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Anga dear .. more recent sex stories 2011 - Anga unfortunately I'm now really woke up after hearing the snoring Mas Har some length.
I noticed the chest and belly fat is solid up and down in rhythm with the increasingly menjengkelkanku.Aku snoring sound out of bed and walked toward the large mirror in our bedroom. I looked at my bare body and I admire his own that is still slim and pretty fresh in my age yang tigapuluhan.Kulitku still quite smooth and white, still round and supple breasts, a perfect fit with my favorite pink bra 34B in college. And my face is still smooth, all maintained by the cosmetics that I got from the money Mas Har.Ah, I'm still very menarik.Tentu course, the signs of aging are inevitable, but my body has never been stretched due to pregnancy, let alone giving birth. I still want to pursue my career, I'm a married woman who enjoys kekuasaan.Dan with Mas Har open wide the opportunity to achieve that ambition. I turned my views on the figure of chubby man in bed. Mas Har who had performed very manly, it can be changed within 12 tahun.Rambut smooth chest and stomach before that always makes me excited when hugged, now grows more dense and wild, while Mas Har never want to shave.
Her stomach was firm now covered by a blanket of fat that is very tebal.Memang muscle muscular chest and his hands still survived. But if I make love with Mas har now, I thought I was ravished by a gorilla. Sickening. Even so, my desires lately becoming less tertahankan.Seringkali, I was asked first to Mas Har to satisfy my soul. But thanks to Mas Har stamina yang lackluster at the age of half a century more, I'm almost certainly not be satisfied and mostly I myself completed the "task" Mas Har.Sama as happened this afternoon, stay a while longer I feel the orgasm, suddenly Mas Har out, and with breathless he caressed my body and then falls asleep in sampingku.Lagi-longer have to own my fingers memuaskanku.Aku have no resistance. I do not care anymore on the values and norms that apply to me as perempuan.Kubulatkan my resolve, then I go to the bathroom to clean myself from my husband fondling former memuakkan.Selesai breakfast Mas Har goodbye to me and said how sorry she had to leave this weekend to Singapore, for the sake of Har perusahaannya.Mas lobby was never offered to me to go with him, but I refused for the reason I'm tired with my office job and was in no mood to go so far just to shop. And this occasion will I use the best of this baiknya.Sore I'll have something more interesting than just shopping, in Singapore though. Mas Har our driver drove away and 30 minutes later I went to the office to bring sedanku own.
After lunch I returned to the office and finish some of my work that day and two hours before time to go home, I handed it to bawahanku.Mereka remaining work was not too happy with the sudden task, but it seems they are familiar with the perangaiku.Mereka understand that I do not want to be tired, because after work I'll go with my friends, another young woman executive. It's just that they do not know if that day, I'd cancel the show kami.Kukemudikan sedanku streets toward my house, but later turned to other places. About 15 minutes later I stopped beside a basketball court in a housing. There are a number of high school teens bermain.Aku down from my car and sat next to the field where their bags are placed, then watch their games. One of them, wearing a red basketball costume, who then saw me, smiled and waved tangannya.Aku respond in a similar manner. He is the Anga, son of one of the subordinates who are kutugaskan out of town for a few hari.Hubunganku familiar enough with their families to know that Anga following basketball practice two times a week there.
