looked up half closed and his hands are confused docked tight on the wall. He further belingsatan because at the same time Muhris kiss landed on her chin and neck repeatedly. Her neck is long and level, until the head Muhris can set there and bite like a snake-magutnya.

Pertiwi feel the tears flowing from the corner of his eye. He was very confused to recognize his feelings at this time. Muhris squeeze right hand turn to kiss his lips. He had looked down and saw only her lover's hair. Muhris head buried in her breasts that have been hardened tight, and the Earth can hear the splashing-kecipuk when Muhris devouring it with his chest a little wild.

"Muhris ... Muhris ... Ohhh. What do you do the same Pertiwiaa ... Mmhhh ... Do not, Ris ... Aahh ... "

Muhris tight T-shirt has rolled upward, trying to uncover for the breast more freely enjoyed. The man continued to squeeze it gently and with feeling. Milk nipples clamped and playing is still covered in beige thin bra. Maybe Muhris feel exasperated to find breast so soft and chewy, the breasts are still very sensitive virgin of touch.

Pertiwi situation is now quite pathetic. Her boyfriend attacked him in various places, playing him like a doll. Lips and left hand on her breast, right hand on the sidelines of her thighs. Everything is new sensation the first time he felt. Once when he had never experienced it, he always promised that he would only do this with her husband on the bed of marriage. In the past when it had never dawned on his mind, he is very confident of being able to maintain his honor. But now when really experienced it, she did not know whether he will remain strong. This touches too melenakan itself, and awaken feelings that have long latent longing. He was very confused until only able to shed tears and squeezed squeeze Muhris hair.

"I love you, Mother ... Mmmh ... I love you ..." There was a seduction Muhris on the sidelines of preoccupations. Pertiwi only able to answer with a groan-moan weird, because when it's right hand Muhris had penetrated directly into his groin. The man's fingers rubbing and playing in the most sensitive, to feel his pants wet Pertiwi by fluid that he did not know before.

Indeed, touch is not directly touch because your body is still sealed CD Pertiwi thin and tight pants. But this is his first touch, and everything is more than enough to generate excitement was tremendous. Especially after a long Muhris not also stop their activities, but the swipe-swipe with more wild. Cock feels like a stirred, until the longer he increasingly felt a strange urge it very difficult to understand. Ia tak dapat menahan perasaannya. Ia terus mengerang… mengerang… hingga desakan itu makin menuju ke arah puncak… Ia tak sanggup bertahan lagi…
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“Aaahh… Aaahh… Akhhhhh….” Pertiwi menjerit panjang saat orgasme melanda tubuhnya untuk pertama kalinya. Tubuhnya mengejang kuat, melengkung seperti busur. Kakinya merapat menjepit tangan Muhris yang tak juga berhenti bergerak. Ia merasakan letupan-letupan dahsyat seperti sebuah terpaan badai. Dunia dipenuhi warna yang berpadu dengan indahnya.

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