Sunday, January 16, 2011

More recent stories .. 17tahun

Stories 17tahun ... Actually I was born into a lucky boy. Papa had a position in the office and Mama a makeup artist / beauty expert famous. Often a speaker everywhere bridal makeup and often become popular people in my town. Unfortunately they are all busy people. My brother, sister Luna, she was far adrift upon me 5 years. Only he was the one where I often complain. Since she had a boyfriend, it feels less and less I and my brother share the story.
At that time I was a junior class 2, Kak Luna was in high school class 2. Many of my friends and my brother's friend had a crush on me. They said I was still pretty. Although I feel mediocre (but inwardly proud of lho .., he .., he ..) I have a body bongsor with clean white. Straight black hair, big eyes and sexy lips (she says sich he .., he ..). At that moment I felt that my breasts is bigger than my friends, sometimes rather embarrassed when I exercise, my breasts seem swayed. When in fact only a size 34B only. A friend of my sister, brother Agun name, often playing to the house. Even the occasional nap all follow-up. Just often slept in the den, because there a large couch and easy. The room had air conditioning, full music. Kak Agun even considered as a sister. Mama and her parents have known for a long time.
It was Sunday, Mama, Papa, and Kak Luna out of town. Mak Yam servant returning home, Mr. Rebo gardener is to place his brother. I was practically alone in the house. I was actually invited to Mama but I refused because my English homework piling up.
Suddenly I heard the sound of screeching brakes. I saw Kak Agun standing, leaning his sports bike into the garage. Her body clad in tight T-shirts that look wet with sweat.
"Just now sports ..., muter-muter, continue to stop by ..., Where Kak Luna?", He asked. I was then told that all those home went out of town. Me and Kak Agun chatting in the den while watching TV. Only sometimes he likes fun, teasing me. His hands are often tickle my waist, so I'm tickled.
I protested, "Come, come ..., make a fuss. Mending bantuin I ngerjain homework. " Uh ..., Kak Agun was not rejected, with the seriousness she taught me, one after I finish my homework.
"Yess! Finished! ", I screamed with delight. I jumped up and hugged Kak Agun, "Ma Kak Agun love." Kak Agun seems surprised as well, he even almost fell on the couch.
"Well ..., because you've completed your homework, I love gifts" Kak said Agun.
"What's that? Chocolate? ", I said.
"No, but close your eyes first", he said. I'm a little surprised but it might surprise forced me to close my eyes.
Suddenly I felt shocked, because my lips felt like my body was crushed and held it tightly.
"Ugh ... ugh ...", I said, trying to push through the body Kak Agun.
"Alit ..., okay, this gift because Kak Agun Alit affection."
I felt like I was suddenly completely limp, have not had time to answer my lips crushed again. Now I did not say anything, I tried to relax, and eventually I started enjoying it. Kak Agun kiss my lips so agile in making me feel swinging. Her hands started to play my hair, gently rubbed and tickled my ear. I was so amused, but clearly at the time I felt different. It was this heart is another. Back Kak Agun kissed my cheek, my eyes, forehead and swirling all over my face. I can only shut up and enjoy. It was at that time I have started another. My breathing started to hunt down one by one as the driven heartbeat. Then I was lifted and I was surprised!
"Kak Agun ..., strong too." He just smiled and carried me to my room. Direbahkannya me on the bed and kissed me Kak Agun start again. It was not known my feelings between desire and fear. Between shame and doubt. Kak kiss Agun continue creeping up to my neck. Her hands started to play my breasts. "Do not ..., do not ..., Acheh ..., Acheh ...", I tried to resist but could not. Her hands began to uncover penetrate into Snoopy T-shirt I was wearing. His fingers danced over his stomach, and slid into the BH. Skilled fingers through the sidelines of the BH and tickled my nipples. At that time I was really hot and cold, breathing hard, my voice can only say it feels and hissing "ss ... ss ...",. His fingers dance makes me feel giddy, when she made me undress, I could not. Now my body was almost naked. Only CDs are still in place tidy. Kak Agun back in action, the more wild kisses, and fingers, the palm of his hand to shake my breasts, I really have washed away. I felt something sizzling delights. I began to dare to clamp his body with my feet. But in fact makes it even more wild. Kak hand Agun menelusup to my CD.
I screamed, "Do not ..., do not ...", I tried to pull away. But Kak Agun stronger. Friction tore his groin-torn strands of hair that is not too heavy. And suddenly I felt almost shocked, when he touched sesesuatu in "mine". I menggelinjang and held my breath, "Kak Agun ..., ohh .., oh ...", I really made was spinning. Memainkkan fingers my clit. Rubbed, rub, rub and swiped the end I was stripped naked. I just can surrender only. But I was shocked when he suddenly stood up and his penis was standing tense. I was horrified, and scared. The game was resumed again, then I really have no power anymore, I resigned, I really did not reply but I enjoyed it. I had never felt really scared and embarrassed though.
Suddenly I was surprised when there is "something" is annoying prickling mine, "... uch, uch ...", I screamed.
"Kak Agun, Do not ..., ach ..., ch ..., ss ..., do not".
When she opened her legs wide to force his inclusion. "Auuchh ...", I screamed.
"Achh!", Feels the world is spinning so the pain. I was really sick, and I could feel something inside. For a moment silent and when it starts dinaik and drop off I screamed again, "Auchh ..., auchh ...". Although it was (he said) it enjoyable when I feel pain. Kak Agun slowly withdraw "his" exit. Then he shuffled and vomiting white fluid.
At that time I was silent and stunned, after enjoying the caress I feel tremendous pain. How shocked I was when I saw blood terbercak bed sheet. I winced and cried uncontrollably. At that Kak Agun hug and comfort me, "Come Alit do not cry, this gift will be a keepsake for you. Actually, I love you ".
At that time I was still innocent, still junior high, but my sex knowledge is still minimal. I enjoyed it but when he saw blood on bed sheets kegadisanku, I'm so confused, scared, ashamed and sad. I really love the Kak Agun but ..., (Apparently she finally married with another girl because of "accidents"). Since then I so hate ... hate ..., Bencii ..., same as him.