Ten minutes later the game ended and a number of teenagers were heading into their bag, that is to walk towards Anga arahku.Aku bring a bottle of drink that was I prepared this morning. "Ang, a drink first nih.Ternyata aunt was in the car was still there a bottle", tawarku. "Oh yes, Auntie, thanks!", She answered breathlessly. Apparently he still kelelahan.Angga took the bottle from my hand and immediately spend isinya.Kami walked toward his bag. And he took out a towel to wipe keringatnya.Aku briefly peek into his bag and be grateful I gave my drink bottle to the Anga before he could take his lunch 6minuman own. As a basketball player, Anga enough high tinggi.Dari badanku yang 168 cm tall I figured if Anga around 180s cm. Can I noticed the hand Anga sturdy enough for his age, it seems really basketball fisiknya.Figur train his body showed its potential as a basketball athlete. I switched to his face that still looks cute though wet with sweat. With yellow skin, his face is really sweet. I tersenyum.Setelah wiped his face, Anga watching for a while and said, "Auntie Nia from office? Kok pake here? "" No, males aja going to the house, baseball is his friend sih.Om Harry again to Singapore. So the aunt the streets .. continue through deket-deket was here, all come aja .. "I said half merajuk.Ia switch briefly to chat and joke with his friend." Same dong Tante, Anga again ya lazy at home, no one does! "" No one ? Same mother sister you where? "" Nginep at grandma's house, tomorrow afternoon to go home. I was told to keep the house alone. "
Anga put a towel and sat down beside me. "Oh, yes really happened .." the words were suddenly separated from my mouth. Anga says is really the surprise, but it makes things so much baik.Aku do not bother to find her place .. "Why, Aunt? Incidentally how? "" Yeah, what a coincidence we both wrote looking for friends .. "Anga tersenyum.Angga nodded and we walked to mobilku.Angga waving to his friends and shouted words of farewell. I noticed my friends whispering to each other Anga and laughing little look at us go. "In the house really is not no man well, Ang?" Just me doang, Tante. Fortunately, Mom does give us money for the search for decent meals. "" Ouch .. Kaciann .. "I say spoiled." But usually age you must have a boyfriend who accompany her everywhere .. "Anga looked over and smiled at me." Gee, is not got Tante Anga. No one has wanted! "" Ah, period? Cool rich guy you gini loh! "Kutepuk arm slowly, trying to feel for a moment kekokohannya." If Aunt hell, already from the first Anga Sabet auntie! "Anga laughed just friendly, he was familiar with the style of a rather flirtatious bercandaku it.
When in fact, the figure of Anga really mempesonaku when he was introduced to me and Mas Har year lalu.Perjalanan Anga home takes about 30 minutes because the streets are full of cars other people to their homes. On the way I still consider Angga.Aku wanted to know whether drinking beverages that Anga had already showed his reaction. Usually I use the drug to provoke lust Mas Har and maintain stamina. I may have been crazy .. Trying to sleep with high school kid clerk own children .. But let .. Gelegak in myself I was no longer able to bendung.Tadi morning I gave an extra dose of the drink that I gave to Anga, and now I'm curious about its effects on young bodies Anga. I can see now breath Anga start up and down again after a quiet sit in mobil.Duduknya also seemed a little nervous. Menepi.Kami I've arrived. He opened the door and lets me go. I sat comfortably in the living room couch and he went into the kitchen to prepare a drink buatku.Rumah Anga is not great, just enough to stay four people. Once again I ask myself, if I want to do this .. And a second later I answered: I really want it .. Kutanggalkan coat and jacket, leaving a white tank-top to attach at the top of my body. This morning I've mematut myself in the mirror with a tank-top ini.Sebenarnya size slightly smaller than the size, up tight enough to show clearly the form of my breasts, nipples and even my milk. I smiled amused myself in the mirror when meihat itu.Rok miniku morning I pulled a little higher, and kusilangkan my feet such that the Anga who later returned from the kitchen will notice the smooth thighs. Anga came out several minutes later carrying a glass of syrup with ice cubes.
He paused a moment before continuing the steps toward the table in front of me. "The heat really, Ang. So Auntie off blazer ", I said half-complaining. "Yes, indeed here do not have air conditioning at home Tante." Anga little voice stammered, breathing up and down, and tried to smile. I saw Anga also sweating, but I know it's not just because of the heat in the living room ini.Aku take the cold glass and rub it on the bottom of my neck sweating. Very fresh .. "Ahh .. Seger baget Ang. "Anga swallow his saliva. I drink a little syrup. "Uhh .. Top really. Delicious, Ang ", I said half a sigh." Hmm .. Tante .. Anga .. Anga first search key closet papa ya .. "Anga said. This child is shy too, I told myself. "Oh, yes, deh, Tante wait." Anga then rushed to a large closet next to the sofa and began to open the drawer-lacinya.Aku be patient a little longer. I know from the behavior of Anga are increasingly anxious, if the drug will soon be truly effect. After 10 minutes of searching and have not found his key to it.
