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Stories Ngentot Cewek Bandung

Ngentot cewek bandung

Desy 25-year-old who still does not realize the dangers of working as a cashier at a department store in Jakarta. With the spirit and the desire to make himself do not care about independent counsel parents who feel worried look putriya often receive shifts from night until morning. Desy prefer to work in shifts, because from the middle of the night until morning, rarely do buyers, so Desy can learn to college this afternoon.

Until finally one night, Desy found himself mugged by a gun right before his eyes. Gondrong-haired, and one thick mustache. They both, broke into making Desy who was concentrating on his book in surprise.
"Keluarin money!" Ordered the Gondrong, while the Mustache decide all the video cable and phone in the store. Desy hands tremble trying to open the cash register drawer in front of him, was so much fear that the key to drop a few times. After a while, Desy managed to open the drawer and describe all the money that is in it, as many as 100 thousand to the Gondrong, Desy not allowed to save money more than 100 thousand in the drawer. Therefore, any excess is directly inserted into the vault. After the Gondrong seizing the money, Desy immediately retreated to the back, she was terrified her legs limp, almost falling.
"The only this hour?!" Snapped the Gondrong.
"Open the safe! Now! "They were ushered into the office manager Desy and pushed it fell to his knees in front of the vault. Desy started crying, she did not know the safe combination number, he just slipped money into the vault through a crack in the door.
"Hurry!" Snapped the Mustache, Desy feel the gun against the back of his head. Desy tried to explain that he did not know the safe number. Fortunately, seeing the frightened eyes Desy, they both believe. "Damn! Seems worth the risk! Iket him, though he could not call the police! "Desy on the seat in the manager's chair with her hands tied back. Then both feet Desy also tied to a chair leg which he occupied. the Mustache then took the tape and paste it into your mouth Desy.
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"Wait! Wait a second cat! Liat him, he may as well yes?! ".
"Hurry! Ntar anyone know! We only get 100 thousand, Hurry! ".
"I want to see a while ONLY!".
Desy's eyes widened when the Gondrong approached and pulled a pink t-shirt he was wearing. With one strong pull, t-shirts were torn to make her bra visible. Desy a medium-sized breasts, wobbling because Desy thrashed in a knot.
"Wow, that's brilliant!" The Gondrong exclaimed admiringly.
"Okay, now let's go!" Said the Mustache, not so keen on being busy overseeing state Desy front of the store.
But the Gondrong not care, she now felt around the nipple through her bra Desy, after that he put his finger over the breast Desy. And suddenly, with one pull of BH Desy withdrawal, Desy body interested to come forward, but ultimately bra strap Desy Desy breasts cut off and is now free without any sway benangpun covered with a sheet.
"No!" Shouted Desy. But the only sound tedengar murmur. Desy felt by the mouth of the Gondrong menghisapi nipples first and then left now move to the right. Desy then scream when the Gondrong bite her nipples.
"Diem! Do not be noisy! "The Gondrong slap Desy, until dizzy. Desy could only cry.
"I said shut up", while saying that her breasts slapped Gondrong Desy, until a red hand stamp formed in the left breast Desy. Then the shift and slap Gondrong money right. Desy kept screaming with his mouth taped, while the Gondrong continued beating breasts until finally Rounded Desy Desy red breasts.
"Come on, Hurry cing!", The Mustache's hand Gondrong interesting.
"We got to cepet run away from here!" Desy Gondrong grateful when I saw her dragged out of the room by the Mustache. Her breasts felt very ill, but Desy grateful he was alive. Looking around, Desy trying to find something to relieve himself. On the table was a pair of scissors, but he could not move at all.
"Hey, Roy! The store is empty! ".
"Period, Hurry grab candy!".
"Stupid lo, grab a beer stupid!".
Desy's body stiffened, heard some kids in the front of the store. From his voice he knew that it was a hooligan children in the neighborhood. They've aged about 12 to 15 years. Desy give voice for help.
"Shush! Lo hear that?! ".
"Cepet kembaliin all!".
