Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mesum Story Current Students

Mesum Adult Student Story .. My name is Adi, student generation of 2000. This story happened in April 2001, when we undergo a mid-test. All of this disaster started when Susan and Linga (they are a class interest in my class) they asked me to learn together, at first I did not suspect at all because my IP is almost close to 4.0, so many who want to learn with me, so kukabulkan just request them.
There also deny that I am also almost every day glance at those who used to sit in the back row. Very often I imagine I could have one of them. I watch Susan's breasts in class that often dibungkukkannya whether intentionally or not, her cleavage is often disturbing consciousness, and when the CD Linga often appear between the crack in his back, I kept trying to control myself to not think a no-no about them.
After returning to college, at around 17:10, Linga kostnya took me to a place on Jl. S, along with Susan's three of us walk away, no evil intent terbesit than their white faces smooth. Along the way I kept looking at Susan's breasts jounce up and down. I wanted to squeeze-squeezed, but I try to eliminate kotorku fantasy. Susan's face like Katie Holmes to add my desire to kiss a sexy red lips.
Once kostnya room measuring 3 × 4, Linga invited me to sit, I was forced to sit on the bed because there was no couch available. I looked around the house kostnya, suasanya lonely silence, and in jemurannya depending on the bra and CD Ling who often wore in college. Ling then picked up the bra and his CD and put on his clothes closet. Kuintip bit contents of her closet. Collection CD Ling warnaya like a rainbow in the sky.
Suddenly I felt the smooth touch on my shoulder, it turns out Susan's curvaceous body has menghinggapiku. I stood up and walked toward the door. Ling suddenly stopped me in the door and locked the door shut. Ling pushed me to the bed where she was waiting, she held me tightly, while Ling began to untie the tight dark blue shirt that read "ij", and I just stared at the body and white sexy without disabilities. Inevitably, her bra sticking out with two round breasts that contain, roughly the size of 32B. Indeed I often peek bra Ling in the class, because he often uses his shirt and kuintip of buttons that often gaping holes in the classroom, but the situation is different now, no "barrier" between my hand again tits, this is the first time I saw clearly the chest Ling yang more and made me unconscious again and there is something protruding from my pants. Slowly she began to decrease tight pants dark gray color, and CDs bright blue sky as bright as the thighs and legs who wants kujilati clearly emblazoned on the front of the bar nose.
Susan took off shirt and my jeans, Susan own picnic let my fingers in her belly button and continuing "tour" wrapped around her breasts as much as five full rounds. Susan Kuraba breast starting from the base to nipple area, but unfortunately he is still wrapped in tight shirt and her bra, she turned and began to sigh a sigh, kutambah tempo remasanku and Susan moaned in a tone of enjoyment out of his mouth.
Linga came up, "little brother" my've had enough to get out to play. Susan began to undress himself, the release of tight red shirt on. Waw, her breasts were larger than the Linga, about the size of 33D. Susan willingly opening her jeans, the CD was wearing a transparent pink increase my libido.
Without thinking, Linga immediately took off her bra hooks and 2 large breasts, white, stocky left on the lap of my thigh, he began to open my underwear, and enter the groin that has been an upright stem 90 degrees to the cavity mouth with small lips, he spelled out expert to do it. Extended her tongue licking testisku, proceed to the head, mouth unexpectedly been patrolling the stem groin. Chief Ling started back and forth in selangkanganku. Kujambak length blond hair dyed and I help it perform "oral sex". I just feel great suction this time than any other girl ever "ML" to me.
Later, she joined her bra off, and I was shocked by her breasts back in the pasted. Turns out he was doing "Thai massage" perfectly. He started from the waist, her nipples had swelled to give the sensation of its own for me. Susan began "sweeping" bottom-up and then down again while waiting his turn. Gradually he began to weary and hold my shoulders as a grip, my hand is still "unemployed" to help him with wringing her to increase the friction energy it creates, I'm sure Susan had often do so with other men.
After completion mengemut batangku Linga, he let go his CD and holes of well maintained cock thrust into stem groin, did not I thought I was pulled by him and he put himself into his cock hole. I wish that also undertakes undertakes bejatku desire for this. While in a sitting position and Thai-style massage by Susan I serve Linga until she orgasms and screaming in pain, kupelintir her pink nipples, while kupangkas little by little pubic hair.
Susan who see Linga happy, jealous and come directly off the CD, Susan was a bit chubby, but she is more curvaceous contains, while Susan and Linga fight groin, I take a breath and prepare for the "duty" to me next. Ling finally relented because of fatigue, while "shift" together with Susan next to me I'm getting excited. His chest was a great fit for my hands that naughty, Susan with her lips are "challenging" rod licking pussy, and anus Susan did not escape the bullets attack karetku. With great passion, he rose to the top of me and started having sex with me until both of her breasts flounder dibuatku tight, do not forget the milk tasted too healthy from it, I bit nibble to slightly reddish color. The three of us really enjoyed it.
Susan finally tired and weak to me, Linga who returned fit to resume action again, just kutumpahkan maniku water to the mouth of his cock, after that kusisakan also to Susan but spilled on her black hair, which hung above the groin.
