Tuesday, January 18, 2011

5 Bad Habits That Ruin Relationships Asmara

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Jakarta - Maintaining the integrity of the love affair is not easy. The many temptations that happened to destroy the love story with a partner.

To avoid goyahnya a relationship, then you should avoid these things. As quoted from she knows, artifacts habits-bad habits that can ruin love life.

Criticizing his family
Not everyone can accept criticism, especially criticism of her family. About family-related problems are more sensitive, so keep your words to withhold criticism about his family.

Arguing in public
Argument is quite natural for any couple. However, do not let pertengkarang uncontrolled. Avoid quarrels in public is embarrassing. You and your partner must put aside egos. Hold the emotions by talking in a more private place without the knowledge of many people.

Trying to change partner
Many women who think they can change for the better pair. Indeed, when you change your partner, you are only satisfied, but not necessarily for the pair. Not to mention, when couples can not accept that he must change, this can add to the problems in your relationship.

Leaving the problem of protracted
Many couples who let a problem and did not find a way out. This can be a time bomb for your relationship. If the problem continues ignored, an emotional moment will actually peaked and worsen relations. To avoid protracted problems, communicate any problems in adulthood and avoid harsh words and painful.

Lying to your spouse for whatever reason is not good for the continuity of your relationship. So avoid doing so.