"Run, run! We're caught! ".
Suddenly one of them stick his head into the manager's office. He shuddered at Desy, tied to a chair, with a t-shirt torn to make her breasts point upward toward him.
"By Jove!" Hoodlums looked surprised at all, but just then he grinned.
"Hey, see ya! There is a surprise! "
Desy trying to explain to them, shaking his head. He tried to explain that he had just robbed. He tried to get help for them to call the police. He tried to beg them to let go of him and covered his chest. But the only sound that came out because his mouth was still closed gumanan plaster. One by one the gang came into the office. One, then two, then three. Four. Five! Five faces with the smirk now observe the body Desy, who continued to struggle trying to cover herself from their sight. Thugs, aged about 15 years was amazed by their findings.
"Mad! Ya girl! ".
"He's naked!".
"Tu clay milk! milk! ".
"Where, where I want to see!".
"I want to hold!".
"It must Alus tuh!".
"Like what's underneath it?!".
They all commented at the same time, finding joy Desy already tightly bound. The five hoodlums came forward and merubung Desy, hands reached for the body Desy. Desy do not know anymore, whose tanga-hand, are all stampeding stroking her waist, squeezing her tits, her hair, someone pinched and pulled at her nipples. Then, one of them licking his cheek and put the tip of her tongue into the ear hole Desy.
"Come on, we lepasin him from the chair!" They untied the feet Desy, but with hands still bound behind, while continuing to touch and squeeze the body Desy. Seeing the office space was too small Desy they dragged out into the front of the store. Desy thrashed when they feel someone's trying to release the button jeansnya. They tugged at Desy jeans until finally falling to her knees. Desy continued to struggle, and the six of them eventually fell to the floor. Before Desy could turn around, suddenly heard a voice crack, and a moment later Desy felt extremely ill on his ass. Desy saw one of the hoodlums was holding a leather belt and getting ready to swing it back into her ass!
"Wake up! Wake up! "He shouted, then swung the belt again. A red line arising in the ass Desy. Desy tried to roll over to protect her ass that feels pain. But the bully did not care, he swung the belt back earlier is now hitting the stomach Desy.
"Wake up! up here! "hoodlums had swept the goods there on the counter until falling to the floor. Desy tried to get up but was unsuccessful. Again, a blow struck her breasts. Desy rolled over and tried to stand up and managed to kneel and stand. Thug belt had been give to friends. "If he's moving, at ONLY!"
Immediately, Desy got hit in the buttocks. Bully-bully others laugh and cheer. They then pushed and pulled his body, making it moving so that they have no excuse for hitting. The first thug had returned with a large roll of duct tape. He encouraged Desy to lie flat on the table. First he removed his hand Desy then directly tied to the plaster in the corners of the table, Desy hands bound tightly with duct tape now up to the foot of the table. Next he removed his shoes, jeans and panties and tied Desy Desy's legs into the legs of another table. Now Desy lying on his back, naked with hands and legs spread wide like the letter X.
"Party Time!" Hooligan was then lowered his pants and underwear. Desy's eyes widened to see his penis hanging, half-hard as long as 20 inches. Desy thug was holding her hips and pulled to near the edge of the table. Then he rubbed his penis to her feet point upward strain.
"Time to go!" He shouted while other friends cheered and laughed. With one push hard, his penis into the vagina Desy. Desy howled in pain. Tears melted down, while the hoodlums had started moving in and out. His friend climbed onto the table, occupies Desy chest, making breathing difficult Desy. Then he removed his pants, pulled out his penis from his underwear. Plaster at the mouth of Desy pulled off. Desy tried to scream, but her mouth penetrated by a penis hooligan directly above it. Immediately, the penis had to harden and swell along with the exit point of the penis in the mouth earlier Desy. Desy views dizzy and felt faint, when suddenly her mouth filled with viscous liquid, which tasted salty and bitter. Spray by spray inside, without being able to spit out by Desy. Desy continue to swallow the liquid had to be able to continue to take a breath.
