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More Stories hottest adult 17tahun: "17tahun story lovers read on mobile - Hi, my name is Andi. This is my story vacation home to my parents in a district that is located on the slopes of the mountains because the longer the turn off the semester at my university. But my maid that I usually make my lust impingement, Paini (see "Paini, Maid Pemuas Lust" and "Sleeping With the joy of maid and baby sitter") is home kedesanya because mbahnya sick. But do not worry dear readers, because this time I slept with an herbalist around the sling.

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At that time I was sitting on the porch sipping fresh air unlike in the now begin to bandung polluted. then after a few minutes later, then there is a woman using a capil (conical bamboo hats are usually worn farmer) and hold Sebuat basket containing bottles syrup. His face was not visible due to capil chocolate covered but visible from her hand if she was white. maybe because I am old memerhatikanya him then he came in from the fence that opens and enter keteras.
"Herbal medicine consists sir ... .."
then he opened capilnya. seen a woman about 28 years old. his face was beautiful, smooth and white perch acne none on face pretty.
"There is any kind of herbal medicine consists mbok"
"There is a strong herbal medicine, gout, pegel shooting pain, throbbing pain in head, uric acid and so on. (All kinds until dizzy mendengarkanya) "
"Oh no mbok sorry, I'm not sick"
"Oh ... then this herbal drink aja mas, is made daily to stay healthy"
"Yes've deh mbok, who wrote it ..."
then he pulled out a glass and start by hand to take a variety of bottles and glasses menuangakanya into it like a bartender. I silently meliahatnya from head to toe. black hair long and straight on his face is clean it. and looks very plump and slender body and legs thinner that is not covered with white feathers. She looks really care for him. maybe he was drinking herbal medicine consists it diligently. from the top to see mounds breasts behind her dress. looks HUGE breasts and taut it. apparently he did not use the BH. but still I had a hard look at her nipples because her clothes tight. but her nipples were not visible due to thick clothes
"This herbal medicine consists mas"
"Triam love"
then I drank herbal medicine consists bit by bit, looking at her beautiful face as he chatted
"Oh no mbok, herbal medicine consists awful"
"Receive the love mas ..."
"Andi, my name is andi. mbok name who "
"My name Sumirah"
"His nickname mbok Sumirah whom?"
"It's up to mas"
"If not allowed to call him mbok ruby?"
"May mas, but do not call me mbok, I do not grandmothers (small laugh)"
"Ruby yes you are young, beautiful anymore"
"Ah mas can aja deh"
"Your husband would be pleased with you" this remark implied to ask for their status because here people usually marry at age 20 annual
"I'm not married mas"
"Ohh so anyway"
"Ruby anyway been selling herbs since when?"
"Is 7 years"
"Ohh so anyway Mbak, mbak oh this is over"
then I gave him a glass
"3000 mas"
then I stood up and took my wallet in my pocket and took a sheet of 5000
"This mbak"
then I nudged her hand. very smooth.
"This mas kembalianya" then I nudged her hand back
then he went and peddling elsewhere.
then the next day I wanted to see him again so I went back to wait on the porch in the morning. My old enough menuggunya about half an hour. but the tip of her nose has not looked too. then I go home. then about 3 hours later there was a knock at the front door. then I open the door and turns that come apparently the ruby.
"Mas andi, herbal medicine consists again not?"
"Wahh ... I've been already waiting for why not come"
"Yes me again nganter mass had my child to school"
then I'm confused, "why have a child of unmarried anyway?" I muttered
then I invited into my house
"Let's go mbak aja"
"Receive the love mas"
then he went straight to my house and let go in front of sandals kumalnya
"Uh ruby do not open sandals!"
"Not later ngotorin floor papa mas mas aja"
then he went home and sat bare tile
"Why sit there ruby em hell"
"I like this habit of his goldfish, the handyman herbs sit in the chair, did not polite?"
"It's in the living room okay so let's sit down"
then he sat on the couch.
"Nah dong so later if sitting on a cold floor lo ..."
