Sunday, January 16, 2011

The story of 17 years and Photo Bokep Indo

Photo strip or picture can be bokep capital to push people, either by way of a smooth until the threat of hard to be able to enjoy her body, in this story is actually similar to soap operas, but very interesting, because the uncle flirty nude photos can be a virgin again, Immediately following the story this.

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This incident occurred kira2 2 months ago, when my home was the arrival of a friend of my maid's call him flowers. This flower DTG to Jakarta to find work, he was around 19-21 years of age. My assistant asked me permission to klo rates will stay at my house until she got a job.
I stayed home with his wife dah one of my child. my wife works in the salon of his friends, while I am entrepreneur sells a variety of ornamental plants, so I spent a lot of my time at home taking care of plants. ach day while my maid to accompany my daughter who was in grade school from morning to evening.
Sometimes I feel lonely at home because there is only my own. One day I feel lonely and I see the flowers was washing clothes, and that's when I think how I can klo ML with interest for this lost sense of loneliness. actually I was so scared to do this by force or to the point invites interest to ML for fear klo he complained to the maid ato my wife so that my good name so U┼čak.
I think about how many different ways for me to ML with flowers. after I pikir2, I got the idea to trap him so he wanted sex with me without coercion at all is to provide sleeping pills in his food and when he fell asleep I would be stripped and photographed.
This idea I run the next day, as usual my wife worked at the salon, maid brought my child to school. kira2 11an hour I sleep medicine sprinkled on all the food on the table, at that time I accidentally just ate instant noodles only.
During the day I saw him pick up food for lunch, after a few minutes finished eating me see him go to his bedroom, 30 minutes and then went to her room and I also gained a coincidence he was not locked room when I was carrying a screwdriver and a spare key and a camera to make photo.
After I go to her room I was immediately open shirt and loose pants, but not until after I had photographed all of his body which are not covered outfit. when I saw parts of his body, like it feels right then my sex with him. But I try to be patient until the time comes, because I want ML to the circumstances sama2
knowingly and without violence. After taking the photo I was cleaning his clothes as before, although still acak2an.
current day-to-4 flowers stay, the situation is the same as usual, there is only me and the flowers at home from morning until noon. On the day this is my plan ML with him, then I want to show naked photos, so I went to her room and turns out he was not in her room, I immediately went to the bathroom because I think he
edang bath. And it turns out he was in the shower, he happened to have a shower because my wife and I usually shower first because I love seblm ML net reply. I also gained back the evil thoughts react, how aya klo tiba2 photographing her, while she was bathing. My bathroom door is made of plastic which is found in many buildings Oko. I was immediately kicked the door they will be, she was very shocked when the bathroom door open, AAT is an open door that I immediately took a photo of him. when she saw me being photographed him with alacrity to take a towel to cover herself.
after covering his body, he was shouting at me "hell apa2an father, he wore event smashed the door and photograph me, I'll bilangi wife's father and jasmine (my maid)" I was just laughed and said "sorry, not intentionally" he finally closed the door and kemdian straight out of the bathroom.
When he came out the bathroom, I called him, initially he did not want to look back at me when I call and continued walking towards his room. but then I say to him "you want me to send naked photos to a distinguished family in the village" he too still and stop moving immediately.
I immediately approached him and showed foto2 naked as she showered and slept. he was very surprised why can photograph while she slept I can take, I also told him why I could take a photo of him.
Finally, I also gained klo told him you do not want this foto2 I pass it then you have sex with me. he kept thinking and finally he agreed and wanted sex with me. After many years I can finally enjoy virginity for the second time. with state bodies and breast that still kenceng what else cunt like no woman, still Rapet really.
That was the beginning of the incident saya ML with flowers, and eventually employ saya interest in my house with a reason to help me take care of my plants. and from that moment I did not feel lonely at home, because there are flowers in the morning until late afternoon and evening until the morning for my wife.

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