Thug who sits on the chest Desy down when later, hooligan who was rape at the edge of the table to move more quickly. He beat Desy stomach, making her vagina contracting Desy stiffened and clamped his penis. He then holds the breasts Desy while continuing to move more quickly, he approached climax moaning. His hands squeezed her breasts and pulling Desy when her body was quivering and sperm sprayed out, constantly flowing into the vagina Desy. Meanwhile, the other hoodlums standing beside the table and to masturbate, when their leaders reached a peak at the same time they also experience ejaculation. Their sperm sprayed out and fell on the face, chest hair and Desy.
Desy do not know what happened next, when we knew he'd come back alone in the store, still bound tightly on the table. He realized when he realized he was seen clearly, if someone passes in front of his shop. Desy struggling to make her breasts swaying. He cried and struggled trying to break away from the plaster that bound. After some time trying Desy managed to break his right hand. Then he let go of his left hand, his right leg. Just one more.
"Wah, wah, wah!" Came a male voice at the front door. Desy was shocked and tried to cover her chest and her vagina with his hands.
"Please help me!" Wailed Desy.
"Please help me sir! My shop was robbed, tied up and raped me! Help me sir, call the police! "
"The name of Desy lu is not it?" Asked the man earlier.
"How do you know my name?" Desy confused and scared.
"I'm Roy. People who job at this store lo steal! ".
"My father did not take the job. I know from advertisements in the newspaper. I really do not know sir! Help me sir! ".
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"Because here I ngelamar lo so fired! I do not wonder if clay body acceptable lo lo. "
Desy back feel frightened to see Roy, someone who has never seen and known but it was hated. Desy again tried to break ties on his left leg, making Raoy fury. He grabbed the hand Desy and bend it back and re-bound with duct tape, and plaster it continues dilitkan to bind to the shoulder, until Desy really tightly bound. Ties that make Desy in pain, he stretched and swollen breasts getting out.
"Let go! Sick! aduuhh! I do not dismiss the father! Why am I bound? "
"I was going ngerampok nih store, I think I've just preceded. So my store is damaged aja deh ya. "
He then untied leg Desy Desy so now sitting on the edge of the table with his hands tied behind. Then he tied up again with the plaster.
Then Roy started to destroy the contents of the store, storefront dipecahnya, kicked down the shelves. Then Roy started to destroy the ice cream cooler that is in Desy right. Flying ice cream thrown by Roy. Some of them are about the body Desy, then melt flowing down, through the back entrance to the parts of her ass. In front, the ice was flowing through parts of her breasts, down to the stomach and flows into the vagina Desy. The cold is also attached to the breast Desy, making her nipples harden san point upward. When Roy finished, Desy body trembled with cold and sticky with melted ice cream.
"Lo plasticity cold!" Roy sneered as she flicked a hardened nipple Desy stiff.
"I must love something anget lo."
Roy then approached the skillet to mengoreng hot dog in the middle of the room. Desy see Roy approached carrying some fruit smoky sausage. "Jangaann!" Desy shout when Roy opened the lips of her vagina and put one sausage into her vagina that feels cold because the ice earlier. Then he put sausage the second, and third. Sausage of the fourth end when it will be included. Vagina Desy now filled by three pieces of sausage that is still fuming. Desy crying in pain because he felt hot.
"Keliatannya delicious!" Roy laughed.
"But I prefer the mustard!" He took the bottle of mustard and hit the bottle. The liquid spraying mustard come out into the vagina Desy. Desy cry a lot, saw himself being tortured in a way unimaginable to him.
Laughing Roy continued his efforts to destroy the contents of the store. Desy trying to escape, but to no avail. His breath of breath, he not hold all of this. Desy moving body falls limp. "
"Hey! If the work do not sleep! "Roy snapped as she slapped cheek Desy.
"Lo here's the kicker, this area is not safe so there should be an alarm."