"Iya mas"
"Oh yes ruby, yesterday minumanya make me healthy and vigorous"
"Maksih mas, mas want to drink it again?"
"Yes ruby"
then he began concocting the drink. but our conversation made him stop intermittently
"Ruby, usually the attitude that what is herbal medicine?"
"Oh, usually medicinal herbs for female same stronger mas"
"Herbal medicine for any kind of woman?"
"Herbal breast enlarger and fasteners and rump, white and smooth skin & herbs Rapet mas. usually early in the morning just been behaviors mas "
menedengar apparently my penis so I was up half
"Oh so anyway, who has a beautiful pantesan"
"Ah mas can aja deh" he blushed
"Abis that your breasts are also large, often drinking herbal medicine consists definitely yes"
"Ah loh mas nice to hear those guns"
"Ms. calm chill out here cuman both of us, but who had real lo mbak"
"Oh it's because I have to drink every day"
"Why should I?"
"Yes because if it feels different means racikanya different so the results are also different mas mas"
"Oh so anyway, by the way earlier this mbak widow yes?"
"No mas"
"Lift an adopted child?"
"No mas, kok question like that anyway?"
"Mbak-so I'm confused why he nganter children but not yet married"
then he poured water onto the floor herbal medicine consists
"Sorry mas do not intentionally"
"My baseball'm sorry I presumptuous, I want to took my first pill"
then I took the mop the floor in the corner of the room and took her to the living room
"Saya aja mas already wiped"
I really so reluctant to give direct to the ruby pelnya
"This ruby"
then he immediately menjongkok before me and wiping. This is a golden opportunity to see her breasts. back and forth swaying back and forth looking hill with a beautiful but her nipples are not visible but saw half his chest is enough for me.
then after that he returned concocting herbal medicine consists
"This actually mas, mas ... my embarrassing story in the village dating gituan continue to play him, but he fled"
"Oh no, then sorry ruby"
"Papa do not already mas, everything is happening can not go back, after all, is also wrong to me, this herbal medicine consists mas"
"Yes thanks"
then I took a glass from her hand full of herbs that
"I am so kepikiran mas"
"'ve Mas, it's past"
then I took a sip of herbal medicine consists return
"Emang mas gituan've never played it?"
"Yes, emang why?"
"No mas emang not afraid to get pregnant", apparently this girl gapsek (sexual stutter)
"Mas it has not let science get pregnant"
"Ah mas can aja deh ..."
"Real, mas do not lie"
"Pain then no mas?"
"Baseball, even going back"
"Ah ah mas lie"
"So real"
"Mas plasticity lie, the evidence before me begituan sick"
"Emang same diapain your ex-girlfriend?"
"My boyfriend had never knead it me, sick goldfish, kept him nunjukin his thing, I was horrified mas no fur-kriwil kriwil hiii"
I laughed at this
"Continue how mbak?"
"She enter his thing to this I mas, mas really sore right then there is blood dikeluarin mas, then I also never begituan mas Seeing people in the car, fitting kissed dileher, perempuanya Mangap Mangap-mas, then a red neck mas.saya so scared when mothers herb-like mothers who buy the same conversation she said her husband begituan thrilled "
"It was a sign easement perempuanya red, dikatain hold which the mothers blood bener"
"But I really hurt, what I disorder mas?"
"No, you do not disorders, girlfriend you who abnormalities, mas can buktiin if begituan was delicious"
"No mas ah, my child will be a two-deh, hard mas"
"You know ... it was already said mas, mas do not let science have become pregnant"
"Not the right black magic mas?"
"Yes please, how, want not?"
"No mas, receive love nawarin"
"Uh ruby, mas not nawarin twice lho, mas promise you do not get pregnant and not sick as you lakuin same girlfriend you"
"How ya mas"
"'ve Said yes really hard aja, mas conveniences make you want even more"
"But ya mas promise, if not my mas lo mas laporin to the police"
then he nodded small. means that the existing green light for me. then I approach it by sitting at his side. I tried to approach him. but yes shifted away from me constantly, but eventually he corner, too.