I walked up to the Anga who are still bent over, looking for the keys in one drawer. "Ang .. What is not better .. "Anga then stood and turned toward me. I know he had stole a glance at my chest before seeing wajahku.Ia swallow his saliva. I approached him to if I stepped once again my body will be directly in touch with him. Anga tried to back out, but it prevented a large closet. "Why ..? Tante ..?", breathing feels touched dahiku.Aku looked up slightly, looked at his face. "Better you .." My hand touched biceps muscle, solid .. "Bath first .." My hand is touching the bottom edge of one basketball costume .. "To get dressed .." My hands began to lift her shirt .. "Kan, you keringetan gini .." My hand is half felt her stomach muscles strong while continuing to take his shirt up .. "Later .. The key .. Wanted again .. "His chest was solid enough, and felt once her lungs inflate and deflate faster and faster, her heart pounding .. My face felt hot, my heart was beating fast participate. Anga lifted his arm and said, "Yes Auntie .." But Anga sound more like a heavy sigh. I lifted my shirt up again and continue my work Anga quickly and then threw his shirt to the side. Anga now bare-chested, with knee-length pants still dikenakannya.Aku pressed my body to him but suddenly I stopped after feeling something on my stomach.
I backed up a bit and look to the direction from which the touch in my stomach came from. "Oh, I whispered a little terkejut.Dari ..!", visible bulge in his pants long enough and big. Penis Anga .. Silhouette visible from a loose basketball shorts. I see the face of Anga. He also saw a bulge in his pants, little surprise, then melihatku.Napasnya roared. "Uh, sorry auntie .. I .. Never .. Pake .. "" Underwear? Not .. Ever ..? "I cut. He just shook his head and back at me. I smiled. "It's okay .. It is better so .. "His face showed keterkejutan.Tapi imutnya I immediately pressed my body back and forward more boldly. Kucengkram sticks his cock outside his pants. Anga Commemoration increasingly shocked and his body shaking slightly. Then things went obey our passions bergelora.Angga hugged me, took my lips tightly to her lips and make the most passionate kiss I ever receive in this decade. His tongue wrestle wild with my tongue, my lips softly bitten .. I held his head and kurapatkan wajahku.Kuacak continue with his hair all over his body as if I wanted to get into my body. Anga try to finish the kiss. I'm afraid he will refuse to act further, so I do not membiarkannya.Tapi I've hard to catch my breath, and finally let go of his face. I gasped, trying to inhale as much air. Apparently Anga did not stop.
When I conquered lust while kissing you, Anga already managed to break the tank without the slightest topku I noticed. Tank-top was now under my feet. And now Anga started sucking and licking my neck with a savage. "Ohh .. Anngghh .. "was she who had been craved, passion and energy that is so overflowing .. Anga tongue moving back down .. Wetting parts of my chest .. Briefly spun around my left nipple, providing a delicious tingling sensation .. Then Anga devour my breasts. "Ouuhh .. You .. Ahh .. Brazen yahh .. Hmmpphh .. Terusin Anngg .. Ahh .. Mmmhh .. "this kid .. It really passionate .. He then did the same on the right breast and immediately took me to the brink of orgasm .. I feel .. A little longer .. But he suddenly stopped, making me look down, wanting to know what happened.