Desy struggled frightened to see Roy holds two alligator clips. Sharp-toothed tongs and jepitannya it so hard. Roy brought a clothespin to the right nipple Desy, press it to open and close re-release it until the nipple clamp Desy. Desy screamed and howled in pain, the teeth had stuck pins into her nipples. Then Roy also clamp the nipple on the left. Desy tears streaming down her cheeks.
Then Roy tied a fine wire in both clamps before, mengulurnya and then tie it to the handle of the entrance. When the door was pushed Roy to open the exit, Desy feel tongs were attracted by the wire, and make her breasts are interested in and she screamed in pain.
"Well, 've finished. Lo tau front door could be open to the palace ama out, but can also be set can only be opened by means drawn not encouraged. So now I go, I'll continue to let the door pairs can only be opened if withdrawn. Later if no one comes, he fit right can not push the door, she would try to pull tuh door, well, fitting the alarm will sound interesting! "
"Do not! I mohoon! please! Do not! Do not! mercy! "
Roy did not care, he came out and did not forget to put a lock on the door until now had only opened the door with drawn. Desy crying in fear, her nipples are almost flat, clamped. He struggled trying to untie. Desy sweaty body after trying to escape without success. Much later seen a shadow in front of the door, Desy saw that shadow belonged to homeless people who often pass by and beg. Desy homeless man saw the body, naked breasts point upward.
Midfielder pushed the entrance. The door was not open. Then he reached for the door and began to pull.
Desy tried to scream "No! Do not! do not open! jangaann! ", but homeless people were still pulling the door, then pull the wire and pulled the clamps on the nipples. Teeth that have been lodged in the flesh her nipples are interested in, tearing her nipples. Desy scream so loud before falling on the table. Fainting.
Desy woke up and screamed. Now he stood in front of the counter. His hands were tied up in iron frame counter. While the legs are also tied wide open on the legs of the counter. He felt pain. Purple nipples now, and become very sensitive. The cold air just makes her nipples point upward strain. Decorate bruises all over his body, began to waist, chest and hips. Desy felt a pair of hands trying to open parts of her ass from behind. Something cold and hard trying to get into her anus hole. Desy looked back, and he saw the homeless people had been kneeling behind him holding a beer bottle.
"No, dear! Remove my pack! I have been raped and beaten! I do not take it anymore. "
"But Ma'am, my ass belon Ma'am." Bum said it is not clear.
"No!" Desy wriggle, when the penis bum had started trying to get into her anus. After several efforts, the homeless had been aware of his penis can not enter into the anus Desy. Then he knelt down again, took a beer bottle from the shelf and began to push and turn-mutarnya into anal canal Desy.
Desy was screaming and thrashing when neck bottle of beer had started to go with the state still has a sharp edged bottle cap. Liang anus ripped Desy-cut when the tramp was twirling the bottle in hopes Desy anal canal can be enlarged.
After a while, the homeless were pulled bottle earlier. Beer bottle cap that has been coated with blood from the anus Desy, but he did not care. The midfielder was again trying to insert his penis into the anus Desy that has now been enlarged due to enter a beer bottle. The midfielder had started moving pleasure, so long ago he had not slept with women, he moves fast and hard that Desy terlepar felt himself going forward every vagrant was moving forward. Desy continue to cry to see him sodomized by homeless people who may be carrying a venereal disease, but had continued to move more homeless people more quickly, his hand squeezing her breasts Desy, make Desy scream because the injured nipples squeezed and selected follow-gyre. Finally, with a groan, midfielder had an orgasm, and Desy merakan warm fluid flowing in her anus, until last fall bum slumped behind Desy.
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"Thank ya Ma'am! I am very satisfied! Thank you. "Vagrant had untied Desy. Then he sat down and re-push Desy Desy hands tied behind him, and then bind tightly to leg Desy. Then the body Desy pushed downward until the counter is not visible from the outside.
Sambi continue mengumam thank you bum was staggered with a few bottles of beer out of the store. Desy kept crying, moaning feel bum sperm was flowing out of her anus. Soon Desy collapsed of exhaustion and shock. He realized when he was found by colleagues who entered at 6 am.