"Sarah, if you step aside and hold, you can not delicious later"
"I ndredeg (excited) mas"
"So if you brake yes"
then he brake. I mendekatakan my lips into his mouth. then I smelled the blossoming seed it then after that I let my lips
"How angry?"
"Delicious mas"
"This is a more comfortable, the way your mouth will hold our tongue kebuka found"
"Ih mas disgusted"
"You do not rasain, you try first, ti pas addicted"
then he opens his mouth. then saya mendekatakan tilt my head and my head and we do the French kiss. "Hmpphh ... hmpph ..." he said, that made me rage. arms apparently pushed hard for my back as if he did not want to let me go. then felt her breasts and nipples also on my chest. constant my cock up and already attached to the waist under my shirt. hand also dipunggungnya also crawling and hand me a round bokongya surun to it.
not satisfied with sensuous lips, I went up to his ears. saya ears small and bite-bite my tongue naughty saya input kelubang ears. smell shampoo.
"Mas, mas geliii life expectancy sshhh ahhh"
My old enough to play with his ears and then I went down to his neck and a small bite her neck
"Hmmpph ahh ... life expectancy ..."
desahanya repeatedly and increasingly hard. My hand was in her ass right now is to unbutton his shirt.
"Sshhh what the hell ya mas ahh uhhh no mas ochhh"
but I continue to proceed with a little biting his neck. then after opening kacaningnya. FANTASTIC! tertampanglah a pair of perfect breasts!, not hanging, round, plump big like watermelon fruit that is ready for harvest. paini greater than hers. then I got down on his chest and buried my face between the two basketball and my hands memegan two itudan breast squeeze my face. enaknya ohh, I like the massaged face-massage. then after that I started squeezing her breasts
"... Mass amusement ochhh ouch ahhh ..." she said insistently. then I started mengemut kananya breast and my left hand only relaxing mountain. I started biting her nipples were already menegeras and suck her breasts with the power vacuum cleaner "pain mas ahh ... nice ... continue mas ouch ouch" desahanya while menggelinjang abysmally. after quite long before I moved kepayudara left and now my right hand started squeezing her breasts exposed right side that bahsah liuruku water. difference in the breast feel harder left than the right. I was excited. then after that both my hands down again and lowered resletingnya behind. then after that I let go of the buttons and saw a sight not lost to the same hill he exclaimed. Looks smooth hairless thighs and I started rubbing my hands on her thighs. apparently she tickled "mas mas amused life expectancy" he said as he rocked. After that I lowered her panties pink and red rope is a symbol that looks already wet in front of him.
"Mas no mas"
but I did not bother her perkataanya and I sent down his CD and tertampaklah an already wet pussy and puffy and pink and decorated broke the thin fur accessories and haitam that and after that I buried my nose in lubanganya itu
"Uh ahhh mas mass would diapain mass amusement life expectancy ... ouch ... ouch ..." and I rubbing up and to the left. after that, turn my tongue action. I put my tongue and menggerayapi vagina. she sighed even louder "mas .. ach ach continue mas" he said, menjambakku. then finally I found her clit. His sigh even harder. "Continue mas mas mas do not stop continue ahhhhh ahhhhh". then after a few minutes, "mas mas coming out" and then after a few seconds later he memuncratkan cairanya into my face
"Mas sorry not intentionally"
"Papa do not really"
then my time was still fully clothed I open to get naked. apparently he had a horror of my hair adorned with black feathers
"I'm afraid mas mas ..."
"Already, why not papa, now you emut konthol me"
"In emut mas?"
"Yes diemut"
"Baseball would mas"
"You know right before my period emut ye my kok kok diemut not want"
"Dirty mas, do it for pee"
"Quiet anger, I reply cebok always use soap, I jembutnya sampoin continue anyway, just calm angry"
then he started mendekatakan her mouth and she still I said
"Let's red, got my grasp"
"Iya mas"
but only in the arms and above it, but do not touch it, because it can not wait, I reached for her hand and arms langung closer to my cock and I guided her hand to shake my penis. then I hold her head and I hold to my penis. it feels so good, although initially rada sick (got her teeth) but then regularly, so it feels the same dikocokin ordinary people holding bottles of herbal medicine so kocokanya more comfortable and convenient as a professional beaters, shuttle back and forth gerakanya is perfect. "Ahh mairah continue, you continue to ruby uhhhh ahh smart" so good. and several minutes later "mairah I wanted out and eventually" crruuut "I took out my mani saya forgot to tell because its mouth.