He knelt, and tried to pull her skirt miniku.Tanganku move quickly to help Anga and two seconds later the skirt had fallen to the floor. I try to remove all my underwear, but Anga faster .. He tore it up .. A moment later her tongue in action again .. Femininity in a rut .. "Anggahh .. Kamuhh .. Not sopann .. "Kumajukan my hips, I think I want to immerse the entire face into my vagina .. Anga Anga the untrained tongue, making me have to help him touching the appropriate area by moving 6kepala boy. "Uuuhh .. Here Anngghh .. Ohh .. Yeeaahh ..!!" Anga continue guerrilla in my cave until I felt a wave of intense pleasure. "Angghh .. Tante .. Want .. Aaahh! "My body was writhing as orgasm melandaku.Angga with wild licking my fluid until the last drop. My legs feel weak .. Slowly I sat up .. And then lying on the floor .. Feeling the remnants of pleasure that had given Anga panting .. I looked at the Anga. He also was out of breath. Her body stood firm in front of me. Kekarnya Agency sweaty, shiny by the afternoon sun reflected through the bedroom window. And .. No more basketball shorts that cling to the body of itu.Pistolnya .. Point upward straight toward me. The trunk is so big .. It must be more than 20 cm, and thick.
Pubic hair continues to thin from top to pusarnya.Oh .. So young and handsome .. "Auntie .. I .. "" Auntie's turn, Ang! "I stand up, squeeze her body and licking her teen body. Strong hand held me, stroking stroking punggungku.Saat-bite I bit her nipples, Anga diacaknya.Tanganku sighed softly and my hair easily find his penis, then kukocok slowly. Meanwhile, my tongue wander in the abdominal muscles Angga.Kini I came to the navel. My tongue continued to move down and shoot stem kulahap virility Angga.Angga menggeram.Kukulum trunk and I'm pleased to hear Anga continue to sigh. "Ooohh .. Tante .. Ahh .. "I tried to swallow a little deeper, but penis size is too besar.Sudah Anga's time .." Come on Ang, ajarin aunt let him do so .. "I took him lying on the floor, then slowly I was sitting in her stomach as she entered Anga gun to 'sarung' her, make sure that I get the pleasure that I want. "Aaahh .. Anga .. Got kamuhh .. Besaarr .. Uuhh .. "I caressed his chest, and began to move up and turun.Angga lowing and closed his eyes, pervading every move that I made." Uuuhh .. Eegghh .. Aduhh .. Never .. Anga .. Ngerasain .. Ginihh rich tasty .. "After getting used to ritmeku, Anga open matanya.Tangannya grabbed both my breasts up and down. "Aunt Nia .. Oohh .. Sexy .. Ahh .. "He wrung .. and was very enjoyable .. Now I live the game Angga.Tapi I soon realized, this time I'll satisfy Anga.
I speed up my movements, while occasionally twirling my hips. "Ohh .. Tante .. Terusiinn .. Enaakk .. Aahh .. Mmmhh .. "His hands move to my ass, trying to follow set ritmeku. I gave what Anga ask, kujepit trunk and I'm getting rocked craze. "Gini right .. Want you, Angghh .. Ehh .. "" Uhh .. Yaa .. Ohh .. Aaagghh .. Kenceng bangett .. Come tante .. "I like forgot the mainland, the pleasure which I think is really drugged, and soon .. Stay a while .." Tantee .. Oooaagghh! Oh, yeaahh! "" Annggaa .. Aaagghh .. Ohh .. Ohh .. "I feel the most powerful pleasure in my life, along with ejaculation Angga.Kami hug, roll while still continuing Anga thrust his penis in my vagina, take me further away from this world .." Ohh .. Anggaa .. Ohh .. You .. Udahh .. Not a virgin .. More .. Ahh .. "He kissed me, spoil my breasts, stroking her hair .. With panting breath Anga whispered in my ear, "Duhh .. No nyangkah .. Tante .. Really naughty .. Ahh .. But Anga .. Like .. Dinakalin .. Tante .. Ehh .. Shared cont * l Anga still ngaceng nihh .. Ehh .. Want Tante apain again ..? "Satisfied at all ... I'm toying Anga