Susan got up and took his HP Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8810 Silver of Linga, disetnya in a position to vibrate, and he began to turn it on, HP vibrate and they asked me to insert the cock pit. They sleep on their backs side by side and I rest on them, I put the HP Nokia 3310 Susan first, and Susan menggelinjang because the vibration is very strong, Nokia 8810 is smaller and Ling seem less satisfied with his cell phone vibrate, because I do feel sorry for my middle finger yang kutancapkan to the mouth of her womb. Finally Ling smiled satisfied sigh. They said they often "masturbation" in a way like this and have often occurred repeatedly when there was no "victim" which they prey.
Ling started by palpating his way mansturbasi own breasts, do not begin to touch the nipple Linga thought Susan, Susan tries to rebel and stop the Linga, Linga take artificial male genitalia that are stored in her bedroom drawer and started to wear to copulate with Susan. Susan stretched crotch and he began to strap his cock and they begin to perform their fellow lesbian relationships. Seeing the incident, I actually sympathy for Susan who just became the object of course, Susan looks exhausted thrashing because of the size replica bar is enormous.
Because I'm sorry for Susan, then kulumpuhkan Linga kucoblos way her anus hole dengan yang mengangga my real bars that have been upright again and did not lose its size large with the artificial. Cash only Linga stop penetration against Susan because she was kubombardir, Linga start position doggy style, to me it still feels awkward because I'm "ML" with a girl who was wearing artificial pubic shaft. Suddenly the door opened, we were immediately shocked, it was not thought Siska, my classmates came, I was surprised.
Siska asked Ling, "There's a new kid now?"
Ling replied, "Yeah ya, goody-goody in the classroom, here the wild."
Susan yelled, "Ayu join satisfied deh!"
Siska hurried off tight pink shirt that is transparent, he was wearing a blue bra jumping straight at me, breast Siska was small, but that sweet face invites pity from me to satisfy them. High Siska is not comparable with me, his body is also small, thin waist. I assume that Siska will not be able to play with me until completely wrong. He played with the ferocious once, full of experience and lust emanating from the eyes sipitnya beautiful.
I began to smell the beautiful lips go on down, I bit hook her bra and it turns out like I thought before. During this breast bra Siska only helped by the routine use of foam to the campus. Original breast is very small, but size does not matter to me, and Siska took off his jeans and a CD of his greatness even with full liukan little body disposed in front of my mouth, I smoke a direct cash only her pubic hair, direct Siska sigh and scream- cried.
Susan nyeletuk,
"Eh! Young children, Siska do you torment so donk! I do so ngiri. "
Ling added,
"Yeah, liat-liat donk lu size, weight 80 kg ampir, do not dare to small ama, ama aja cave again yuk!"
Siska who heard it straight satire show off for his friends did not underestemate against him. Siska menindihku with position 69, my brother at home and out of the hole, hole pubic Siska began to discharge white mucus and breathing heavily from terenga abysmally, she began to orgasm, kuturunkan tempo of my game, and pulled out the stem to give a chance pulled groin-charge the batteries. I nyambi Linga chest and stroked my left middle finger hole to stay at Susan's pubic.
Siska asked kusanggupi kuremas added and chest, because the myth says if you want to have big breasts to be diligent knead by boys. I practice the style of "family style" at Siska and I live orgasm and want memuncratkan maniku. Seeing it, she immediately had "intercep" aksiku dengan thrusting his cock hole to kusemprot with my sperm, she asked not be sprayed on the outside, it turns out he's not afraid to get pregnant later. Ling asked for some to poured in his mouth, Ling says it's youthful drug and remain smooth. Siska obviously jealous of view, it stems directly mengemut groin to collect sperm that are still remaining, he was cleaning the groin with clean until shiny, lips and gums are full of mucus maniku he swallowed a deep shaft, wringing her groin that has begun to droop limply.
The night started late, no I thought we had done this activity more than 3 hours. I hurried to dress, look where I'm looking for my underwear, it turns out Linga was busy licking my underwear, soon kurebut from his grasp, because he was still naked so I gave farewell in the form of a small pinch on her clitoris and immediately rushed home.
I took my motorcycle parked Tornado near campus and was already fully dressed Siska came over and asked for a lift back to his home in Coral area Anyar still close to my house, all the way home, she pressed her breasts towards my back, it was clear disrupt my concentration in my motorhome.
Siska I'll walk to his house, he said, "Thank yah! Did you Stand up for me in front of her man! Emang've habits of the Susan ama Linga ngecengin cave when you had a cave ama satisfied right? If want to add more entry yuk! bonyok accidental cave out of town ya! "
I said, "laen aja deh time, already kemaleman! sometime later the two of us lanjutin aja yah! OK! "
I gave her breasts farewell with a stroke who are a little stiff. And finally I went home with a limp parked my bike and walked slowly into my room without getting caught people's house.
The next day on campus, they both thanked me for my time and give true satisfaction. Until now, let this story be a little secret for all four of us. I kept a few strands of pubic hair as souvernir Linga. They were really able to satisfy the pent iblisku appetite for this. And if they want to repeat the good moments, they will immediately be back to "my brother" who always take the time and willing to serve "will" and "request" their true love.