"Kok mas mas hell in my mouth?, His disgust tauk ..." katahnya while throwing cum in her mouth
"Already in the telen aja"
"Do not indiscriminate dong mas, the ditelen?"
"You know what, that content of protein of all, even the efficacy of herbal medicine you can ngalahin"
"Ah mas kerjaanya lie"
"Mas do not lie, real kok"
"Gitukan not know if I tossed gold, give an occasional bottle inserted aja mas let me make a mixture of herbs I"
just weird this ruby
"Ruby please let bikinin herbal energy booster strong mas"
"Iya mas", then he started mengeluaran glasses and began to gather again. I did not stay silent. I sat behind him and my hands twisting her nipples
"Mas, I'll spill loo"
but I do not even pay attention to me while kissing his neck
"Amused mas mas mas lo would spill"
then after that so I ordered herbal medicine consists ruby put it into his mouth but not swallowed up and then after that I ordered and then we turn around again and transfer the French kiss airjamunya into my mouth. after herbal medicine consists out I swallow, I squeezed her breasts. herbal medicine consists devastating effect, after a few seconds to drink, my body felt hot and my penis was standing again, veins look more prominent than before and then after that I ordered to lie ruby
"Ruby, you're ready for ya"
"Iya mas. but an appointment give me pleasure but do not give my son mas ya "
then the first time I swipe first-friction around my penis into the hole
"Mas mas tasty enter mass've just mass ahhhhh"
then I began to burrow his heavenly memasukin very little, imagine, I slept with a woman who drank herbal Rapet for years but never relate. certainly very small holes and beat the virgin. was just barely visible behind jembutnya. so as I am also a little trouble because terlau narrow but slowly I finally managed to enter the quarter and finally full-lan slow, too. ful new after I shift gears to the gear 6. conventional style, I began running sexual contacts. "Ah ah ah uh mas och ouc Yess ochhhh continue mas Ahhhh ahhh" desahanya inviting anyone who mendengarkanya lust. attached with a delicious pussy is super narrow. ahhh it feels so good. see breasts also move. add to my spirits to memuaskanya, after ten minutes, I ask ruby for doggy style position. very good, this is the position most comfortable with this herb basket, do not forget my ass yang semok squeezed it and occasionally hit him, and I also do not forget to hold her hair and pulled it like riding a horse "ah ah ah yes nice Yess continue ruby" genjotanya RUARR ORDINARY pijatanya who massaged my cock so good and a few minutes later the ruby finally orgasm, too. after that I'm tired shake me I tell ruby pingang now for the woman on top position. yang ruby while sleeping on me while moving my hand down and over-squeezing breasts extra large and extra soft. few minutes later I remembered my promise to ruby, I also want to get out immediately release the semen off my penis and me on the floor. we both mengehentikan this game because our game long enough (40 minutes) because of the strong influence of herbal medicine ruby ruby even orgasm 3kali.
"How ruby, nice is not it?"
"Iya mas, mas right word"
"Other times you live if you want to reply to my home on vacation here"
"Iya mas, mas thank Thanks"
Then we bericiuman each other.
"Mas, I almost forgot, the same healthy herb herbal medicine finished 7000 strong mas" still remember the herbal medicine consists aja
"This ruby I love you so 50 thousand bonus" (here a twenty thousand only been spelled many
After this we frequent physical contact with ruby both at home (where his son to school) and my home and do not forget my love of money is sometimes paid for school children. sometimes we often threesome dengan paini. yes good as my threesome with Ina (read nikamtanya sleeping with maid and baby sitter) but the difference if my three equal paini Some were "battle between big Toket."
So my story if there was a typo I apologize
if you wish I would tell her the ruby harvest (if you want to) download video bokep